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  1. How about getting it fixed instead of having to rely on a workaround? I don't mean to be rude and I understand a temporary solution is better than nothing but c'mon, this is an ongoing issue for the past 18 months.
  2. It's been like that since the engine update we had at the end of May 2018 iirc. After all this time and considering where an issue like that must be on their list of priorities, it's safe to assume it will probably never get fixed even if this is a basic function for a pc game. The only work around I heard is to manually tweak the .ini file and then set it as read-only but since I did not try it personally I cannot confirm if it's working or not.
  3. Did they ever give us some follow-up concerning the idea that some ppl here brought up about having more possible spawn points for objectives/key items/cb radio/etc.? More possible cabin placements/layouts on the map? Considering they will never add any new maps this would at least bring a breath of fresh air to existing maps.
  4. They could at least bring back the event where we had a better chance at rolling good perks. This type of event was only run once iirc and since they'll probably never rework the perk system, at least this would give us better odds at getting something good.
  5. Well, the exact words from Matt were "We don't intend to have concrete news on the next patch for Friday the 13th until we are closer to the end of 2019". With that in mind, the only thing we can (mostly) be sure to get near the end of the year is a status update, it sadly doesn't mean that the patch itself will be out at that time. At least he also mentioned that while the environmental kills issue is the #1 priority, the team will also check for other smaller fixes that they can put into that patch. Just don't expect the knife/car physics bug to be one of those fixes. Matt already said back in August that they anticipate this bug to be a major undertaking and that the issue is "Deep rooted, similar to the roof and interaction issues, but even deeper in the code.".
  6. He was offered for a limited time only on kickstarter and backerkit while the game was still in production. Here's the official Gun. statement on the subject: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/5479-savini-jason-statement-from-gun-media/?tab=comments#comment-66269
  7. And even if they did not explicitly said so, I don't think they're gonna do anything to rectify this in the future which is a real shame.
  8. See, when I read some of the reasons given to discard the easy kill examples some have brought up, it almost always end up as being this perfect case scenario/rare occurrence/almost impossible to pull situations according to him. It almost makes me questioning if I'm playing the same game. If the required steps to pull for the kill were so hard to do or rare to align, we wouldn't be seeing the kill that often. And yes Jason should be the hunter, I couldn't agree more. Matt asked in one of his post why would a Jason walk into a fight with a combo of Tommy/SG and 1 or 2 strong counselors. Does it mean that Jason should avoid them? What if they stay together for the rest of the game? Sure there's throwing knifes to use from a distance but not only are they in limited number, there's also the amount of sprays+medic+thick skin to take into account. And they're not going to just stand still while you're trying to take them out either.
  9. I also think it should be done. No matter the amount of videos that we could provide to illustrate the point, it would be easier for them to see what we mean if they experience it first hand.
  10. This, a 100% this. Being able to land cheap shot hits on Jason while he's recovering from some of his animations is pure bs. There should be some adjustments made about this the same way something was done to prevent it when he's raging through doors & walls. From what I understand reading something Matt said in one of his post, giving the mask more HP will be automatically perceived by the majority of players as another buff for Jason making him even more OP than he already is in their eyes. So no matter if the change is needed and that it would mostly have no impact on the counselor's chance of survival, this is irrelevant in the bigger picture it seems. The possible reaction to such a change is in part responsible as to why it has close to zero chance to happen. And with Gun. insistence that the % of players only going for the kill is really small, them disagreeing with the necessity of said change combined with the misconceptions of the greater portion of the player base on how it would affect the game in reality is imo why this change will never ever happen. I know Matt said earlier in the thread that "...we haven't said flat out NO, we won't change anything with the mask." but let's be real here, did any of the following posts he made make you think there's a real chance that some change will happen? Plot twist, Matt is secretly part of a kill squad and that why he doesn't want things to change! More seriously, I don't see something like that ever happening. With what he said about it on last page, I think he's seeing this offer as some sort of set-up to make him look bad. It's probably not the intend of said offer but I can't blame him for thinking that way.
  11. The rage buff, however dumb it may looks to you or anyone else, was a necessity to address the pinata party that was plaguing the game more and more. How much do you want to bet that most of the ppl complaining about it are probably the very same who cannot beat Jason for 20 mins? Don't you think it can be a possibility? Even worse, who knows if part of those saying that the kill is already hard enough are not ex-pinata-Jason-party adepts who are now going for the kill every game they're playing considering how easy it is in reality? They're certainly aren't going to say that the kill is hard to do because they don't want their new go to m.o. to be made harder. As for saying the rage buff should be re-addressed before they make any change to the Jason kill, I don't believe those elements are part of the same gameplay category. While the rage buff may have an impact on the difficulty of playing as a counselor and their survivability chance diminishing the moment Jason gets rage, the kill being easy is affecting the whole escape methods balance. Like I and many others have said before the kill should be one of the hardest way to win a match and making it harder would not help Jason kill anyone faster or easier. Many ppl like you(and Matt & the devs for that matter considering the quotes you brought up) seem to make the mistake of bringing those two things next to each other as if the rage buff made Jason harder to kill but those two things are mostly unrelated to each other. Even if there's ten times more ppl thinking that Jason is unstoppable post-rage, it doesn't mean that the kill itself isn't easy to pull and it certainly doesn't mean that the former game's aspect should be addressed before the latter. And like OCT 31 1978 pointed out, they(the devs) also said before that the ratio of ppl liking/disliking the rage buff was mostly 50/50 so why should it be a priority to address it over the Jason kill?
  12. And yet here you are, making a troll bait topic with the usual troll bait posts you do most of the time you're around these forums. Luckily for you it seems there still some forum users left that are unaware of your general behavior who are still taking the time to debate with you on these unrealistic claims/suggestions you're bringing up from time to time. It may not last forever so enjoy it while it last.
  13. The thing is, making the Jason kill harder to pull would have next to zero impact regarding the difficulty of playing as a counselor. It would not help Jason catch/kill anyone any faster or easier than it is right now. And like OCT 31 1978 said, there's still plenty of ways to escape or survive at their disposal. The majority of ppl who would be the most affected by the change would probably be those who only aim for the Jason kill. The kill should be one of the hardest way to win a match and a last resort method to do it, kinda like surviving the night. Right now it's simply not the case.
  14. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, if we are to acknowledge what Matt said earlier about this forum not being representative of the entire player base, logically it also applies to these kind of pools and not just this thread we have here. Their results don't necessarily represent the majority of said player base.
  15. I'm really starting to think the majority of ppl that want the kill to stay easy are either part of a kill squad or they just prefer to kill Jason rather than escape or survive the night. They just want to use one course of action only and making the kill harder to pull would prevent them from doing so. Kinda like those back then who only wanted to stun Jason for the entire match, they were playing the game to do one thing and one thing only. That was a problem and it was somewhat rectified with the rage update. And just like the pinata Jason party, the kill being to easy needs to be addressed so it implies a much greater challenge than it actually is presently imo.
  16. I can only speak for myself, but I really hope that fixing/tweaking the offline bots mode is still something possible even this late in the game's life. We all know that one day, this mode and the sp challenges will probably be all that can still be played and if those bots still behave the way they do right now(standing in place, hoping in/out of windows in loop, not trying to escape, etc.) when that day arrives, there won't be much left to enjoy from this game imo client side save or not.
  17. This is really how I would like to see things concerning their dedication toward the game but I have my doubts. Who knows if the launch of the Switch version isn't playing a major role about why they did not shut the game down already on the current platforms? Maybe doing so would not be the best move for them if they want to attract potential Switch customers. I really hope that what they gave to us these past months in term of game support isn't just some kind of smoke screen until the NS launch, just to abandon the game for good a couple of months later down the road.
  18. It's probably common knowledge but, at the risk of sounding really really stupid in case you all already know this, according to the devs the hit to bring Jason to his knees after the sweater stun is still subject to the stun % stat of the weapon used for the hit. At least that is what Matt told me when I pointed that out thinking it was a glitch. This is the thread where I asked him about it as well as is exact response at the time back in February: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25882-jason-kill-kneeling-bugexploit/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-347993 " Also, just a note, you said "the hit to kneel Jason down glitches out..." and I wanted to specify something here. That kneeling hit is still subject to the stun attributes of the weapon you are using. So saying it glitches out would require me to know what weapon you were using to verify if it was a glitch or just a bad % chance on the weapon. This is why we recommend the baseball bat a lot." While he did not discard completely the possibility of a bug glitching out the kill process, from what he said the hit after the sweater stun has a chance to fail. 
  19. Not only that, even to this day when they talk about the Jason kill, it seems they still have the notion that the steps required to do so are really hard to pull or that they don't happen to align that often. At least that's the perception I have about it unless they said otherwise recently. I don't expect them to be hardcore pros at their own game, but balancing the game especially in regard to the Jason kill when their group seems like they're just playing the game casually for the most part, I don't see that happening anytime soon or at all sadly.
  20. That clothing pack, and the the medium Jason bloody skins for that matter, should be made available to anyone on steam. I wonder why they never offered those clothes to PC players since we know they are complete and in the game's files. And since there never was a proper physical release for PC I don't think anybody would be pissed off that the content is made available. How about it @mattshotcha, any chance for PC players to finally get those clothes legitimately in the future?
  21. I don't see any complains from me in my post, I'm just pointing out the remaining problems that need to be fixed that's all.
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