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  1. Long time lurker first time poster, I just created my account about two hours ago. A little bit about me: I'm a fan of F13 since 1985, the first film I saw was The Final Chapter and it's one of my favorite entries in the franchise. Regarding the movies for me, the Paramount era is the best, the 2009 film was alright and the New Line era, let's just say I acknowledge its existence but that's all. I have a modest collection of F13 related merchandise, some things are rare and some are not. I already had some interest in the game when it was called Summer Camp and the moment Gun Media got the F13 license it became a must-buy for me.Like most people here I cannot wait to play this game, to say I had a blast playing the beta is an understatement. Since it ended, I pass most of my free time watching(and re-watching) footage of the game on youtube, listening to soundtracks of the films, re-watching the movies and surfing the various places on the net with info about the game(here, steam, twitter, facebook, etc.). P.S.: English is not my native tongue. I'm doing my best but grammatical errors among other things can occur because of this, my apologies if it happens.
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