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  1. I think this could be a good alternative as well.
  2. I'm not sure about having a jump ability. Sure it could help to avoid traps and such, but I don't want to see counselors starting to jump like crazy every time Jason want to hit/grab them. It would look a bit ridiculous imo.
  3. When somebody say Jason needs to be nerfed, redirect him/her to this tweet: https://twitter.com/weskeltner/status/843941351234375680
  4. In no particular order: -Super Metroid (snes) -Killer Instinct (arcade) -Super Mario Bros. 3 (nes) -Castlevania Symphony of the Night (psx) -Perfect Dark (n64)
  5. Here are some that I like in no particular order(I think they're all mentioned already): -Shocker -Terror Train -Trick or Treat (1986) -Slaughter High -Stage Fright (1987)
  6. I understand what you're saying and disarming the trap with a weapon could be a good idea. But I still think we should wait and see how it goes with what's in place right now.
  7. Nothing is set in stone. I'm pretty sure Gun. will check how this feature is affecting the counselors chances of survival and then made some changes it if they needed to.
  8. I think that until we play the game and see what happens with those traps we can only speculate about most of its pros an cons. Maybe we should give it a chance and see if this is all that bad(or good) first and then let the devs bring some adjustments later if deemed necessary.
  9. This is really cool! I wasn't sure at first about the idea of Jason having traps, but now I think that this plus the throwing weapons and stalk ability will provide him many options at his disposal to take care of business. It will also add to the variety in term of gameplay as Jason.
  10. This is very nice! Like many people here, the more faithful this game gets to the movies in term of details the happier I am. And yes Ben, we're probably a bunch of nerds here for the most part, yourself included!
  11. Welcome to the forums. And funny avatar you got there, now we know Jason's secret hobby!
  12. Awesome work CrazyRalph, I was wondering who had made them. I will definitely use one of them when I finally decide which one!
  13. Hey there Keke, welcome to the forums!
  14. You're right, that's what he said. Well that's it Wes, where's the link to that twitch stream now, we're waiting!(joking of course)
  15. It's alright Wes, no need to to kill that stache over this.
  16. Hi, welcome to the forum!
  17. Welcome to the party Fancy! Plenty of nice people here to interact with.
  18. It's hard to pick just one when there's so many great ones. I know that one of my favorite is the way Jason discarded Hawes(part VI) following his heroic attempt. Quick, gory and surprising(at the time) all at once.
  19. I cannot pick only one, I consider the 3 movies made in the New Line era to be equally bad for different reasons. Other films in the franchise can be bad for some, but those 3 are the worst imo.
  20. The Final Chapter on vhs summer 1985, watch it back to back with Halloween II that time. They are the first horror movies I ever saw and they are also part of my two favorite horror franchises(I like F13 a little bit more).
  21. I was so hyped for the first Turok game back then, it was one of the first games announced for the N64(called Ultra 64 at the time) and I was really looking forward to play that console. I still got the game on the N64 and I play it occasionally. I will probably buy it on steam in the future.
  22. I never tried it on the Amiga, but I had it on the Turbografx-CD when I was younger. I don't know how similar they were, I remember the TCD version had plenty of cheesy fmv sequences in it(a novelty for the time), they were fun to watch.
  23. Thanks for mentioning this man, I was not aware of this game. Big fan of Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle here, this is a game I really want to play now!
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