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  1. i dont know about the over head strike. for me on the xboxone you press B to cancel the throwing knife. if you need the controls there should be a option in the menu to see controller bindings
  2. wait, my time (living in new zealand) is very different to EST. so dose the game drop in 2 hours or 24?
  3. people aint mad at them they mad at gun media 4 lieing about killing jason... read the earlier posts it should explain the problem people are having.
  4. no the game gos live at the same time... just wont be the same time of day 4 every 1
  5. new Zealand. it will be a saterday at 4pm in the afternoon for me when the game drops. plenty of time to play
  6. the game comes out in a day so small spoilers like that should be ok to talk about.
  7. the aim of the game is to survive. team work is a thing but so is backstabing.
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