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  1. I'm inclined to agree. I overall love the game still. And even with the trolls, I would never switch to offline play only cause even at the hardest difficulty, it's still too easy. I've never not killed 8/8 in offline.
  2. Thanks for all your answers! This all was quite illuminating to read. I wish I had been playing then. The emotes are incredibly tacky, and few things annoy me more than passing through a house and seeing someone in a stupid outfit just dancing by the fireplace instead of being useful and actually trying to accomplish anything. Or the cocky players with 2-3 pocketknives who dance literally 1 inch away from the exit when the cops are there just to taunt Jason. Needless to say, I hate the emotes. I don't mind the assorted clothing. No big deal for me. but it really is quite unforgivable how easy it is to fend off Jason now. A real shame.
  3. So, I'm a relative *noob* [or super noob if you're pissed off that sometime as Jason i'll hack away at you til you're dead rather than take the risk you have a pocketknife] and I was just curious what the biggest differences are between then and now. I didn't start playing until the physical release came out. I've heard things like there were fewer pocketknives, it was harder to kill or stun Jason, and the game basically just refused to work on launch day. Also, Jarvis Map wasn't available initially? Seems to be an unpopular addition, but I like it. So, people who were there in those first weeks... how did the game differ? Thanks for any input guys.
  4. There's always that guy who just takes off with the car and doesn't give anyone a chance to escape with them. What a dick move. Granted, yes there are the players that do nothing to help and just show up at the last minute. But in some cases, I was the one who installed either 1 or both between the gas and battery, and they just took off without waiting for me.
  5. First starting out, I dreaded playing as Jason. But it's really not that hard to get at least 1 or 2 kills in. I'm at level 32 or 33 now. Was able to "kill them all" at around level 27. Just takes some time to get better as Jason. Now my spawn preference is as Jason. It's fun as hell.
  6. Well, seeing as how I didn't start playing til it came out on Oct 13 (I stubbornly held out for a physical copy), I play at least a handful of matches if I'm home that day. As others have said, it's not a perfect game but still tons of fun. And after hearing about how much more severe the glitches used to be, I'm quit fine with having waiting as long as I did to play.
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