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  1. Oh well, hopefully these new bugs will be fixed soon in the upcoming December 2019 patch.
  2. Oh sorry I managed to delete the post I was quoting. It was not a reaction to you 😛
  3. 1) The perk rolling nonsense needs to go. It does not make sense and leaves the quality of the perk up to a random chance. I have seen people with 30 EPIC perks and here I sit still rolling for at least uncommon Medic / Thick Skin perk after 300 hours of gameplay. 2) Since the majority of the perks in the game are currently useless, I am all for four perk slots. 3) Do not care either way.
  4. That was a clear speedhack. They did not teleport, they just moved so fast it looked like teleporting. I see it almost every day, Eastern EU players, mostly playing Vanessas and Deborahs, instantly breaking grab and speeding around the map. If they manage to play Jason, they are also able to instantly recharge all their abilities (cue nonstop VHS screen effect as Jason constantly shifts all around you).
  5. EU servers player here. I haven't seen roof glitchers in at least 4 weeks. I have seen people cheating as Jason with instantly recharging abilities and counselors instantly breaking grip and speed hacking and using Uber Jason, but no glitch exploiters.
  6. Well surely they do not want to release this game on Switch in the same sorry state it is right now on PC and consoles?
  7. Unless you are playing on EU servers where you get cheating Jasons with instantly recharging abilities. Sigh.
  8. If you manage to die during the last portion of the match while Jason is in rage, it is your own fault. You either should have been long gone, or you made a mistake during a chase. And I say this as a completely shitty counselor / Jason player with a measly 280 hrs in game. You died, because you made a mistake, rage buff had nothing to do with it. Yesterday I had a game where there were only two survivors left, me (Chad) and Vanessa. We managed to fix the car but Jason was already in rage and hot on our tails, so we could not actually get away in it. So we started chase that lasted 10 minutes. Jason was level 103. But me a and this level 12 Vanessa managed to juke him and run him around. When he finally got one of us, it was because of my mistake. We had 3 minutes left in the match. It is possible to juke and escape even with the rage buff, you just cannot play carelessly and actually have to pay attention to the damn game.
  9. I check level of all the players in the lobby, if the majority is above level 20, I play like I normally would. If the majority is below level 10, I give everyone a headstart and just go around killing electricity, trapping objectives and then morphing away. Makes for a much more fun matches.
  10. This is a great pitch for a game actually. You did some great job on this.
  11. Look, I am just trying to come up with a possible explanation. It is their choice to keep the stuff out of the game for one reason or another. Perhaps they were hoping the legal nonsense would get sorted soon and they could release all this stuff for money, they are going to need to keep the game up in the future? I mean there is no reason to work on new content when you cannot release it anyway, but almost finished stuff that is already 95% functional and in the game files? That would be an easy and much needed profit.
  12. The content in F13th Puzzle game was UNLOCKED with updates. It was always in the code, just hidden away and locked. They did not ADD it in, they just unlocked it via patch. The difference is all these costumes and kills are unfinished in one way or another. They are present in the code, but untested and unfinished. If they were to make them available, they would have to release them broken and unfinished or finish them first and that would probably render them as "new" content.
  13. To be fair cheaters are the least of the problems I currently have with the game, mainly because I have not seen anyone outright cheat in about a month. Two months ago there would not be a game without someone using third party cheats and instantly breaking grab or zooming around the map. I have not seen roof glitchers in quite some time either.
  14. That is good to know. EU servers are down for more than a week. Either that or the amount of players after the sale caused the EU servers to overload. The only way to play in EU is to join a hosted game and since host migration is off since they introduced dedicated servers you know how majority of them ends...
  15. Seriously, what the hell is up with the graphics in this game. I did some testing and came up with some seriously confusing results. Anti Aliasing only works half the time and only on some of the maps. For example Jarvis House, Higgins Small and Pinehurst all have proper post processing and AA, but maps like Crystal Lake Large looks much worse with horrible jagged edges, no LOD and horrible performance issues. You cannot turn off Post Processing, because the settings reset after you restart the game (gets back to HIGH if it was set lower), so you have to change it every time you want to play, which causes numerous visual glitches if you do not restart the game. I have also noticed that the game defaults to the Windowed Fullscreen even though that automatically makes the performance WORSE. Seriously, every match looks different, with various effects/settings being present/absent with no rhyme or reason. Some of the maps are even missing ambient sounds! Year ago the game did not look amazing, but it looked consistently good and every match looked/sounded consistent. If you changed your settings it affected the looks of the entire game, now it does not affect anything, because every map is fucking broken and inconsistent in what graphical settings it actually employs, AA being the worst offender.
  16. Yes, the game is in a very sad state right now. Not only are the glitches annoying but dedicated servers on PC do not work (which means every game ends as soon as host quits which is, due to the number of new players, after about five minutes at best) and the game looks worse than ever before. It seems the optimization gets worse after every new patch too. I just want this game to be properly playable, from start to finish, and not deal with glitches/quitters/horrible performance every single match.
  17. The dedicated servers for EU are overloaded and/or down. You only get into hosted games and since they removed the host migration, the moment the host quits the game ends.
  18. Not again. They have been doing it for years. This is the norm on EU servers.
  19. Savini Jason was a backer exclusive, ie. a reward for people who made the game possible in the first pace.
  20. I love the series and have been playing each game when it came out. But I hate RE5 and RE6 with a passion. I completed both when they came out, sunk probably 200+ hours into both combined but they remain the epitome of everything I hate in videogames. Annoying overusage of "fan favourite" characters, shitty action, anime posturing, boring gameplay. But thanks to those two piece of shit games, we now have RE7 which is like a pure extract of everything I love about the series and RE2 remake which is amazing and highly replayable. REmake remains my favourite game of the series and one of the best games I have ever played.
  21. Not only that, but on PC you also get an achievement for finding it... They must really hold him in high regard lol.
  22. Loved it to bits. Not a dull moment, awesome soundtrack. My list goes as follows: Halloween (78) Halloween 2 Halloween 2018 Halloween H20 Halloween 3 Halloween 4 Halloween 5 Halloween 6 RZ Halloween 2 RZ Halloween Ressurection
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