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  1. Been following their twitter and here’s a quote from one of their replies to people: “There is no match host, but a player is selected as game host and is able to select the map. If that person quits, the game continues.” hope that helps :)
  2. The fact that I still don’t have any tapes despite owning the game since the day it came out
  3. I’ve had the game since the day it came out, and I still don’t have a single tape. I found one but for some reason it didn’t get added to my collection.
  4. Probably kill myself before Jason gets the chance to do it
  5. Just sat here patiently waiting for dedicated servers and looking into getting better WiFi in my house so I can play a stable match that won’t lose connection for no reason. more often than not i’ll see my ms thing fluctuating like crazy, anyone else have that problem?
  6. Tbh I found it easy getting grab kills as Jason since that update. Shift towards a counsellor and grabbing them was seamless for me, and I suck at playing as Jason most of the time. I also watch people’s game clips on Xbox a lot, and so many of them feature Jason grabbing counsellors with ease. Doesn’t seem to have really affected Xbox players from what I’ve seen Obviously my experience isn’t the same for everyone. But for those having trouble it might just be muscle memory of sorts. You’re used to playing it one way and now a change has been made and now it feels wrong. Just takes time and practice to get used to. I haven’t had this problem because I rarely play as a jason i think if they want to fix Jason they should let him move while trying to throw a knife. So many times I’ve ended up with my view completely obscured by a wall when I’m trying to get a counsellor through a window. That’s a fix I think would be great.
  7. Early 2017™️ But really I’m just excited for dedicated servers to come, I’m willing to wait because I love playing F13 Also still pressed that early 2017 didn’t make it into the game as an Easter egg
  8. Tbh I never play as jason. I never want to play as Jason. For some weird reason it makes me more anxious being the killer than being hunted by the killer. So I prefer playing as a counsellor. but I was forced to play as Jason for the first time in a couple of months on Friday, and I felt grabbing was so much easier. I would shift towards a counsellor and try to grab them, and I’m a terrible player in general, but I find it extra hard being Jason. I could never do it right and the counsellor would get away every time. But on Friday it was so easy. I was able to kill all of them pretty quickly. I didn’t miss a grab once. And again, I’d like to mention that I’m in no way a good player. I suck at video games. But if I was able to grab with ease, maybe it’s not the game that’s the problem... and it wasn’t just a one time thing. Obviously this is just the experience of one player, but I’ve only been able to escape once since the update. Theres never been more than two escapes per match. Most of the time it’s zero. And I’ve been binge playing f13 all weekend. I think it’s something that takes getting used to. Or maybe those complaining just rely on grabbing at thin air and managing to catch a counsellor. Step your game up.
  9. Has anyone else noticed this? I thought they look a bit off in the character selection screen, even after their textures loaded. I’ve done some comparing and there seems to be a major downgrade in terms of how they look. Their eyelashes look more prominent and fake. Hair looks nasty. Eyebrows look way less defined. Skin details look almost invisible. The dead eyes. The neck seam thing where the head doesn’t match the body. right now in looking at pictures of Jenny’s face, and the differences are so clear.
  10. Found my first tape today, then when the match was over and we were sent back to the lobby I left and went to check what was on the tape. Couldn’t find it. I had no tapes to listen to apparently I was so sad
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