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  1. First want to think you guys!!! Loving all the new updates and the stats for the counselors! For everyone that's going back and forth on what stats should be changed , THATS GOOD!! Obviously, these stats are not done. Wes said "near final" , which probably means their looking for our feedback like the awesome devs they are to make changes. My in put : Adam should have better intelligence or add another stat were he's great with cars. Jenny's strength and intelligence should go up Vanessa and Brandon will definitely become op with perks think they should be tweaked before we have nation of V's and B's.
  2. Definitely A.J the rocker chick but excited to play the co that weren't in the BETA
  3. THANK GOD! I really didn't like that the police were called SO early into a round. Getting killed early in the round because most Jason's come to the phone first because it was literally the easiest escape. so, thank you guys for listening and making changes where needed. But, is there any way that the police can only stay for a limited amount of time? or have a longer waiting time for the cops? just asking will deal either way
  4. first, off let me just say i am incredifuly greatful and excited that you guys have made this game for friday the 13th fans and new fans in the future. I also want to add that every time I think you guys have out did yourself you come up with something even more awesome. it will be really funny and interesting to see how I and other players use stalk and bear traps. that will definitely be some interesting footage lol. QUESTIONS I HAVE ABOUT BEAR TRAPS: 1) Will other counselors be able help their trap friend ? Ex: if me and a player are running together and they get trapped can I assist them by helping them get out of the trap? 2) As Jason, will I know only when I look at my map or will something come across my screen that alerts me or just a loud bear trap sound? 3) can Jason get trapped in his own bear trap? 4) is there a specific kill that you can do if a counselor is trapped ? I don't want to know what the kill is exactly but I would like to know if there is one. 5) you said that each Jason has a different set of bear traps, meaning one could have two and another could have five. How did you decided how many bear traps each Jason has?
  5. I understand what your saying and it makes sense up to a point. I am a person who will definitely be playing as a counselor in most games because I love the excitement of not knowing if I will make it; however, after I heard about Jason's new abilities, I was excited to play him as well. I don't think they should change the quick match selection like Dead by Daylight. I say Dead by Daylight because that's how you play DbD game. I would not want to wait a long time to get into a game just because I want to play a counselor or jason and let me give a little bit more detail as to why. If I decided that one game I want to play as a counselor then after that game I want to play jason, I would have to leave my match and wait for a good minute to get back into a game and be jason. I believe it would take even a long time to get into games because you have to consider how many people really want to play Jason. For example , 1,000 player are playing at a time but majority are conselors and a few are Jason's. This leaves even a longer wait time, so they definitely should keep it the same so players can choose to stay in one match and eventually become jason. Also, private match allows you to choose who is Jason.
  6. Hey everybody :-) looking for fun players with Mic's to play with but it's also ok if you don't have a mic ❤️???? can't wait to start playing F13!!!!! Xbox live: Kendra2015
  7. Where ? I would love to find some people
  8. Hey yeah I play a lot more games COD, fallout, and halo off the top of my head wby ?
  9. Hi my name is Kendra and I LOVE THIS GAME. Lol glad you enjoyed it as well. My gamer tag for Xbox one is kendra2015 would love to survive with you or possibly kill you lol
  10. So I'm so happy this game is coming out I would love to experience with the Friday the 13th family. I would prefer players who have a mic but I'm cool with players that don't. Leave your gamertags below ????????????????
  11. Even though i was the counselor and hoping to escape, there were times where i was hoping my character would fall flat on their face. in my opinion , would've made the Jason chase SSOO much scarier. I loved playing Jason but, it wasn't the best feeling on having to rely on my abilities so much depending on what Jason i was.
  12. I am watching gameplay on Friday the 13th and i am wondering if i should be concerned that i love being Jason and killing lmao

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