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  1. Poll doesn't have the real options needed. Gunmedia will never work on another successful project. Each and every single game they ever market will be filled with nonstop negative publicity from the way they screwed over and ripped off their supporters. As we speak the game hasn't been updated in over 6 months and is hacked to pieces.
  2. And if wishes were fishes we'd all be millionaires. I backed too, and so far not only have the rewards been given away time and time again, even sold, the bugs and cheaters have been endless and for a solid majority of the games life the killer was a laughable punching bag. Now things are slightly making progress and the community is all but dead. It has no hope for future content and what content was promised never came through either. This is business and the pity boat left a long time ago. Having a few people still playing doesn't tell anything about how great the game is but it does demonstrate people will suffer through almost anything to justify their purchases. There is always that snowflake that will go against the grain and claim to do what 99% of others will not do and that is ever trust Gun again to live up to their word. If you do, then you deserve exactly what you will get which is a lighter wallet and a laundry list of excuses and broken promises.
  3. Future work? Who is going to buy a game from them? This isn't a troll, this is a serious question.
  4. Considering there is no future for them in the video game industry and the people they are screwing on this game are the same ones that will be potentially going to the theaters to watch the movies, they should tread carefully. Pissing in the face of the players will only ensure the value of the IP sinks further than it already has. After dealing with Gun I can personally attest to having zero desire to see another f13 movie. Decisions come with consequences.
  5. It's objective reality. It's why the game is dead. People didn't stop playing because things improved. If things were better the community would be larger or at least maintaining. The lawsuit didn't kill the community. It was dying long before. The lawsuit simply gave Gun a justification to walk away from their failure.
  6. All the work they have done over the last 16 months is basically why the game is dead. The game feels and plays worse than beta.
  7. Considering you buy a console which is a locked PC and a video card in which all the money you invest is thrown in the trash as your games cant carry over we snicker too. They have already said the next PS will not allow the games from 4. Lol. That's a ripoff sucker move BTW. There is no reason it shouldn't be able to, save for companies like Koei and Capcom wanting to sell you recolored textures for 60 bucks a pop. There is nothing a PC can't do that a console can. The reverse can't be said. For the price you use to upgrade your system I can spend on a variety of interchangeable parts. I'm still running todays games effortlessly with a 2012 processor. Those numbers more show how the majority of the world is, well, never mind.
  8. I would but using the currency for kindling seemed a better use. I also have an IQ above room temperature.
  9. Don't worry, it's all bullshit. You aren't getting dedicated servers.
  10. If you think they are going to erode away their profit margin with a burden of lawsuits, no future sales, salaries, topped off with maintaining servers for a couple hundred ever to be declining players you are either naïve or in denial. I give it 30 days before the plug is pulled permanently. 90 tops. Liars don't admit when they are lying even when caught, they just keep right on doing so. In the end you'll get a thank you and some melodramatic BS about how their hearts are broken while they screw you out of your cash and walk off into the sunset. They had no intention of telling us any of this, they would have already, until someone else broke the story. I sincerely hope no one believes they decided on or found out about this today. Research the end of Marvel Superheroes for the outcome.
  11. If only Guns programming team was as incessant as its forum moderation team! They'd not be here scapegoating the lawsuit before they pull the plug and run off with the money.
  12. DbD bans by hardware after the third ban which unless they want to swap motherboards is permanent. But I know you most certainly aren't Behav10r. The point being you don't have to treat alternate accounts as separate, you choose too. The reason most people believe is because money talks. Yet after all the money you have received so far the game is worse than when you released it. Allowing hackers to return will not save your games community. Understand that. Though I doubt you will as the level of arrogance Gun has displayed since the beginning knows no bounds. You have as a company demonstrated a complete lack of professionalism from beginning to what is soon approaching the very end. For the life of me I can not understand how you as a group thought releasing the game on the console platforms with the host having the ability to quit out and end the game for everyone with no rewards was acceptable. It is one of the most shining examples of amateur incompetency I have ever seen in my 38 years. Because of that gross incompetence the rest of us have had to endure 6 months of essentially no progress to bug fixes so you can rewrite an engine that will no doubt require years to rid the bugs of. Years that you quite frankly do not have.
  13. Nothing says fun like knowing every counselor has a knife to make the cinematic feel of F13 go right out the window.
  14. I suggested this in beta and it was a no go. I did so for the cinematic feel. They expended so much effort to recreate the movies only to have 7 Chad or Vanessa. But now we also see lobbies dominated by a speedy character with insignificant downsides.
  15. No thanks. I've been playing since beta and I'm in the 50s. The game isn't fun. But by all means, keep giving reasons for the community to not play the game. After the update, f13 is at a cool 700 people and it will be back below 350 in no time with nothing enticing to bring anyone back. I'd rather eat asbestos than suffer through 60 levels or so of this crap for the ability to try a new feature.
  16. +shift and +morph aren't going to happen. Same as Can Run and +shift. Maybe a little less impossible but very unlikely. I'd bet on +destruction +grip +stun resistance Who knows though?
  17. @Trident77 You don't know the numbers either and what you are doing is looking at Steam numbers and assuming they are independent one-offs and unlikely to represent the whole. I think you are the one being dishonest or absurdly optimistic. The fact is you like the game and want others to like the game as well to justify your own like of it in spite of the long list of reasons to not. The problem with F13 is that the cool things the game brings to the table are all executed rather poorly and the sum is a snowball of mediocrity. Not knowing something conclusively doesn't mean one is incapable of using deductive reasoning to hypothesize a likelihood. 'Nuff said.
  18. @Trident77I haven't seen the console numbers but considering they have to deal with host quitting issues I cannot imagine them to be any better percentage wise regarding how many copies sold to how many players still play. I doubt seriously it competes with DbD there either. It should, but thanks to Gun it probably doesn't and definitely doesn't compete on PC. The numbers on Steam are free for anyone to see. I don't understand the logic in assuming a game that is worse on a console would be doing far better than PC with a better experience. I can't for the life of me figure out how they didn't know that host quitting would be an issue. You have to be oblivious to objective reality in internet gaming, which fits with the rest of the issues outlined. As to bashing, name something I stated that isn't the truth. Truth is its own defense and one doesn't get to take offense to it less the world become one of lies and liars. @HancoveTalk about being in denial! "they somehow spent their money to play the game and don't play it." Yeah, because it's a subpar experience, it isn't hard to figure out. The longer it takes Gun to pull the game together with the more aged the game the further disinterested people become. Gaming companies simply do not have as long as they desire to complete tasks. The loop of F13 is not deep enough to give people a multi-year plan. Heck, perks aren't even counselor specific and Jason has none to earn.
  19. You stand in disagreement with the 90% that quit already. I mean sure, you can refuse to admit any faults the game has and stand unwavering that it's better but the numbers speak for themselves.
  20. I didn't think you addressed me at all. F13 is boring. That's why only a few hundred still play it. It's clunky, the perks are nonsensical in that lesser rarity can have better stats than the rarer and the devs are slow as molasses. The mechanics are tedious in that trying to pull off better kills typically ends in counselors breaking free so most go for a head punch or choke. The perks counselors use are the same tedious meta coupled with the same tedious counselor selection. The strategy for maps is the same. Trap here and there and kill. Chasing cars is the most retarded gameplay I've ever came across when after you disable the car it fixes itself by turning the ignition, preceded by a Scooby Doo style runaround and stun session. Then of course there is the what seems to be 100% stun rate with certain builds. I know it's a genre/format limitation but it becomes monotonous when coupled with the rest of the issues. I get that this is your game of choice and you feel personally responsible to defend it but as a backer I can comfortably say its been a huge letdown and has without question soured me to funding anything through Kickstarter in the future. I feel especially sorry for the guys who paid 10k to be in the game because i'd gamble on them not playing anymore at this point. It can be changed of course though I believe the lost community is gone for good. Better games are constantly coming out and while they may not be the same genre they take the attention off f13 from people who were interested in it.
  21. Nah. DbD is a better game for a better price with more content and more addicting gameplay. It isn't the same game but things work and it's smooth. F13 feels rough and is taking eons to get in a good place that makes people want to stay and play it. It might get there one day but for now, there is no comparison.
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