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  1. Haven't heard anything since the address confirmation email. Its like I'm a ? to them. Never backing a game again. They should of sorted out the backers first. But no, they already got our money so we're put to the back of the line. Fuckin fucks
  2. I wasn't going to discuss this anymore but anyway. I don't check the level of players in a lobby with me. I'm quite happy for them to find a new one if they're scared of playing with a higher level player. Plus not all of the "big fish" are guaranteed to be good players, let alone great.
  3. Bollocks. You play against whoever is in the lobby. Like I'm gonna go in and out of lobbys looking for 80+ levels only.
  4. Can't wait. They probably glued the magnet on mine upside down. Should of just let my monkey do it like I said a couple of weeks ago.
  5. I'm certainly not a God at this game. Just never been killed. And never fackin going to be either.
  6. That video does not ease my mind that I will be receiving it soon. ???
  7. 280 games as Jason. Mask has been removed 4 times now. Not even close to being killed yet. Im sure there will be lots of players who will never be killed. Skillz, you know?
  8. I dont know. Never been killed. But if I had, I wouldnt let everyone know on here, thats for certain.
  9. No email for me so I guess they're still fucking most of us around. The dedicated servers will be up and taken down by the time I receive it.
  10. Looks the same to me on the x. That's on a 65" Samsung 4k hdr 10bit . Still got dashboarded twice yesterday aswell.
  11. As the person who started this thread I fully agree.
  12. Get both. I got an x scorpio and and a ps4 pro. Best of both worlds. Haven't got a pc though.
  13. Nope. Just couldnt do it. Screenshot it and couldn't find a way to get it on here.
  14. I have done before Thats the one I tried to get on here. Thanks for succeeding.
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