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  1. There's a steam Savini Jason code just gone up on ebay. Be interesting to see the final price on it.
  2. Ok. Prove that the people that are watching these streams are now going to purchase the game.
  3. Not really. I guarantee 98% of people watching this streaming crap have already pre ordered this game. It's not like you're gonna stumble across it on YouTube. All its doing is pissing people off.
  4. I'm sure this outdated beta footage got plenty of people hooked.
  5. There's no need to give these streamers early access to the game. There's plenty of video out there already for people who are undecided about purchasing it to watch the game in action.
  6. Don't give these people the satisfaction of watching them. I'm not going to.
  7. Been waiting 20 odd years for this game. A couple of hours isnt gonna make any difference to me. Especially when I've got 9 days off from Saturday.
  8. The Asian servers at my local curry house can be a bit slow when it gets busy.
  9. As far as I'm concerned, nothing can ruin a game more than hearing idiots being idiots while playing a game. Hence the reason I sold my turtle beach headphones that came with my xbox without even trying them. I've seen people playing the beta online screaming and shouting at each other and it ruins the atmosphere of the game.
  10. Noob? I watched the first one when I was 9 about 33 yrs ago.
  11. Does it really matter what the frame rate is? Its hardly gta5.
  12. I dont care if the xbox graphics aren't as polished as the pc version. Not playing with hacking twats is a fair trade. They ruin online games.
  13. I got a feeling it wont be that much shortly afterwards. They are doing the preorders first then retail shops.
  14. Thats it. My Xbox one Savini code is going on eBay when it arrives. I hope theres an almighty fight for it. Even contemplating putting the disc version up too as I will already have the digital version.
  15. Platform:xbox one Gamertag:zXRaGe ViRuSXz
  16. Haha.OK. My real names Des, I'm from cheltenham UK. 42 yrs old. Been a Friday the 13th fan since I was 9.Really looking forward to kicking ass on this game. Xbox name: xXRaGeViRuSXx
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