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  1. 4 hours ago, MichaelMemers said:

    It was very cool, though I do wonder how much manpower was used to make it that might have gone into the core multiplayer game.

    Shhhhh.? No one cares about how they could of been fixing the multiplayer side with the extra programmers they now have. We're all supposed to forget that Jason is now a shell of his former self and be mesmerized by the cabin.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Kryptonian_Dunn said:

    Actually I have loaded it up a bunch of times since completing it to see if I can unravel any other secrets, try to find any passwords in the computer and generally finding out if we've missed something. Something may still waiting to be uncovered. I think it was a very good experience that you have ruined for yourself and now feel like spreading hate in a cabin spoiler thread. As for your very idiotic statement of calling how many plus users in this thread dense for enjoying a game that a neanderthal seems to think was a waste of time, was just that.. idiotic. 
    Obviously you have NO CLUE what you are talking about because ummm newsflash, the team doesn't just consist of 12 people any longer. That team of 12 or 13 people brought you an amazing game, which has led to the team growing to a decent size of double or triple that amount. They have a large team now focused on finding, repairing and testing the constant bugs that arise with each new addition to the game. They actually re did all character models just to give your ignorant ass some variety in clothing for example, which in turn creates new bugs and problems for them to again find and repair. My point is they are fixing the game constantly and trying to prioritize those bugs and fix them so the game is playable. Meanwhile in another totally different section, the development team is making new content and as to not give it all at once, it feeds us with FREE updates and things to tide us over until the next dlc drop. All the while that other team is still finding and trying to repair a bug without breaking another mechanic in the process. That shit takes time bro. 

    I'm not sure what you're getting at with, "go play beat the f outta Jason Voorhees: the game" Unless you just suck as Jason and get wrecked each time.. then I could see what your trying to get at lmao.

     Either way bro, just quit posting here.
    Better yet, quit typing in general... you're just coming off as stupid.

    Cool story.

    If thats the case, they need to move them from new content to sorting out bugs. Because they aren't getting it done. I'm not your "bro" and I'll post where I like.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Alien_Number_Six said:

    I kill any way possible at any time. I have had these in game conversations. 

    "What's with all the slashing?" A random player said as I swung my Axe into his avatar. "Friday the 13th is a slasher film. And you have a pocket knife." I replied.

    "Your just going to kill me when the game starts huh?" A whiner said. "I trapped the phone and broke all the windows. And I'm part 8 Jason if you haven't run away by now your stupid." I said. The player in question had fortified the cabin placed a trap instead. I side stepped the trap after destroying the door effectively using it to my advantage. He jumped out the front window of the one room cabin. I walked outside avoiding the trap once again and grabbed him. He left the private match after the kill. 

    That being said Jason needs work. His attack range and hit detection need a buff. He also needs grab's hit detection tweeked. This stuff needs to happen. 


    They could of worked on it. But they decided to work on a cabin instead.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Kryptonian_Dunn said:

    Seems like Friday the 13th is much too hard for you if you can't even try it for yourself, and immediately seek the internet for verification instead of forming your own opinion.. I actually really enjoyed piecing together all of my knowledge of each film to sort out the problems at hand. The cut scenes were literally as tense as all hell and was a blast trying to make it through while he kills you in first person.. never knowing if or when he'll strike again.... but oh.. i guess you robbed yourself of that when you loaded up a video of someone doing all the steps so quickly after they had that experience solving it. Guess some people will always be on the outside looking in and calling what they can't comprehend "bullshit and a waste of developer's time"

    Don't disrespect and trash the developers hard work that we all enjoyed. Please just go back to your Nintendo and play some Mario... or just load up a video and watch it... its easier.

    And once you finished fucking around in this stupid ass cabin for a few hours, and don't load it up again because you've done everything. You can go play Beat the fuck out of Jason Vorhees:The Game. I guess some people are too dense to understand this is a worthless sideshow that should never have been released or worked on until they fixed the main game.


    Edit: Confused faces? That proves my point. Thank you.

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  5. 1 hour ago, johnnyfoodstamp said:

    Wow. What a killjoy.  Must not be a fan of the franchise if you didn't enjoy the virtual cabin.  All the Easter eggs and movie references.  Most fun I've had with this game since launch.  

    Wrong. Been a fan since I was 9, that was only 33yrs ago though. I wanna play a friday the 13th multiplayer game that works properly. If I wanted more information on the films I would google for it. The game isn't fixed, putting time into this shit is delaying it getting fixed even longer.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Brevator said:

    While I would welcome a hardcore mode, as I am always up for a challenge, I don't think the changes make that drastic of a difference. I still very much enjoy playing as Jason in multiplayer and escaping from Jason is still challenging (provided Jason knows what he's doing).

    Even with the alleged "game-breaking" changes (you kids and your hyperbole) to the window mechanics and grab-range, I can still rack up 6/8 or higher in most outings as Jason. No one jogs to victory when I'm Jason, not without fighting for their life or getting extremely lucky. Of course, when I point this out, it's always because I was "in a lobby full of n00bs who don't know how the play the game". And then when I point out these "n00bs" were Level 75 or higher, suddenly level doesn't equal skill... And so on and so forth. You kids love having it both ways... 

    Either way, I don't feel "cheated" by the devs for making changes that they deemed necessary to their game that they went through the trouble of even making in the first place. To say that "they don't care" and they "aren't even aware of the state of their game" when they spend every day working on it is the absolute definition of the Dunning-Kruger effect. 

    Having said that, I would still like to see a more difficult game mode implemented. 

    Kids eh? I blame the internet.

  7. 40 minutes ago, ikarikh said:

    You realize half the interest and fun IS in solving the puzzles? That's what eats up the bulk of your time. 

    If you just read a guide and go through the motions to get from point A to B, you lose 95% of the experience. You're in and out in 20 min and can't appreciate any of it.

    It's like sitting in class in a group and putting your head phones on and letting the other 3 do all the work. Then you take their finished work, look at the answers and think they're dumb and hand it in yourself.

    When your teacher asks how your experience was working in a group, you then tell her "It was boring".

    Yea, it was boring because you just sat there and did nothing and just judged it based on the end result, not the actual experience. Of course it was boring.

    No matter what anyone says. It's a waste of time, effort and money. Especially when there are more pressing game breaking needs in this game that need to be fixed. Priorities. 

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  8. 18 minutes ago, Corkenstein said:

    Hey I found the guy who just started playing recently. :lol:

    This opinion might be valid if this was a month or two into after the game launched or was a game preview title.  Unfortunately for a majority of us here on the forums, we have been here for 7 months waiting and dealing with constant broken promises and a broken game.  Some of us have been here longer than that waiting for the title to be completed giving hard earned money for the title to be developed.  

    It's fine to have patience but if you keep letting things like this slide and don't say anything, it sets the tone that it is ok to do this and to continue to do this.  Settle for mediocrity and that's all you will receive.  

    And most of the ones who put their hard earned money to the game being developed haven't even received their copy yet.

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