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  1. It does look amazing! Beta this october 27th-30th and they will open a late backer window before that so people who missed the original window can gain access to the beta.
  2. I'll give it another try then xd. I really appreciate the thread and the point you're stressing because when I come face to face with Jason and he manages to get close to me, I agree that death should be very likely, but I think it's important that when you die, you feel that it's because Jason is this inescapable force of nature who decided to zero in on you, not because of poor gameplay design. That's why I like your skill check idea, if it's an extremely hard skill check, you have a fair chance, but the odds are definitely stacked against you, but it's not unfair and weird-feeling as 1) pick you up 2) choke choke choke, if you're against a Jason who isn't into enviro kills
  3. I really liked your idea to replace the current button mashing with a skill check mechanic, however i think this could lead to other balance problems. People get good at skill checks through practice and right now some people are fixing the phone and car with Tiffany while rarely missing skill checks. I'd assume that some counselors would break free with skill checks as easy as Deborah's for repairing stuff and that would make it impossible to kill these counselors (I never die to slasher Jasons who only use the hit button, running counters it very easily xd) I agree that the grab is unbalanced right now but I think what makes it unbalanced is the combat system. I don't know if it constitutes a ''bug'', but when you try to hit Jason, even in combat stance, even at the correct range, half the time your counselor will hit in his direction, the bat will swing into him and do nothing. I stopped playing for a bit (1 month/1 month and a 1/2) and came back recently to play a game where Jason is breaking down a door. I go out the window without him seeing me, I run to stand basically ON HIM, I enter combat stance, I hit, nothing happens. I hit again, nothing happens. Jason sees me trying to hit him, turns around grabs me and instakills me. In another game, I'm fixing the car and there are two other players with me. I'm A.J. so I keep trying to fix it telling myself they'll protect me, Jason shift grabs me during the repair. Both players go to stand right besides Jason, enter combat stance and try to hit him. They both hit 2-3 times (Jason is twisting around trying to have enough space to kill me during this time, but not moving away from them or dodging the hits), nothing happens, Jason chokes me to death. The obvious counter play to grabbing, to me, apart from the knives, is to stay as a team and protect each other when someone is grabbed, but grab is still absolutely overpowered because the combat system is dogshit.
  4. I don't see it happening, but I do think it's a great idea. Last Year is doing exactly that, there will be a room in the school/shopping mall/etc... with cameras, to track the killer's movements, and a PA system. As you probably know, there is close to no gameplay of Last Year but this is pretty much a confirmed detail as far as I understand. If you like the concept, you should check out their beta, october 27th-30th, for backers (there will be a new backing window shortly before the beta, if you haven't backed it yet)
  5. Up next on Friday the 13th The Game forums : " Jason being able to kill counselors ruins the game! "
  6. The female counselors definitely need more playstyle variety in their roster and a strenght oriented counselor would be a welcome addition. For all the reasons you listed I think the Mean girl would be perfect for this role. A Small town/Country girl or the Mom archetype could maybe also fill it, but i think the Mean girl is the most likely first female counselor DLC so I hope she gets it. Sadly, the devs could make a character called the Bodybuilder and her bio be "she is a very strong bodybuilder" and I can garantee that some people on this forum would still whine : " a F E M A L E bodybuilder who is stronger that your average fat nerd?!? What is this, make-believe land?! I'm not buying it!!!"
  7. Cool thread! I am a bit of a pro myself and id like to share some pro tips that I hope help as much as these. 1. Never pick up weapons!! That way your hands are free to pick up batteries and gas and propellers. 2. Never pick up any items. That way if you find the fuse, and both car keys, you will have space in your inventory for everything. 3. If you come accross a barricaded cabin, unlock everything and open the doors, make the game easier for everyone. 4. If you are lucly enough the find the shotgun, its the only weapon that is ok to pick up. Take it, shoot one of your teammates and make the game even shorter, everyone will thank you for it!
  8. I like that idea! Maybe if an animation is too much work, the ending screen could be a shot of all the survived counselors huddled together in a police station or something. (I would only like that if it was your actual counselors with your actual customization though, because otherwise the outros would just end up like the same 3 generic intros with all the same counselors and its the same each time)
  9. It was mentionned that they dropped em. Kinda sucks if you ask me because I thought it would give the counselors more personnality and make them more unique gameplay wise...
  10. With the implementation of the report system, I think an honor system would also benefit the game. The way it would work is at the end of each game, at the end screen where you see everyone's results, you could honor another player as Hero if they made an honorable sacrifice, Party girl/guy if you had fun with that player, Mastermind if the player made good calls and helped you avoid death, stuff like that. Then, maybe you could unlock titles, or maybe your honor score could be displayed next to your name or maybe you could get special bling, anything to show other players what your playstyle is and if they can trust you. What do ya'll thinK?
  11. Personnally, I'm a dirty mid-execution quitter sometimes and I'll tell you why. Half the Jasons I play against are obnoxious with the chat and if they spent and entire chase moaning, whining, calling me names or telling me how much I fucking suck, then you can bet theyre gonna be performing their shiny 5 000 CP execution on the damn empty air. When I play Jason I never speak, I just do my thing and sometimes I say good game at the end of an execution. Even then I get the inavoidable minimum 1 instaquit as soon as the gane begins from someone who I assume only plays Jason and on average 2 mid-execution quitters, even if I dont heckle them
  12. Jason doesn't have shift in the first minute, he has morph. He can morph right onto you but then, he has no way to catch up to you he doesn't have shift this early in the match. A very advanced tactic to escape a walking/jogging Jason who can't shift is : running away.
  13. If she is in, I hope they find a way to not make her not supernatural. Sound blimbs work, but sense morph and shift would be out, and she would be more focused on stealth, like many people said already. I have always LOVED Pamela Voorhees and find her kind of tragic, because she's just a loving mom who went off the rails when people let her son die. The source of her strenght to me was always her love for Jason, even though it was corrupted by her anger and insanity to make her a killer. That's what makes her so compelling to me, so I hope they don't go and make her into a Zombie monster or Supreme of a coven of witches or a devil worshipper or whatever.
  14. Ok so after 32 hours played (ouch i need to stop pulling all nighters xd) I have ONLY encountered bad Jasons. Has it perhaps occured to you, that you might....be....a bad counselor?
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