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  1. Hello, What about the players who quit the game right before die as well Jason don't have the death account?
  2. I've founded this concept art, could it be the Savini's Jason? Slim, younger but with the hockey mask.
  3. Thanks for your help, i've contacted the support service and they help me really quickly. I made multiple survey that why I didn't find my code. Now, I've got it.
  4. I've killed him ! I'm Tommy Jarvis, the Jason's killer ! Unfortunately, he come back to life and kill me. Do you think if Jason fall in the water after the head shot does he die?
  5. Hello, I bought the virtual cabin access on the official website but I've only recieve five beta codes for the original games. How can I access to the virtual cabin?
  6. Hello, I'm Sam a french player who fall in love of Friday the 13th : the game. I saw every movies and I really enjoy the beta. I've made a french fan site still under construction : http://v13fr.blogspot.fr/ I'm so impatient to play again !
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