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  1. Cowboyography is my name(Xbox user name that is), Xbox one is my game, I would love to find a session please invite!!
  2. Umm ok, where? You show me one place that says anything about if your dead your dead no chance of being revived, also show me where it says once your dead you can free roam and watch... I think u just make assumptions and we all know what that does, right?
  3. I wonder how the spawn mechanic will be handled? If you die as a councelor are you just in free roam until the next match? Will there be a revive system? So many questions....
  4. I am stoked for this first off, super stoked, that aside here are just a few of the many things I hope we get in this game. --- Jason is a stalker, I hope we get lots of windows, Jason can watch through windows, but as anyone who has see the Fridays can attest, Jason needs the ability to break the glass and snag a councelor from within a cabin... Don't go to close to those windows!! --- Mrs Voorhies??? --- I hope Jason Controls something like left for dead zombies, where he can basically teleport as an invisible ghost with the ability to appear just out of site of the players. This gives hime the ability to appear in a room that was just checked by a group, or around the next tree on a dark lonely path through the woods, as so often happens in the films. --- Friday the 13th part two costume, easily the scariest Version of Voorhies, let me put a bag on my head with a single hole in it and kill some kids!! What are you all hoping for?
  5. Hi all, Glad to be a part of this, I love my Friday and I love my games. I still get all fuzzy inside when i fire up the old NES and try to save some pixelated camper's. Anyhow I am sure I will interact with many of you in the future and hopefully kill you as Jason in a year or so! The Cowboy
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