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  1. I am a fan of the films so I appreciate the cutscenes, but yes they need to be skipable. The worst thing is failing being undetected and then you have to watch the cutscenes again and again, after on top of that playing the waiting game in the actual gameplay.
  2. Yeah I know it has been said that they only want to focus on Jason for single player, but the single player challenges gave me this idea. One thing I love about this game is that it really captures the feel of the movies. The single player challenges added in homages to the films as well as some original ideas. The only thing missing is there is a survivor in the end of the movies, I wish we could get something like this. I hope the developers really read and take this into consideration. How about recreating some of the best final chase scenes in Friday The 13th films, again with some original takes for the developers. Imagine a single player challenge if you were a counselor and you have objectives, and if you don't get them done Jason kills you. For example lets have Jenny Myers and recreate something similar to Chris Higgins's encounter with Jason in the Friday Part 3. For instance Jason shows up at the house and you have to hide in the closet, you have to stay there as he breaks the door down and you stab him in the hand. Etc, you have to escape and, you are obligated to hit Jason with a bat or something as he leaves the cabin to stun him for a second. This followed by you getting in the car, cut scene Jason stops the car and the final encounter takes place in the barn. That just a example of a single player challenge for that specific character. You could have other characters have their own little thing. You could have one where Chad (Who I fucking hate) could have the obligation to leave all his friends, which gets them killed. I mean I would love character specific single player challenges and I hope one day this becomes a reality.
  3. A grab kill is almost like a cheap trick, and I could see trolls using it to get kills, and this isn't directed at the original guy who posted this thread. Sure the kill animations are cool and stuff, but it isn't fair to those playing a counselor for someone to have a huge advantage with the shift alone, then to just get caught in a choke and all the person playing Jason has to do is hit one button. I agree with Laphin in it really takes away from the hunt and chase aspect like in the actual movies. You have to be fair and balanced on both sides, those who are counselors and those who are playing Jason. A automatic grab out of shift is a huge advantage to Jason who basically already has more of a advantage. I can understand the original posters frustrations as well as way to many people troll with faster counselors, that gets old fast.
  4. I am sure if the developers could they would, but it probably be another money issue, and they had to do more to get fans to fund them (although it could probably get done). All the counselors in the game, you can tell were inspired by one or several counselors from the film. It won't be done but to answer your question, it be cool for anyone that has ever survived Jason and at the end of the films were hero counselors, this would also include Alice who survived Pamela from the original. Clearly this game is good on fan service, but man oh man that would be huge fan service.
  5. I have seen gameplay where yes people have survived but that is only if she is off by herself and Jason is chasing around everyone else. Also if she is lucky to be in the car then yes. I have yet to see someone lose or survive Jason with her if they are seen and by themselves. Even with her stealth being a 6, it seemed like the Jason would always know where she was. And one of those problems was because she was either to slow to escape him...or she just get tired just like that and that's all she wrote from there. Tiffany seems like a better character to use, I just find that to be a bit odd.
  6. Yeah I think the option of doing either or would be satisfying. For those who want to just play it as a balls to the wall video game, with a arcade like experience then they can play it by just having 6 of the same characters run around as Jason trys to get them. They could have 20 Vanessas running in circles and 10 Tiffanys hiding as Jason tries to get them. Or they could use a option to want to play it more realistically where you can't have duplicates of the same character. To me it feel more like a horror movie that way, and all the people playing would literally learn how to play certain characters properly. Everyone has a right to their opinion, personally I don't think Jason chasing 7 Vanessas be more challenging, I think that get annoying and old really fast.
  7. I agree 100 with this, I am just not seeing a reason at the current state of wanting to play as her, given everything I seen in the streams. I agree, I don't see where there was any luck based on people that played as her. I agree if luck means that you find things easier then others or, that it's easy to escape Jason if he gets a hold of you that be one thing. Problem is she is very weak, very slow and gets tired just like that. And as was mentioned by suspira she isn't even intelligent. She has a stealth of 6 I believe but I've yet to see anyone effectively hide from Jason when he is around. Her composure is good, so I guess that prevents the screen from blacking out which is cool I guess. I am hoping they tweak her character, in my opinion she needs improvement more so then all the others. It's sucks being the bookish girl if Jason is around but she does make up for it with stealth and being super smart....I just can't find a reason to want to be Jenny at this point.
  8. To each is their own then. I hate the fact that all Jason has to really do is appear in front of you at the right spot and just have to push one button and it's over just like that. I think it should be balanced out. If he gets a hold of you and your character is low on stamina or wounded badly, then yeah sure it should be easier for him to off you. If you are in perfect health and have a good amount for stamina, you should have a more balanced way in escaping his grip if you happen to mash the buttons more effectively then the person who playing Jason. If the instant kills can just off you like that, why wouldn't you just do that to kill almost everyone? Your in front of Jason you swing the weapon first...yeah he is able to just grab you my the throat first and poof it's over just like that.
  9. I don't see how it is a bad idea. I will playing this for Xbox One so I am not sure how it will be set up. I don't see anything wrong with you being the host to set up a match and making the options clear to anyone who wants to join into your match. It's been done in many games before, so I don't see how this be a issue. You could keep the option of players picking the same exact counselors, or you could let a player know to pick a counselor but it can't be the same as one that is already picked in that match. I guess the alternate clothes could help, it still be silly to see the same exact characters especially if 80% of the players is the same person.
  10. Thank you this is exactly what I am talking about. She just doesn't seem to fit the mold to who a character like her would be represented like in a actual Friday The 13th movie. Resoltionblaze it is not silly to compare her to anyone from the movies, as any real Friday fan can see who she inspired from...you know just like all the other characters. And CrazyRalph that is a hell of an idea, she could be a unofficial relative to Chris Higgins...I mean even in the character select screen she looks almost like Dana Kimmell. I think we all get a hint of what the Myers last name references to. Anyway I hope they update her because she just seems like a character at this point, that be pointless to pick.
  11. There is always that one fan that goes on the rant and tells people to stop whining. Newsflash most of the other fans are giving the developers what they want actual feedback. Sure some people complain about small things, but others give brutal honest opinions which gives the developers incite on what they can improve. It's better for the fans to give honest opinions so that the developers can make the best game possible then a fan who wants to kiss ass and praise everything. The beta was freaking amazing, but yes there is things that need to improved which I am confident will be done when the game is launched.
  12. Exactly, is that a dead body is just a generic reaction. These characters are supposed to know each other, very good way of thinking there.
  13. Another thing I think could use some improvement is the dialogue reaction to a counselor seeing a dead body. If they walk up on a friend and say hey is that a dead body...it's a little silly because we see them all at the campfire in the beginning. Again this is small but it be it cool if the counselor mentioned the dead person by name. Very small, but something that will just add to the drama of everything going on.
  14. This is perfectly put I agree 100% especially about the Tommy part. He seems terrified of Jason.
  15. One thing I found very annoying is when players can pick the same exact counselors. Now of course this is a game and things like this can happen but I think it sort of takes away from the experience. Now I am not saying remove that option, I am just suggesting that you add a option where you can't pick the same exact counselor. I just think it's silly if you play a match with one Jason and 6 Vanessas or 5 Tiffanys. The thing I get from this whole Friday The 13th experience is that the game I am looking to really capture the spirit of the movies. This is just a suggestion that I think be nice for those who want to play it more as a movie as opposed to just a video game.
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