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  1. I personally wasn't part of the beta for long, just four hours on the last day. I did however, follow the game through multiple Twitch streams for a week and have quite a few things I'd like to see changed, added, or altered in some way. What I noticed most was that players who came from the game Dead by Daylight automatically assumed the character with the highest speed and stamina, Vanessa, was the best. The game needs more clarity on what every stat does, how they're useful, and their flaws. That way everyone knows how to adapt their own strategy and play style. Speed, Intelligence, and Stamina are the most obvious ones so people immediately stuck to them like glue. For example, what exactly is "Luck" doing to other stats, is it giving small checks once in a while to raise them by a small amount once in a while? Something else? This is what I'd first like to see changed. Some sort of place that explains everything well, or descriptions that are much less vague while not being wordy. There are many places that don't seem to make sense as actual barriers for Jason, though make sense in a 'game'. An example of what I mean are fences. Jason should be able to chop down a fence just like a door or wall (one/two attacks should do it), making it no longer an obstruction to his killing spree and removing some possibility for cheesy 'infinites' that people like to do. When a counselor dives through an open window that isn't broken, make there either be a chance or it be definite that the window will close, making it so they cannot immediately jump out of it or climb out of it again without either first reopening it or simply taking damage for breaking the glass. I don't think I've seen a horror movie where someone continues to jump in and out of the same window repeatedly. The ability for counselors to hold their breath while in water, ducking underneath and hiding from Jason's normal eyesight. It would add a bit more safety and strategy for counselors, and more reason to go into water other than to escape Jason because he's "not the water Jason". If The Police are called early in a match, and no one runs to them within 5 minutes of their arrival, they will leave. This would force counselors who missed their chance at freedom from Jason's wrath to find an alternative route. Additionally, because of this change, The Police would be able to be called a second time if they already have left. The second time would not have a time limit before they leave. They've got more important things to do than be pranked by some kids claiming to have seen a mythical camp murderer. Now for real suggestions that aren't just basic gameplay changes. Creative changes. I'd like to see in the "Grab kills" selection for Jason the ability to also choose your held weapon, and unlock new ones for that Jason variation through points. By doing this, you add a little bit more variety to each match in the same way Survivors getting different clothes will bring. Additionally I'd like to see weapon grab kills that are unlocked on one weapon, unlocked on every Jason that has that weapon. Jason X. I would LOVE to see Jason X at some point in this game's life time. Whether it be DLC later or simply put into the final product this following year, I want to see Space Jason in action. The ability to go in without a preselected weapon as Jason and improvise with what's around you. From the weapons in the camp, to the nearby Stop Sign. Jason's pretty good at killing people with everything. A personal goal for every Counselor. Completing the goal would grant extra experience whether they survive or not. Think of it like a quest. Say you play as a more intelligent counselor, your goal could possibly be something along the lines of "Repair three power boxes by the end of the match." Nothing too difficult, but something that you'd need to go out of your way to complete. This could go even beyond just singular counselors and be as simple as a daily quest system. It'd add a little more challenge to the already difficult life of a counselor, as well as give people a reason to get on each day and play for a bit. Could even affect Jason as well. A Jason variant that relies on stealth rather than speed. One that does lots of damage and has mostly close quarters grab kills, but is slow and doesn't immediately reveal his presence to counselors who happen to be near him until it's just a little too late. That's all I've got for now, but I'll be keeping up to date on the game and it's development. Had I known about this during the Kickstarter, I would have happily helped out back then.
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