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  1. PS4 here. Stalk is the best thing ever. Period. I was playing as Jenny this round; I was the second to last person alive and Jason was on me. I saw him outside the Cabin I dove into-- ALL THE DOORS WERE BARRICADED and I was hanging by a window, watching the outside and waiting to run. There's no chase music, no doors busted down-- he's not here. The power was already cut by this point-- I turn around and see him BEHIND ME IN THE SAME ROOM. Both me and my friend who was watching (both males) screamed. Like, high pitched screams as I panicked and ran haha fucking great lol I've had great experiences as Jason, too. I comment while I play as him and really enjoy it. I guess the stuff I say to the counselors as I'm hunting them down (GET BACK HERE DEBORAH AND LET ME LOVE YOU) is amusing because my group said I was the funniest so far lol
  2. Gonna throw this out there again since you guys obviously don't listen: Early access is going out to the backers, they just happen to be YouTubers as well.
  3. ...Do you guys just blatantly ignore what the developers state in the forums when they post here? It's not BIG NAME YOUTUBERS that are getting early access just for the sake of getting early access. It's YouTube Influencers who have a platform (whether big or small) built on quality material WHO HAVE ALSO contributed to the development of the F13 game WITHOUT trying to get something out of the developers. The aren't giving it to BIG NAME INTERNET CELEBS-- they're giving it to FANS of the game who can help raise awareness of the game with the careers they have chosen to do and the platform they have. They're letting people WHOSE JOB IT IS TO BE AN INTERNET INFLUENCE actually do that to serve their purpose and spread more awareness of F13 to people who may not have heard about it otherwise. Can they give access to everyone? Assuming Sony/Microsoft DO actually have everything ready, then sure. Would you be happy? Sure. Would it be productive? No. Releasing it to everyone without additional advertising puts the game in a position to fail within the first year given that there's a hefty cost to keep servers alive. What the fuck do you want more-- the ability to play the game for a year and then have it fail due to a lack of funds, or the ability to play it for years to come knowing that funding was secure and that advertising happened in the time it needed to happen before the release to generate further hype? If it's the latter, then stop your fucking complaining and just wait a few weeks. And, furthermore (jesus fucking christ) have any of you snowflakes ever even made a game before? Are you in the entertainment industry? Do you know the ins and outs of creating a game? What about the intricate legal process behind it that you can't share because of intricate legal processes? Yes, I know the Beta is on YouTube, but not everyone knows the Beta footage (a beta that the developers didn't even have to release) is even on YouTube-- just in the same way all of you guys don't know there are particular videos on YouTube that were posted months ago that you haven't seen. I bet just earlier today someone saw a video that was posted a year ago that they didn't even know existed. TL;DR - What the developers are doing (early access for the sake of advertising and securing funds) is something that every development company does, especially for Let's Players. If you can't grasp that it's a very simple process that is going to ensure the game has funding to keep servers live for a few years, then just... promise me you won't procreate because you're obviously a level of stupid that I'm just not even able to comprehend. On a more positive note: None of you have any power to change the developers mind when it comes to how they choose to release and advertise a game they made. So, please, just be patient and wait a few weeks for the game to release. I promise that your complaining won't make anything go faster, it's just going to make you mad.
  4. The Devs have already stated they aren't going to limit who can play who in a match, because they has gamers understand how frustrating it is to have to play as someone you don't prefer because you were late to pick someone. And let's be honest, the only issue everyone has (if you really think about it) is just Vanessa. No one's going to bitch if there's 7 Kenny's running around. With that said, there will be a lot of people playing this game. If you're in a lobby where there's more Vanessas than you're comfortable with, then just leave and find a new lobby. Don't punish the rest of us, or propose ideas that will ultimately limit the fun for the masses. There's always gonna be more lobbys.
  5. And just to chime in, Jason knows the camp like the back of his hand. It'd be disappointed if he -didn't- know where the phone was.
  6. PS4/XbOne - iCoreyTimmons I'll probably grab it on PS4 first should cross-play not be an option, but my PS4/Xb tags are the same. If anyone decides to add me, do me a favor and let me know you came from the forum so I don't screen you. Thanks!
  7. I'd like to remind people that Friday the 13th: The Game is not a race. What that means, is that not every counselor needs to have their stamina and speed buffed. If you want a fast counselor, then just play Vanessa or Chad. Each counselor has their own strength and weaknesses. I'm going to be pissed if I as Jason (or even as a counselor) have a bookish girl who has stamina buffed close to what Vanessa has been lowered too. It doesn't make sense... my bookish girl does not need better stamina or speed because F13 is not a 'Me-Me-Me' game, it's a 'Hey, we're a team, let's work together to increase our odds. Say, Vanessa? You're fast. And loud. Why don't you run around and get his attention while I fix the phone, and Chad inside the house can call. Sound good? Good.' (meaning I don't ever want to play a Bookish Girl or a Low Stamina Character like I would if I were playing a noisy run run run Vanessa.) So, before anyone else complains about not having enough stamina, try to remember that not every counselor is supposed triathalon around Jason. Or, did we forget sneaking is an option? (If you don't know how sneaking works, then you've been playing the game wrong, or you've been watching Let's Plays by people who aren't playing to their counselor's strengths) A lot of things about this game are fine as they are. I would encourage everyone not to try to come up with ideas that would cater one-sidedly to the counselors or to Jason. If every counselors stamina is increased, then it's less fun for Jason, because there's no thriller chase, now it's just a race that Jason won't win. If Jason is buffed and his attacks are stronger (which they're fine as they are) then it's less fun to be a counselor, because it's a lower survival rate. Let's all just... chill out, and maybe wait until the full game comes out before using a highly bugged and not completed beta to come up with fixes for things that actually may not be broken.
  8. I've noticed from watching a few Let's Play's of the Beta (console player, so I won't be able to play the game until it's out) that if you're trying to be stealthy, and trying to hide, your character will give away your position when you scream --even though Jason hasn't spotted you. With that, now he knows that you're in the area. I totally love the screaming aspect, it's one of the small, neat things about the game that drew me in as I was watching it. While I don't want it removed at all, I'd like it to be a little bit tied more into Composure and Fear. With that said, I think it may be a good idea to have whether or not you scream be tied into Composure and how high your fear is. This isn't to say that if you have max composure and you're unafraid that you'll never scream, but it gives you a chance to try to sneak past Jason or hide when he enters a room and not have your counselor scream when you're hiding behind a door and he walks in but doesn't see you. Because IRL if I'm hiding from a psycho killer behind a door and I see them enter, the LAST thing I'm going to do is scream lol The more afraid/injured you are (even if you're hiding) the more likely you are to scream. The less composure you have, the more likely you are to scream (if you're unafraid/uninjured) The more composure you have, the less likely you are to scream (if you're unafraid/uninjured)
  9. The grab kills won't light up for you if there's not enough room for Jason to execute the kill. For instance, it takes less room for him to choke someone out, than it does for him to give them a pick axe to the face and take their head off.
  10. The game does have a 'fear meter.' When you're afraid, your map and item slot disappear. You can't see how much stamina you have, the color goes gray and you get tunnel vision. When you're afraid (as listed above) you glow red for Jason. Stealth and Composure (from the matches I've seen) work just fine. If you're not afraid and have high stealth, you can't be sensed, even if you're running from Jason so long as you don't get afraid, you can hide and avoid him if you're in a position to where you can hide without him seeing you, and without you being afraid. The reason Jason's don't have a problem finding counselors, is probably because they're all running around and making too much noise. The more you move (unless you have high stealth) the more noise you make. With that said, sense isn't just useful for finding people who are afraid. Even if you're unafraid and you're making noise, Jason will still find you because he can hear you, and white circles will appear for him in the area you're in. In my experience, both stealth and Jason's sense work fine.
  11. The Developers have already mentioned that they're against having a 1 counselor per match. Frankly, I am too... I as a player shouldn't be punished with a '1 counselor per match' because there's a bunch of Vanessa's running around. Vanessa just needs to be nerfed a little. Outside of that, I'd rather be free to choose who I want to play without limitations. If I wanna do a round with 7 bookish girls, then I'm gonna do a round with 7 bookish girls. Is it recommended? Nope. But the goal is to have fun. The developers want us to have fun and be free to play who we want. Which is why they've already said they won't put a limit on how many of the same counselors can be in a match.
  12. This is a quick suggestion I've come up with to solve the issues I've observed people have with Vanessa. I haven't played the beta yet since I'm a Console player, but I've noticed on live streams that most Jasons have minor complaints when it comes to trying to hunt down the last Vanessa, since she's incredibly fast and has a percieved endless stream of stamina. There's apparently a rumor of giving Jason throwing knives, which I think is silly. I in no way recommend nerfing her concept. Instead, I propose we add a few weaknesses to her overall build. While we keep her speed, stamina, and strengths as they are, why not just make her one of the most easily frightened counselors in the game? To where she stumbles more often than not when she's being chased, even more so when she's afraid. Or, perhaps a feature can be added to where her perception is lowered and she's unable to detect Jason as easily as the rest of the counselors are. Perhaps the music is delayed, or he doesn't show up on the map as his icon after warping or shifting.
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