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  1. It should be a bannable offense though. It's an arsey thing to do. Ruins the gameplay of other people lol
  2. Someone said on steam that they got -243 XP at the end of the match when you killed someone. As far as I know, sure, you got 1000 deducted off your XP at the end of the match, so you end up with 1XP, but it's never went into the negative XP, has it? or is this new?
  3. Are you sure? people are just concerned about what that mod said.
  4. What about the PC physical editions? https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1484358860936550663/ A mod/dev said that there isn't going to be any PC physical editions, and some users who backed the game for the PC physical editions such as the metal case or the machete edition are curious about whether or not they're going to get a refund.
  5. Thick skinned works again for ALL damage again. So you'll be able to tank 2 traps before getting put into the injured state I assume?
  6. Luck doesn't affect traps anymore, everyone gets put into injured state after 1 trap now. But they've fixed weapons breaking easily now.
  7. You have to buy them, not too sure when they're going to be available.
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1489987634025587968/#c1489987634025609451 We're getting the patch on PC in a few hours or so.
  9. Running people over in the car adds to the "Kill Counselors" achievements.
  10. Yeah, told him It'll end up biting him in his hindquarters. They got banned for a reason, unbanning them is basically a slap in the face against the people who suffered because of them.
  11. Someone said they have put the small maps in this match, as they've finished downloading the patch and said they saw them in game.
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