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  1. Why when you jump through open windows, and Jason swings at the window while you are laying on the ground, do you take damage?
  2. Not sure if bug or not, but i cannot hear Jason break down doors from any distance other than within 0-8 feet from the door. If i'm in another room of the average sized house, or across the house, i cannot hear him breaking down the door at all. This was definitely not an issue for me in the December beta.
  3. Really great post, thanks! I've always wondered about luck though. What minor increases exactly does it give?
  4. @https://twitter.com/weskeltner Ill guess i'm the only one who noticed? I don't remember seeing that tree in the beta...
  5. I'm more on the side of imbalanced. To clarify. If an individual does not recognize it as being a problem, it may not drive them away. Driving people away is not necessarily them not buying it, but it is a step in that direction. Also, it's the Twitch community that blows things out of proportion. i'm simply stating possibilities. My point was on first impressions. If someone is for the first time seeing this game in action, you don't want them to see controversy. What are your thoughts on the proposed skill check sequence and risk factors that are involved?
  6. 1. I don't agree that trapping objectives is trolling, it's just playing to win. 2. Road test on launch day/week are, in my opinion, risky. See my post.
  7. I do believe traps should be able to be disarmed, but with added risk. Lower intelligence based characters have a more difficult skill check sequence. Upon failing to successfully complete the skill check sequence, they trap themselves. This gives the player even more of an incentive to not spam "Vanessa like" counselors, although, i never saw everyone picking Vanessa as an issue anyways. It is then in Jasons best interest to put traps in obscure places. If as Jason, you do not put your trap in an obscure place, then when you are alerted that the trap has been triggered, chances are, it was disarmed successfully (No "free kill"). Either way, you know a counselor is near that trap. Wes, You and the team are doing a great job, keep up the good work. Let me bring up a point from a different angle. On release day, we all know this game will be trending on Twitch. I think it is fair to say that a large number of people watching those streams are going to be people that have not purchased the game, or else they would be playing it . These people are prospective customers. The last thing you want them to see is something that you yourself might not feel is imbalanced, but a majority of new players and viewers may. This will create a feeling of confusion in the community. I fear this will drive prospective customers away from the game. If and when a change is implemented, it may be too late to reel those people back in. What i'm saying is, i do not feel a good time to test a controversial game feature would be on release day/week. I'm not opposed to the idea of Jason's traps being present on release, but they have to be done correctly. I want to touch on "uncomfortable, hard decisions". No matter if you are playing a high intelligence character or not, attempting to disarm a trap would be an uncomfortable, hard decision. Low intelligence characters have a decision to make, do i communicate with my team and ask for a high intel character to help disarm, or do i get impatient and go for it myself? High intelligence counselors have a decision to make after disarming. Do i immediately go for value and attempt to complete the objective the trap may have been guarding, or do i run and hide and hope Jason doesn't find me?
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