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  1. Then stop responding. My previous comments in this thread to other posts were also FACTS. Not FEELINGS. If me posting facts on here is riling people up, then the Patch Notes threads themselves are posts riling people up. You've invited more riling up than I'm anywhere close to with the patch notes over the years and we both know that this is true. From people who didn't get a fix they wanted, to people mad at some fixes that were made. Accountability Matt. I'm not trashing anyone or even the game. I backed the game, I've spent tons of time and money on the game and I still do. But if I'm riling people up with facts then all they've got in their heads are lies about the things I'm saying. Again, civil communication. I'm not being abusive or ignorant with my replies. Do my replies have a sarcastic tone to them? Absolutely, with good reason. The previous devs were given EXPLICIT instructions since BETA on how to fix half the issue people complain about in the game from people who found these issues. They were told that the balance was off and that Jason was going to get bullied. And he did for YEARS until the game was "balanced" by making him unstunable in rage. Then all the people who just run up to Jason to fight and get murdered when he's in rage started crying. Sliding, the problem that has existed in every form of the game was explained to the devs in detail and yet their fix was "delay combat stance" which did NOTHING to fix the sliding issue but did make it much harder for Jason and the counselors to engage each other. The devs fixed the stuff people whined about the loudest (counselor asses?!?!??!?) because it was an easier fix and they could take their money from the almost 2 million copies sold up to 2017 and peace out. How many patches were released saying things were fixed when the EXACT issues they claimed were fixed were still in the game? I can think of AT LEAST two if we leave sliding out since it's existed since the beginning. All I'm doing is bringing information to the uninformed masses who may get their hopes up for the game to be a certain when HISTORICALLY AND FACTUALLY that hasn't been the case for Gun media and the 2 previous dev teams. Everyone was surprised when the current dev team actually fixed issues like knifing the cars because there was a track record of things not getting fixed. It was VERY clear that patches weren't being tested or at least issues not trying to be recreated after coding fixes were made. So many people from the competitive community offer to QA patch releases for FREE out of love for the game just to help the dev process along and we're shunned. This game is still being played in LARGE part because of the league and tournament communities that still play and compete to this day. Why are PC numbers down? Sure you can blame modded lobbies but the leagues and tournaments that exist on the consoles are all played in private lobbies, which throws that excuse out the window. PC never had a thriving tournament scene and is now hardly played over there. So again, I reiterate....I hope the patch doesn't break a bunch of new things LIKE EVERY PREVIOUS PATCH AND UPDATE and leave us with a broken game that will definitely kill it when all the league community players bounce.
  2. Examples please? Last I checked my reputation on this forum is in the positive using your system. If people were riled up or in some way offended by my previous responses, it seems like it wouldn't be.
  3. I was completely civil in my response. I've seen some of the other posts on here that get taken down. It's possible to have differing opinions and still have a civil discourse and respond in a respectable manner. I didn't say anything that wasn't true and if you look back at all the patches and updates you'll see that. Every single update has broken something else that then needs to be fixed in a future update.
  4. Exactly..... 😥 Unless they choose to push another new hotfix soon* *Months and months later #nerfnaskron
  5. Just sayin, based on previous experience with ....oh I dunno.... every single previous patch and update for this game......no. I just hope it's not left in an even more broken state and those of us who actually still enjoy playing it aren't stuck finding a new game to play. #nerfnaskron
  6. Hey man...if sliding was ACTUALLY fixed and combat stance was restored to a functional state...more power to ya. But no one is gonna believe it till we see it. #nerfnaskron
  7. The colors have been there in Pinehurst. One of the glitches they should keep! They should have kept the outfit glitch too... It wasn't hurting anything!!!
  8. To be fair, the occassional bug isn't what we're talking about here. We're talking about everytime a bug is fixed, 10 other things get broken that were previously working fine and these things are easily caught after just a few minutes of game play. Meaning they're only testing what they patch and not playing through a round or two that would catch half these issues. Not everyone plays the game just for fun, but in tournament leagues because we live the game and we're trying to keep it alive. Issues like these are game changing and it would be nice to be aware of them before our league matches. 😁
  9. Correct. It looks to affect only the neutral shift Jasons (3, 5, 7, 😎
  10. Exactly! Or slamming their head in a cabin door. And numerous other spots. Sometimes they work if you approach them at the right angle, it seems. But if you approach them from a weird angle they'll glitch.
  11. Ahhh I see. This is the environmental kills glitch. This is still a problem...not fixed yet. If you're Jason, just set your main kill to a button other than x for PS4 or a for Xbox ..then when you're trying to kill someone and you're near an environmental kill spot you won't accidentally trigger the environmental kill and chance it glitching out.
  12. No more rubberband for counselor with trap or Jason in rage from my testing. So that appears to be fixed.
  13. There's absolutely no way patches are qa'd except for the specific things they were trying to fix. Play a couple matches. Get a group of us who are well versed in the game and let us qa patches before released or something. It would save a lot of headache.
  14. Just gotta fix the shift you broke now😂 neutral shift Jasons get shift immediately after sense and cool down is faster
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