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  1. Not sure how you gathered that. He said they were a fan but they had other characters on their internal wish list. The chances of seeing Reggie as a counselor or a counselor inspired by him are next to zero for the time being.
  2. I don’t have much interest in backstories for counselors but I think the Single Player Challenges will add something, who knows how much- obviously more than there currently is.
  3. I disagree. Tropes are a crutch for bad writers. Most of the Friday the 13th films weren’t written with tropes in mind.
  4. Kind of... didn’t want to hijack your thread with stuff about Alice. It’s a surprise.
  5. I’m definitely not the only person to ever use this pic for a profile pic, etc.
  6. A free weekend of Dead by Daylight on PS4 convinced me to buy the game. That said, this game’s current state kind of sucks and throwing a bunch of new players in with 100+ Level players and trolls might not be a great idea. Maybe if the whole “Salt Mines” thing works out.
  7. @ShiftySamurai I see Part 3 carrying a pick axe in the PC comparison: Will intro scenes also show which variation of Jason you selected? As in Retro, Green/Blue Roy and Bloody? Can we get a look at a full match or a portion of a match that includes interaction? Jason doesn’t even grab his knives in these videos.
  8. Don’t get your hopes up on some random person’s feeling. It could be as late as June or even July. I’m not saying be patient, I’m saying no one knows.
  9. @Armani? You poor guy. How many times do I have to remind you I like Reggie? When it was explained that killing kids is a no-no, I agreed and accepted it. I don’t want an age-advanced Reggie- I wanted Reggie. If we can’t have the real thing then I’d rather nothing at all. Edit: I’d also like to add it’s hilarious you cherry-picked a comment from December 2016.
  10. No, thanks. Yep, I know. They could post a video on their own website without using YouTube though. @NORMAL COAT I don’t use “the twitter”.
  11. Why does everyone always assume it’s kids? Anyway, @ShiftySamurai- you guys have your own website. Why not post the same video without having to go through YouTube compression on your site? This is your guys’ product and you should be showing it off in the best possible way.
  12. @ShiftySamurai I’m going to need someone to explain to me what I’m looking at here. Just looks darker... As well, I’m more concerned about bugs and glitches than whether something is darker or shinier. There’s that whole thing about polishing a turd... Maybe a video showing how the game is actually improved would have been a better choice.
  13. @Pazuzu @IcrazyKid855 I think I remember them saying, or it being implied, the cars had to be generic due to copyright issues. The physical look of a car is copywritten. It’s unfortunate but makes sense.
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