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  1. @HuDawg I get you don’t like DbD. That’s fine. I wouldn’t be caught dead with a Leprechaun profile picture. Different strokes for different folks.
  2. @Trident77 Here’s hoping. I think a lack of optimism by most is fair and based on how things have gone in the past. Gun/IllFonic could rebuild a lot of trust by just making regular balance and bug fixes.
  3. @Trident77 I agree that a focus on sales or numbers is misguided. It’s certainly a part of the conversation but doesn’t settle anything. Dead by Daylight has benefited from a fairly consistent stream of content, fixes and balance adjustments. I like Dead by Daylight but what keeps the game interesting is the stable stream of new content. The game evolves based on new killers, survivors and perks. It’s not a perfect game by any stretch but consistency generally makes it the better game. Friday the 13th’s lack of new content, or game-changing content, doesn’t help but I think the lack of balance and bug fixes is what’s causing gamers to move on. There are well-known issues from the beta that remain unaddressed and it’s difficult to discern if the engine update will come with a healthy dose of bug fixes or if they will only be to start working on those fixes once the update is released. Friday the 13th expects players to weather more adversity than any game I’ve ever seen. It feels like the game is working against you to even play it.
  4. Would a mother who killed because of the loss of her son call him “garbage”? Never.
  5. Mrs. Voorhees wouldn’t say any of those things. Not in a million years.
  6. @Corkenstein I’m definitely not absolving Gun of their part in all of this. I still think IllFonic (and shoddy direction from @wes at Gun) is the bulk of why we are where we are. The best example of how poorly this game has been run is how it was released: Half of Gun was at a convention signing autographs on release day IllFonic was moving offices on release day What kind of idiot makes calls like that? Hey guys, let’s not be anywhere near where we need to be on release day because everything is going to go perfect... I wasn’t able to play the game for just over two days after release. It wouldn’t let me in. That was some bullshit and it’s just continued from there... There was that one guy where it took a week or two before he got in.
  7. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow The demo of the Breakdown challenge showed it off. It played out weird with Stalk being activated fairly close to the counselors. It must run differently than Offline Bots in terms of AI.
  8. No issues have been addressed. There hasn’t been a single comment on any specific bugs or glitches being addressed.
  9. I’d likely die a lot still. Finding that shotgun first and hitting the reset button.
  10. You’ll probably get it. I’m most excited for the Candyland and Saved by the Bell High School maps.
  11. Sounds like the premise for Dead by Daylight. I imagine I would die a lot. It’s ridiculously easy to get turned around in the woods in real life. I think the chances people would be checking cabins would be pretty slim- most people would assume they’re safe because they’re inside a structure. I would likely avoid people, be opportunistic and continually die whenever Jason hits Rage... which is pretty close to how games go for me, minus getting spawned in the phone house and dying immediately.
  12. @Trident77 I just did a read-through. I like the ideas. I think no matter how it’s done, a change needs to be made. I like the increased difficult to remove the mask. Having it removed with a single shot is frustrating. Stun damage isn’t something I know much about. I’ve definitely experienced the gang-beatings and chain-stuns. It’s been suggested that Jason having a group attack would help and someone mentioned in your thread that invulnerability frames could be a fix. I really dislike the pack-hunting. I’ve been on both sides of it and it’s not fun. The ideas I brought up in the original post are what I felt would have the least impact on mechanics while having the largest impact on gameplay. I’m for either idea, or a mix of both. I haven’t heard a good argument as to why it should be so easy to kill Jason as it is now. Folks are used to it and they enjoy the repetition of an easily accomplished feat- that’s fine for them but the game suffers.
  13. Rick Astley turned 13 in 1979. I appreciate your attention to detail but this is probably the one time I’m not onboard. Does it matter? Not really, it’s just a number so I’m not too bothered.
  14. Tommy is showing up as an adult in 1979- an impossibility. Another reason we don’t need the dates.
  15. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I’m aware but the filmmakers obviously didn’t care and I think neither should we. The maps, while representative of film locations, don’t require being dated.
  16. @Slasher_Clone I’d be more open to the dancing emotes if they had a stamina cost. @Alkavian That’s kind of gross but entirely accurate.
  17. @Slasher_Clone No worries. Sometimes I should spend more time thinking before responding. There’s so many times over the course of my time on this forum I allowed myself to get drawn into a disagreement or fight. Yay, 5000+ posts. Yea, that was odd I got banned for asking if there would be a stable version of the game in 2017 and then they announce that they have to update the engine. Hmm... :/
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