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  1. @VoorheesGt101 I’d argue the exact opposite. The game hasn’t stayed true to it’s roots. It’s devolved into a pandering attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator and has bled out it’s playerbase doing so. If you want to play a funny or goofy multiplayer game, why would you pick Friday the 13th when you have thousands of options? And better, less broken options. If you want to play a horror multiplayer game- you have two options and only Dead by Daylight is staying true to itself. Friday the 13th could and should be an awesome horror survival experience. That’s only possible with regular updates and balance patches to evolve the game. I really dislike that you consider a year of non-stop issues (from balance to bugs to a ridicously long list of problems) an evolution.
  2. @AdmiralJT Nicely done. I’ve pulled it off a few times myself- they think I’ve glitched or given up. I also liked baiting stunners in by going into combat stance and then just grabbing them as they approach. Watching that video, Deb stumbles but Jason still can’t grab her. I’m wondering if the new grab animation, with Jason lunging forward, will help in those sorts of scenarios.
  3. Agreed. We’re all also just going to adjust the gamma back to what we’re used to.
  4. The enitre perk system is pretty lame and this really doesn’t help. IllFonic admitted they put no thought into it so should we expect that there was actually a real process or debate here by them to improve the game? I’d say no. I think what we’re seeing here is @ShiftySamurai stuck killing time while the update is delayed. It’s pretty obvious Gun was hoping for the update to drop in April considering the info released. My guess is IllFonic needs more time to put zero thought into perks and balance (which again, they have admitted). But hey- darker and shinier, right?
  5. @gyaaft You made a really good point about Friday the 13th elite players being big fish in a small pond. I think that hurts the game in the long run too as new players coming into the game are destroyed and become disinterested. Particularly new Jason players.
  6. @The_Gray_Ghost_ Picking sides is what people do. It’s not necessary here but inevitable. @Slasher_Clone Difficult to see how the games compliment each other or why they would. They’re in direction competition.
  7. No, this has no bearing on a release date. This is just a more detailed description. It’s called a “fluffer”.
  8. I haven’t heard anything about people being banned in a long time. I would question if it’s even monitored.
  9. That’s just Shit Jason: I dressed up as Shit Jason for Halloween when I was a kid. (That’s not me in the pic.) Every year, thousands of people all over the world dress as Shit Jason for Halloween.
  10. Update’s cancelled, working on the sequel. Scheduled for Early 2021.
  11. @NoOneK9503 I was wondering where you went. I’m curious what got you banned. Glad to hear you’re doing well.
  12. Even if it was, no one is getting banned for anything. Team away. They don’t care.
  13. Honestly, who cares... who knows if it will even work.
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