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  1. I agree, definitely need to see it in action. I worry it’s another situation where Jason’s stuck in an animation and it’s free hits for counselors. ?
  2. A previous suggestion by @gyaaft and thoughts by @Alkavian have had me thinking on this: Friday the 13th needs a rank system... Why? The type of content released so far has a predictable lifespan, easily gauged by the Steam count numbers (and very likely supported by Gun/IllFonic’s numbers on their backend). New Jasons, maps, clothing and emotes have not been able to sustain a playerbase on their own. The playerbase will boost after the engine update but will drop as it has after every update. Any thought otherwise is wishful thinking and not supported by the game’s history. How does a ‘Rank System’ benefit everyone? All players, new and old, will be sorted into tiered-ranks as they play the game- ensuring they play with other players of similar skill New players will benefit from playing with new players and not be discouraged by being destroyed by longtime, high level players High level players will be playing against others of the same skill level It will add another incentive to not rage-quit Imagine playing as a counselor with others inside of your tiered-rank: If you’re a high rank/level player you will be playing with others that know how to play the game and use the appropriate strategies based on whatever the current balance of the game is. If you’re a low rank counselor, the Jason you face will be of similar rank and you likely won’t be destroyed. As Jason, if you’re just starting out- you won’t run into groups of players capable of calling the cops and killing you within the first few minutes of the game. If you’re experienced, you will be going against a skilled group everytime instead of slaughtering newbies and discouraging these new people from wanting to play the game. How does a ‘Rank System’ grow the playerbase? People are naturally competitive and competitive games maintain players It gives longtime players, who have unlocked everything and reached Level 150, a reason to play It taps into the playerbases of a variety of competitive games During gaps without content, ranking up is a strong incentive to continue playing Playing with similarly skilled players creates an overall better gaming experience for everyone What kind of ‘Rank System’? At this time, seasonal tier-based systems (based on match XP) are the most popular. A four to five tier system would be the best option to start with rank resets every “season”. A season defined by Gun/IllFonic. Ranks as Jason and as counselors are separate. Anyway, I could on but I’ll end it there. I’ve seen @GunMedia_Ben say in the past they don’t want it to be a competitive game. I wouldn’t mind hearing why as well as @ShiftySamurai and @[IllFonic]Courier‘s opinions on this. If not opinions, how about some reasons why you guys don’t think it would be beneficial. I know Shifty says he spends about 17 hours a week on the forum so how about spending 20 minutes here and discussing a ranking system. Feel free to add input/suggestions. Edit: Clearing up some confusion: Rank would be based on your performance in matches and in no way be tied to your overall level. A player’s level is not indicative of skill level. Your level would continue to simply be a means of unlocking Jasons and cosmetics, as it is now.
  3. @Armani? He’s a hero character- surviving three films and killing Jason, Roy and chaining up zombie Jason in the lake. You’re right, Reggie was never age-advanced- it doesn’t exist. He got his brother killed and his brother’s girlfriend killed. Grandfather was murdered the same day. Orphaned. Pam may have even been murdered or injured at the end. Yay, he’s alive but far from lucky.
  4. @Armani? I think Reggie would care. You know, being orphaned and all... Kind of a big deal. Worst luck ever really. Living with the pain of knowing you led a murderer to your brother and having no family to work through your losses with. The original script for Part 6 had him end up in a mental institution and murdered by Jason in the beginning of the film.
  5. @Armani? You’re saying a kid who leads a murderer to his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, only to have them murdered, is lucky? Or having your Grandfather, who appears to be Reggie’s guardian, also murdered in the same day is lucky? Where do you think Reggie ends up after the movie? Orphaned. @TyroneKing What kind of logic: Would you say it’s lucky to have your brother and grandfather murdered in the same day?
  6. Reggie’s luck should be 0. It’s his fault Roy killed his brother and brother’s girlfriend. His Grandfather was also murdered the same day.
  7. Sometimes the forum produces an error when you hit ‘Submit Reply’- it submits the reply but the page doesn’t change, causing people to hit the button a couple (or more) times thinking it didn’t work. Not sure if there’s anything that can be done on your guys’ end. It’s been like this for at least a year.
  8. You need a ‘They both suck equal amounts’ option.
  9. I spent some time thinking about my reply after I made it. In hindsight, some form of ranking system should have been implemented. The game would have benefited from players with similar skill grouped together while also increase the longevity by giving competitive players a higher rank to work towards.
  10. I kind of agree. What would it matter? It’s a completely seperate mode.
  11. Because they all wear leather jackets? That’s pretty fucking stupid. Link? I’d like to see some stats on who sells more... I’ll think on it.
  12. @Armani? Who knows- I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Think of what you want to see in this game and when you think it will arrive, add six months to a year to that. Then considered the development lifecycle may come to a close within that timeframe. Then move on with your life.
  13. Pretty sure they’re doing nothing in regards to Reggie at the moment. You’re a special kind of crazy. It’s admirable.
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