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  1. You guys really have a hard-on for him, but no- this is from me. Congratulations on being the first person since the 1940’s offended by the term “goon”.
  2. If I remember right, @Tommy86 is one of Pappus’ goons. Pappus somehow weaseled himself and other helicopter pilots in training into a private Discord with a developer from IllFonic. That’s my guess.
  3. I’d be fine with that myself. If it were like that the onus would be on the counselor to immediately juke or Jason to immediately slash/grab, which would be skill based and I’m for those kind of situations. Overall, I want to see less stunning or some comparable for counselors (like lengthening the amount of time it takes to use a med spray). Early on, when you were stunned and then someone tried to stun you again it would unstun you- despite being a bug, I thought that was fair. I think it would help with the stun parties.
  4. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I guess I can see that. As it stands, there are so many of those moments for both counselors and Jasons. I was surprised by the focus on one particular moment of invulnerability. Regardless of moments that make no sense, the combat is complete garbage for both sides. Apparently the update is supposed to help but we’ll have to wait to see. I should mention I support some invulnerability frames during a grab. There has to be some moments in the game where an undead, killing machine can’t be stunned. The stun-a-thons are bullshit. Some form of group attack for Jason would help- I’d be fine with no invulnerability then.
  5. Ah, I see. When we have ideas for additions or attempt to bring real change- who should we talk to?
  6. I looked at this guest list- I’m jealous. I want Brad Dourif’s autograph.
  7. I’ve definitely experienced this issue with beds and closets in Offline Bots but can’t remember if I encountered online or not.
  8. Difficult to have any interest in something 3 years away. I’d prefer a story driven game also.
  9. He’s not afraid, he’s not fighting back with household items and farm equipment... I agree with @Risinggrave.
  10. I disagree that it would make lobbies harder to find. I think it would increase the playerbase and make lobbies easier to find. I think player rank should be based on match XP.
  11. Very cool. That’s a pretty unique experience and all the better that you look like a counselor.
  12. @Slasher_Clone What would the purpose of opting out be? A ranking system would simply have you play with others of your skill level. @gyaaft Lots of great ideas, I have some thinking to do on what you’ve written. Off the top of my head though, rank should be based on XP. Creating a completely new and separate system, to basically do what XP does, doesn’t make sense to me. @Alkavian I prefer a season based system. Rank doesn’t reset to the lowest rank with each new season, it just goes back a couple/few from where you are. If you miss a month, you’re a couple/few ranks back- if you miss six months, you’re back at the lowest rank. Maintaining rank and re-establishing rank are great motivators to keep players playing.
  13. @TheHansonGoons I have great news. I spoke with Muffin earlier this evening and she said:
  14. I’m confused. Is Jason invulnerable during this grab animation?
  15. @Armani? I think someone mentioned Larry Zerner is a copyright lawyer, I’m unsure though and too lazy to Google it. If Victor Miller wins, he gains control of the characters and places he created- Mrs. Voorhees (but not the name Pamela), young Jason and his backstory, Crystal Lake, the Voorhees name, Alice, etc. If he loses, Horror Inc. retains whatever control they currently have. Even without the lawsuit, the rights for all things Jason and Friday the 13th are complicated. I’m not entirely sure why the lawsuit would have any bearing on characters like Reggie or anyone from Parts 2 to X who aren’t Jason or Mrs. Voorhees but my guess is everything has been put on hold until the completion of the lawsuit. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle was rushed to release in the States over concerns stemming from the lawsuit. Somewhere on the forum, somebody gave a much better and detailed description of what’s going on and how the lawsuit would affect things. Again, too lazy to search but it’s here somewhere (I think).
  16. Unless a character was already in the pipeline, I agree. Song rights and characters right are very different things. Some song rights you could likely get in less than 24 hours and others may not ever be possible.
  17. There does appear to be an overall visual improvement on the maps- I’m wondering how much of it will carry over to consoles.
  18. I have a feeling the Jason X chase music will be fairly close to what it was in the film.
  19. @AdmiralJT Rank would definitely be separate from level. I used level as the only current example we have of potentially skilled players. A rank system would be based solely on how you perform in matches and not associated with your level and offline accomplishments. @Qcici Unlocking better perks sounds like a slippery slope but I agree that some form of incentive is a good idea. @Alkavian I agree that rank should be based on how players perform in matches. I must have made it sound like it would be solely based on a player’s level. I don’t think a players level always translates to skill and I would rather ranking up be based on something separate from leveling up. Leveling up should stay as is, a means for unlocking cosmetics. @HuDawg Cujo is a much better choice for a pic. Rank systems can benefit casual play. Inviting people is not always an option and rank systems would ensure a better overall gameplay experience with less effort on the player’s end. @RustInPeace I recognize there are some people who don’t want a rank system. To them I’d say the game is dying and introducing competitive gameplay and a ranking system would benefit all by increasing the playerbase and contributing to the overall longevity of the game.
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