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  1. Nothing, and hopefully I won't have to suffer any bad jokes from Jasons. Yes, your friends appreciate your sense of humor- no, not everyone else does.
  2. http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/1091-stretch-goals-chart/
  3. The goals ended just shy of Tommy Jarvis- thankfully he made it in. From what I've read and been told, they plan on fully supporting the game after release so here's hoping some of those unreached goals make their way into the game someday.
  4. Like everyone else, I've been telling people they need to get this game and then I get questions like: Q: When it's coming out? A: It was supposed to be fall 2017, got delayed and now it's early 2017... probably? Q: I only saw one map on beta, are there more? A: Yes Q: How many? A: I don't know. Q: Are there any other game modes, etc? A: Single player in the summer, I don't know if there's any different types of matches. And so on...
  5. Not sure what you mean exactly but if you've had a taste, why go back to teasing? That feels like going backwards. There's nothing left to tease other than giving firm details or dates.
  6. I get what you're saying, similar to the brief backlash when this game was delayed. I think though, for a game that was going to be released in fall 2016 before being delayed, providing a a firm date or at least more concrete details shouldn't be too big of a deal. Unless we're heading for another delay and that's the cause of the vagueness. Like I said though, this isn't coming from anger or frustration or a lack of patience. It really just is time. The question "Why not?" needs to be asked.
  7. The teases are weird too lately, like non-commital statements on the forum here for possible fixes for exploits. Just feels like we should be passed that stuff, especially after the beta.
  8. Hi, this is just an in general way of saying all of the reveals have been fun, the cabin thing, etc but it's time to move past that and start providing real details and firm dates. I'm not saying this from a place of frustration, impatience or anger- it's just time. We're all prepared for whatever release date is given- even if it's six months from now, no big deal. We've surpassed the original funding goal, you found additional backing for single player, the beta was successful not only as a test but we all saw the backerkit total jump up. We're due now to know when the project we backed will be completed.
  9. Another vote for Jason Goes to Hell here.
  10. I enjoy not knowing why the place is cursed, or how life was for the Voorhees family, etc. I think I have origin story fatigue. Good points though, I agree they lost their way and despite how much I enjoy Part 8, it's the first in a series of really gimmicky films. Though I should say Part 6 has a zombie killer and Part 7 had a telekinetic fight Jason. There's a lot of hate for Part 5 but it actually shares so much in common with the original- a parent loses their child and takes revenge, it's also another mystery as to who the killer is. I remember being disappointed it wasn't Jason at first but as times gone on I really enjoy it- kind of like Halloween III.
  11. The only issue with Jason Takes Manhattan, aside from the dodgy travel, was the lack of Manhattan. It was more like Jason walks briefly through Manhattan but mostly hangs out in the alleys of Vancouver. I don't think it needs a remake though, it's probably my favourite but I'd like to get away from the let's put Jason in New York, hell, space stuff, etc stuff. Why people are stuck on seeing Jason in the snow is beyond me- how would snow make the movie any better? I enjoy the camp stuff and woods stuff, all at the heart of the series. Leprechaun went down the same road, ended up in "Da Hood", and made two of the most racist and embarrassing horror films of all time.
  12. I think they mentioned somewhere the single player mode would be scenarios similar to the movies. I don't think there will be anything where we relive events exactly but more of a generic take on movie events. I'm excited at the possibility of sneaking up on unsuspecting counselors and maybe doing things in the vein of the Hitman games.
  13. There should be an opening scene of Roy in a hospital as Jason is brought in from the end of Part 4, Roy barges into the autopsy and eats Jason's heart and starts belching, all covered in barbeque sauce, while little fireballs fly around... I don't think that's been done before. I like the idea of Roy moving at about Tommy's speed. His abilities, for me, don't need to differ too much from Jason as he's treated in the movie as if he is Jason and has his strengths but obviously more weaknesses.
  14. If I remember right, it was filmed over several years and at points it really feels patched together. I think they attempt to explain everything, or conclude it, but it remains confusing. Actually, really confusing. I'm a completist so if you are, you'll see it regardless, but otherwise I don't know if it's worth seeing. I did enjoy seeing Angus Scrimm as the Tall Man one last time but that was a nostalgia thing for me.
  15. I don't know why it has to be funny... Again, not everyone thinks these people are funny. I think there should be an option to unmute him but he should be muted as default. It's a horror survival game based on horror films where a silent killer stalks counselors. If it were a Chucky game, or Nightmare on Elm Street, I wouldn't mind at all- that's their schtick. Listening to terrible jokes should be a choice, not a requirement.
  16. I enjoy them, particularly the first- just saw Ravager. I honestly have know idea what's going on in those movies but I'm a fan of Angus Scrimm's Tall Man. I need someone to explain them to me one day.
  17. The original Night of the Living Dead and 'The Raft' segment from Creepshow 2 got me the most as a kid.
  18. Or vice-versa... unmute him in the lobby. Not everyone thinks you and your friends are funny.
  19. I don't want to hear Jason talk either- not playing to hear some person's bad jokes. I support the idea of auto-muting him. I've already seen some trolling by Jasons and counselors working together using the in-game voice chat.
  20. The definition of a broken game seems to have changed immensely since the original Nintendo game. I don't think this is a game breaker at all but maybe it's a deal breaker for you.
  21. Some great suggestions. I like the music ias it is- the more streams I watch the more I enjoy Manfredini's awesome work. I'd suggest maybe one of Jason's perks, when using a certain ability, doesn't trigger the music until he appears. Still, the score is perfect minus needing a touch more variety but it's amazing. There's subtle cues to scores from the films, I picked up on a Part 3 cue during a match today. Very cool stuff.
  22. He takes a pretty wicked beating in Part 5. I wonder how they would have him look when his mask gets knocked off. I think he should still be able to teleport the map, his abilities in Part 5 are on par with Jasons. Maybe him returning to an ambulance parked on the side of a road, throwing the mask and machete on the passenger seat and driving away.
  23. Roy for me is a must- when ever will there be another chance to get him into a game? He's a great Jason, he's just not Jason. I'd accept a skin for this, preferably over Part 2 Jason. I wondered what they would use for Roy's winning animation? And I guess Pamela wouldn't be talking to him as he went. Part 4 would be fine as a skin for Part 3- there's a different feel to how Richard Brooker and Ted White played Jason and I'd rather see a new character but I'd settle for a skin.
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