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  1. As far as I'm concerned, right now Chad's the bitch.
  2. Part 8 I'd guess a fire axe, JGTH starts with a machete, Jason X has the regular machete and then the futuristic machete so I guess those as well. Roy uses a machete too, I think. I'm unsure if they're worried about the variety- I don't mind a shitload of machetes but being able to swap weapons as you unlock them would be a cool feature.
  3. Awesome, good to hear. Edit: I should mention, if I remember right, there is some controversy in the mask community about Part 6 hero masks. Apparently some masks were made for promotion and people were under the impression they were hero masks but they came from a different mold. Edit 2: Can't find anything on it after a quick search. Maybe my memory is off.
  4. Thanks for the video, I just watched it earlier. I meant gameplay but at a second look in that video his pants look pretty bright. That mask kills it for me, just looks worse everytime I see it. It looks closer to a Part 8 mask shape wise and tne Part 6 mask isn't that glossy. If the devs want some better info on masks I can recommend some pretty solid mask makers. I'm sure the devs have pretty good access to mask specs, etc though.
  5. Thanks for the ass and crotch shots. Seeing the character model in game would help in determining if things appear accurate. I wasn't bothered by the clothing color- it's the mask that's weird.
  6. Let's not exaggerate, this is a discussion of ideas. I'm definitely for immersion but in a multiplayer game I don't think it's possible to have it play out like Alien: Isolation- maybe a single player mode could accomplish it but we're at the mercy of whoever is playing Jason. Maybe as players level as Jason perks could unlock stronger grabs and strikes in general?
  7. There is definitely something really off about that Part 6 mask in the virtual cabin. I don't know what the fix is but it doesn't look accurate at all.
  8. I thought they all looked great minus the nose on Part 7- mask doesn't look quite right.
  9. I was waiting for the "I told you so." comment. Let's keep it civil.
  10. Is one of them the option to mute all Jason players? If so, that's welcome news.
  11. I wore headphones while playing the game, allowing me to pinpoint the alien's location better. It's difficult at times but I enjoyed it.
  12. You just blew my mind- I had no idea they called Rockets "Smarties" in the States.
  13. I don't require any further evidence but I appreciate you taking the time to quote a Facebook post for me. Up to the day before the delay, there were similar posts. I'm not looking to change your mind.
  14. Ralph, I'm not going to argue you over your perception of my words. That's your perspective and you own it. Your replies on why the developers can't do this or that is pure speculation. Maybe if we had some firmer details you wouldn't have to speculate so much.
  15. Obviously we now need a "shaving a naked man bound to a table" mini-game.
  16. That's an awesome story. Wasn't the internet more fun back then? I used to e-mail Sean S. Cunningham, Tom Savini, Dick Warlock and Gunnar Hansen all kinds of questions and it was amazing- they'd write back. Things are way different nowadays.
  17. I'm glad you didn't take it the wrong way, I guess it's just something built into me over the years. Which is probably good considering the field I'm in... I can definitely empathize with dealing with large and violent people. I'm sorry to hear you uncle and grandparents had it so rough. I don't imagine there was much help outside of family. I'm a fan of 1984 and the current state of political correctness is drawing way too many parallels. It was a cautionary tale- not an instruction book. I never thought we'd get to the point where people started acting like the thought police but that's another tangent for another thread... I never really felt there was a good grasp of what Jason's issues were but I've always been impressed by Betsy Palmer's portrayal of a mother with a disabled child. She's true to life. I got to meet Ari Lehman and now I wish I asked his take on it. He's obviously deformed and despite Pamela's internal voice, and some hallucinations, I always figured he was non-verbal.
  18. I don't watch streamers- this is the only game I ever have for, but I suggest Minecraft. My niece and nephew watch Minecraft videos all day long. It's ridiculous. There has to be money in it. If you haven't played Alien: Isolation, it's enjoyable. Mortal Kombat X is fun as well.
  19. Wow, that's quite the investment. I saw there were four who paid to be in the game, I'm curious who the others are. I'd feel really bad for Chad Douchington if he's a real guy.
  20. My guess is that without the Part 4 Jason, they didn't make a Part 4 map and didn't know if they'd ever get a chance to so they "enhanced" the Part 3 map. If we get a map/Jason skin DLC, you're probably pretty close to what they'll be trying to recreate.
  21. Cars used to be made of tougher stuff, I imagine 80's cars doing more damage to the tree.
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