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  1. @AshTray900 Movie horror villains appearing in Dead by Daylight has no bearing on whether or not they will ever have their own game. It might actually better the odds. I see this argument often but it makes no sense. The Ninja Turtles appearing in Mortal Kombat has no impact on whether or not they will ever have a nice game but it’s a nice boost and fun for Mortal Kombat. It would be fun to see some of them get their own games but I’d prefer some of them be something with more depth than a 1 vs. 7 multiplayer game.
  2. There will be problems and there will be complaints but we already have those and I think the “salt mines” will help to some degree. I’m not too concerned with it yet as it hasn’t been implemented. I avoid ‘chicken little’ thought processes. Not everyone is able to host- I’m unable to. I have no interest in being at the mercy of a “Camp Crystal Lake Dictator” and I think vote-to-kick is flawed.
  3. You’re hilarious. Why is this our problem? Enjoy the salt.
  4. If nothing changes- nothing changes. We’re all comfortable with how things are but if things stay the same, the playerbase will continue to bleed out. We’ve had this game how it is for a year, I think a rank system is a good way to draw new players into the game and keep them. I get that some dislike rankings but I can’t see any real negative to being put into lobbies with people of a similar skill level.
  5. I got asked to kill all bots in 3 minutes or less. I did it in about 2:40 but I didn’t get the 1,300 XP you’ve got for this challenge. I’ve been waiting for the update before doing any more challenges but if I have nothing else to do, I’ll give this a try.
  6. @Armani? It’s funny how you guys bump this thread once a day without actually adding anything of substance. ?
  7. No, thanks. A Crystal Lake teen soap opera is a bad idea.
  8. You’re still banned? ?
  9. Going to have to give this a try. The 10 minute limit is frustrating. Edit: @JasonSquared Picked up a 64gb 3.0 flash drive, formatted it to NTFS- works great. Thanks for mentioning this. I would’ve never known.
  10. Hey @ShiftySamurai, want to jump in here and explain the reasoning behind this terrible call on your guys’ part?
  11. @Qcici I play for fun. Benefiting from a lot of what @Alkavian and others say.
  12. @Tommy86 You’re not very helpful. Your opinions have to be accepted as fact or you act like a spoiled child who didn’t get his way. Grow up.
  13. For someone who says they’re here to help, you sure are condescending. ?
  14. This makes sense, which is why we won’t see it.
  15. Nope... money is the only thing that keeps Jason alive and they chose to reboot. Technically, Jason lived on but Uber is dead.
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