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  1. Not enough to read lately so... Rank the films from your favourite to least favourite- this isn't about which films you think were the best or made the best but simply what your favourites are from best to worst.
  2. That's funny- I just bought a headset a couple days ago in preperation for this game.
  3. Any Star Wars fans? Wondering how others think the films should proceed now that Carrie Fisher has passed away. Leia was going to be a big part of the final film- how would you handle it in the storyline?
  4. I'd have Roy run but I don't remember him doing so in the movie- still, being human it's a given he had to do some running. Roy's a beast in that film, he bursts through that door like it's nothing. He's a rage monster. I can't remember exactly the weapons he uses other than the machete, belt and hedge trimmers. There's a toy that has a cleaver. His machete always looked a little unique, it has a curve to it where I didn't notice the same with others.
  5. I'd like cross-platform play. Over time, the community playing will dwindle so it helps keep a larger base to play with. It also gives us all a chance to play in matches together. I'm hoping that updates are at the exact same time for all platforms- as a console player, I dislike the idea that because I'm not on a PC I wouldn't get the lastest updates, new content, etc at the same time.
  6. I have the same Jason Part 6 figure (the small one). Another Part 5 fan here. I considered buying that Part 5 mask- shipping to Canada blows currently though, plus our dollar sucks. I just bought a latex Roy hood as a gift to myself for Christmas. I wanted it because it's somewhat generic and will work with other Jason masks. Nice vid- I'll look into Frozen.
  7. I'm still really partial to final girls over anyone else- Alice, Ginny and Tina would all be awesome.
  8. I think Roy and Part 2's movements are similar enough they wouldn't have to do a new mo-cap for Roy. Part 4 is completely different under the mask and I think it's a Savini design on top of that. Would be cool to see.
  9. I love this movie. It's the best example of "so bad, it's good" outside of stuff like Black Roses and Nail Gun Massacre.
  10. I'm hoping it's fairly random outside of private matches. We need bad Jason players too or I'm never going to level up. I know the devs have said that they will reward good Jason players so I'm sure there will be some sort of weighted system to the benefit of the better Jason players while still allowing everyone a chance.
  11. I think with the custom clothing it wouldn't make much of a difference because all players would have customized their counselor. I like the idea though of clothing items related to the new map becoming options or something like that.
  12. House prices were at an all-time low after the murders and the town created incentives for people to move to Crystal Lake. They even changed the name and created an advertising campaign to attract new residents. I'm joking though, I honestly don't know.
  13. The implication from the endings of both Part 4 and 5 is that Tommy would bexome the new Jason. So no matter what, someone who wasn't Jason was planned to be the killer. I'm happy the Jarvis character never went that route. Kind of like Halloween 4 where Jamie Lee is implied to be the new Michael Myers and Halloween 5 sheepishly starts with a "Yeah, that was a bad idea." quick fix.
  14. I like the grab sound from Part 6 with Tommy in the boat, it's similar to when Jason appears in the NES game. I've been wondering if the music will be more varied and dynamic in the full release or if it will be as repetitive as in the beta. Regardless of being repetitive, it sounds great.
  15. Not so much about needs, more about wants- but if you don't want them, you don't have to use them if they're ever in the game. I want to see Roy in the game myself.
  16. I would like more maps down the road but I want to say if we only get three maps- the ones from 1, 2 and 3, I will still be incredibly happy. Never thought I'd see the day when I could stalk Higgins Haven. Whenever I play a Star Wars game, I never get tired of Hoth. I could live there. Sometimes, when you feel like the game doesn't have enough of this or that- sit down and play some NES Friday the 13th. I'm not saying anyone's ungrateful- I'm just saying I'm stoked to go to Camp Crystal Lake finally.
  17. I don't really want an NES map- those fucking birds and zombies. I'm done with them. An NES skin for Jason would be awesome though. I don't really want a New York map myself, there's some good ideas on how it could work floating around. I'd prefer a map with the Lazarus docked at Crystal Lake so you could access both the boat and woods.
  18. Saw this link on the Facebook page for anyone looking for a fun, speculative, wishful thinking read: http://1428elm.com/2017/01/01/friday-13th-game-top-5-dlcs-want-see/ I was wondering if an NES Jason is possible without calling it NES Jason? Just a generic purple and turquoise Jason called 'Arcade Jason' or something. Is that possible under the license or would it infringe on seperate copyrights? I know they make toys and I own one of those glow in the dark NECA masks so I'm unsure.
  19. As much as I love the guitar kill from Part 8, I don't want to see Jason walking around the woods with a flying V guitar. The guitar would be a nice environmental kill if there's ever a Part 8 map.
  20. Forgot to post one myself... Lifelong fan of horror films- I collect autographs (horror and everything else), I'm learning to paint Jason masks (using cheap Chinese blanks) and, outside of anything horror related, music and art is what I do. I'm from Canada. I owned (and never beat) Friday the 13th for the NES when it came out. I've been waiting for this game most of my life. I attached a couple pics of masks I painted. Definitely still learning- not trying for screen accurate right now, I'm still learning weathering and the basics of mixing colours, etc. (...not sure why the second pic is sideways in the thumbnail but it loads right-side-up.)
  21. Unfortunately, despite access to hero masks, it does look wrong. It's entirely possible it has been tweaked since being revealed in the virtual cabin as Ben said they were doing some tweaks. The shape of the eyes and possibly the nose are incorrect as well as the high gloss finish (but that may just be outdated lighting.) It's entirely possible the mask is oversized or the head is undersized as well. This isn't a gamebreaker but it's a valid observation and from what I've seen the team is committed to getting things right.
  22. You're entirely right. All anyone has to do is listen to Sean S. Cunningham talk about why they made the original Friday the 13th, Last House on the Left- he was all about exploitation. There was a boom of that in the 60's and 70's, including the rise of pornography. Friday the 13th is an exploitation film that just happened to turn out to be a really good film. I think the goal of a good horror film is to lower us to our base emotions, that seems to be best accomplished with sex and death. Our own fears and sexuality are much more complex than the story we see on the screen and it heightens the experience of the film when a filmmaker successfully taps into them.
  23. I was thinking about that- I'd be comfortable with the zombie Pamela from Chris' dream in Part 3 performing the same kills. They'd have to mo-cap new walking animations though. Still though, a zombie Mrs. Voorhees would be awesome. I think people are more interested in the living version though.
  24. Would be cool if he could synch up next to a window or door and if someone exits that specific door it's an automatic grab.
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