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  1. Well, I’m back from another suspension but only briefly. I wanted to make a final post and get my “Bye Felicia.” replies.

    I’m not done here because of any suspensions, etc. It’s their forum, they can do as they like. The future of the game rested with the “upgrade”. I personally view the engine upgrade as a failure, it took quite a few steps back and failed to solve issues we’ve dealt with since the beta. I also realized we were at a point where making any new suggestions is pointless, it’s too late in the development process. Then they announced the “no new content” thing and that cemented my thoughts as a reality.

    The game has been okay at best but the forum and the people here have always been the best thing to come out of this game. Thank you to @Ban_All_Music, @Splatterhouse, @thatdudescott, @Mark K, @JasonVoorhees13, @karmakazeand @CrazyRalph for making me feel welcome early on. I appreciated it. I also greatly appreciate @Brigadius, @Tattooey, @Risinggrave,  @TheHansonGoons, @AldermachXI, @lHeartBreakerl and @Alkavian for bringing me to Xbox. That was something I never expected and I’m still blown away by. You guys are awesome.

    It’s going to seem like I’m just naming names but I want to thank the people that made visiting here enjoyable and interesting: @Rexfellis, @NoOneK9503, @jameson87, @Ghostboy20, @Barbara Ann, @Truth, @Darrin Howard, @Qcici, @Redcat345, @WashingtonJones, @Cokeyskunk  @Kodiak, @DamonD7, @RKSDooM, @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow, @Riot_Dame, @Thatguyinktown, @BrokenFattHardy, @Zaneygrrl, @The Arrogant Man and anyone I may have forgot because I am definitely forgetting some people.

    For the folks that stick around here, hopefully you can get these guys to leave us with some form of a working game when they fully abandon it. I have no interest in submitting bug reports and helping them clean up yet another mess of their own creation. For those that do- good on you, just remember it’s a thankless task and for every step forward there will be two steps back. As a community, the forum managed to make some positive changes to the game but too often they were erased by the next patch. I also hope someone stays on their case about fulfilling every last Kickstarter and Backerkit reward. I still intend to play the game here and there, and I encourage anyone that has any interest in it to get what they can out of it while they still can. The backers made this game a reality so I’m thankful to them.

    Also, I saw @jameson87 and @Shes.A.Rebel.88 are going through a rough patch. Please consider donating to their GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/jamesonchamlee

    I’ll check my messages so you can still find me there, on my YouTube page (in my signature) and on Xbox or PS4. Anyway, thanks again and take care. :)



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  2. 9 minutes ago, WashingtonJones said:

    You ever see in the movies when someone's dying and they hit them with the defibrillator and they jolt up one last time? That's what the next boost is gonna represent. 

    There's something about not seeing the number show up on the Steam page that's like that moment in a relationship that makes you think, "Oh shit. I think this is over" 

    I could see that. Seeing the subreddit dead kind of gave me that feeling.

  3. 12 minutes ago, AdmiralJT said:

    It's nothing but unclever memes and WWF gifs. With a dozen or so "looking for plamates" posts thrown in for good measure.

    I’m not really a fan of Reddit’s format or how it’s used.

    13 minutes ago, jameson87 said:

    Yeah, and we keep getting flooded with new accounts, and repeat offenders with new accounts. So I am sure that helps with boosting numbers. I got rid of discord so I have no idea about that one.

    I took a peek, it’s still active but not like it used to be.

  4. Just now, jameson87 said:

    Damn.....sad, at times when I get on here it feels dead as well. But not that bad.

    The forum is probably the most active of the platforms... though I don’t know how that Discord is doing these days. Though I have been on here and seen as low as six users on the forum in the user list.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Aver said:

    puh... ok thanks :( but why are they so many people out there with modded clothes O_O today i saw a vanessa with Chads tiger swimmsuit Design or yesterday a Tifanny with Ajs Skulls Design .... if this is againgst their rules how can they play without getting banned ? O: Anyway thanks for the information 

    No one’s really getting banned these days. PC is basically the wild west right now.

  6. @Matt23leo

    I think I’m mostly annoyed that there are people who put in the time and effort to be at 113 but never got there because errors, dashboarding, hosts quitting, etc. Feels like a bit of a slap in the face since the game itself has constantly worked against players trying to progress.

    I should mention I’m at 125 so I’m unaffected. Still, weapon swapping is something where individual weapons should unlock as the Jason attached to the weapon is unlocked or (my preference) have individual weapons unlock in the current dead zone for Jason unlocks between levels 50 and 100.

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  7. 16 minutes ago, VoorheesGt101 said:

    I agree that I didn't think there'd be a high level requirement for this... But I bought the game in July 2017, I work 60+ hrs a week and I've managed to get my profile to 150... plus helped get my wife's and sons to around 90. This is on ps4 with hosts quitting often. This is very attainable if you are dedidated. So i have to call out everybody claiming they've "been playing non-stop since launch" because i hit lvl 150 in 4 months... However I do firmly agree the level requirement is a blindside, and should be lowered.

    I don’t know, unless you’re a little more than just dedicated or you’re hitting the Offline Bots a lot- I disagree. The original level cap was 101, which was a grind. 113 for weapon swapping is a bonehead/dick move. 

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  8. @AshTray900

    Movie horror villains appearing in Dead by Daylight has no bearing on whether or not they will ever have their own game. It might actually better the odds. I see this argument often but it makes no sense. The Ninja Turtles appearing in Mortal Kombat has no impact on whether or not they will ever have a nice game but it’s a nice boost and fun for Mortal Kombat.

    It would be fun to see some of them get their own games but I’d prefer some of them be something with more depth than a 1 vs. 7 multiplayer game.

  9. 3 hours ago, gyaaft said:

    Of all the points that I made in that post, this is the best you guys can come up with? A couple scenes in Part 8 (one of the shittiest movies in the franchise) that prove Jason can shift and morph. The cutting is so bad in that film because Rob Hedden was directing his first feature film and he didn't have the foggiest clue what he was doing. If anyone here says that the dance floor scene in Part 8 is the way that they remember Jason I have to call bullshit. This is all besides the point. 

    Answer the most important questions for me instead. They sold 2 million copies of the game, so why do we only have a couple thousand people playing it online? What can the developers do to grow the player base and win back the players that they lost? I'll tell you what's not going to fix it, Victoria, Reggie and Muffin. Not on their best day.

    Part 8 is my favourite, no bull.

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