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  1. Got a hacked lobby, then black screen with no way to quit other than to close window from desktop.
  2. Goodbye, many interesting times were held on here.
  3. @mattshotcha are you guys going to do anything about these because its making the game unplayable due to games not being able to start due to these modded lobbies and people joining/resetting the start timers.
  4. So apparently there are hacks going around that allow hosts to host more than 8 players in one lobby, submitted to Jason Kills Bugs. I could not get a screenshot uploaded in this thread as it was too big.
  5. Dont get rid of hiding spots, those are my favorite kills, just please fix the bugs where they get stuck outside the tents or get stuck where you can see through the closets and see them inside.
  6. Tent bug where bots hide in tents on offline mode Pinehurst and they get stuck standing outside of the tent. Jason cannot do the sleeping bag kill when this occurs.
  7. Will we get a way to keep our unlocked Jasons and counselors once the data profile server goes offline?
  8. Jason Todd Voorhees, thanks for the invite. Its bittersweet this forum is being closed up.
  9. His superstrength causes their stomach to hit the frame so hard it bursts and causes organ damage, think of going through the frame, hitting it like in a car crash.
  10. I want that added too, but original grab would force counselors to play as intended, fixing objectives and trying to escape. The game was supposed to be about Jason and trying to survive, not counselors trolling and humiliating Jason /surviving every time.
  11. Bow is not lame. He used one in 2009 remake and would be a weapon he has experience with in camp as a kid. Pamela used one on Brenda in part 1 as well. Also speargun in part 3.
  12. Give Jason his original grab back and make it like the first days of gameplay and it will become better. The quitter counselors will be weeded out and the remainders will become stronger and better players.
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