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  1. It's weird that anyone thinks you can shoot Jason while he's holding a counselor anymore. You'd think that'd be common knowledge by now.
  2. I was playing Jason Part 2 on Higgins Haven and teleported close to the car location along the left. There were a bunch of counselors and they were pretty coordinated, which I was impressed with. However, one of them shot me with the flare gun in the face and triggered what I have to assume was a rare glitch - Jason getting his Rage ability before Sense. I tried not to take advantage of that because it felt a little like cheating, but they were pretty good at getting away so it didn't really help me. They stayed fairly on the ball and managed to get the cops called with the reduced cop perk. And get part of the car repaired. And call Tommy. Theeeeeen I teleported into a group of them near the main house and one accidentally shot two teammates with the shotgun. The guy who had the shotgun was on the mic and freaked out a little. Then they started dying a lot faster. Of the 8 counselors, only one escaped what should have been a cakewalk. I was laughing the whole way through.
  3. If a match drags on for the full 20 minutes and you die in the first 2, you get very little XP for finishing a match. But you could finish several short matches in that same time frame. Not that I think that's why a lot of these people are quitting in the first place.
  4. No, this isn't a disconnect issue. It happens the same way each time. As Jason is starting his kill animation, the counselor leaves the match. As for them losing 500 XP, that's bunk. That's the bonus they get for completing a match, but they can earn 500 XP faster in a match they do well in as opposed to one they got killed early on. Players are fully aware of that.
  5. It's become a real problem. I've played several matches where people just quit when Jason's about to kill them. It has the result of Jason getting no points for it. And then I had one match where we were about to escape in the car and Jason quit the match. This is turning into a thing. There's always been quitters before, but now the timing is too coordinated for coincidence. There needs to be a hard penalty for quitters or this is just going to keep happening. Especially since it's fueling the Idle Tommy Jarvis problem.
  6. It's not a matter of seeing things. It's a matter of keeping your fear level down.
  7. PS I notice you also lost your userpic when the forums switched over. My condolences, man.
  8. You too? I got that first perk, as well. It's never leaving my counselors.
  9. I agree to the empty drawers problem, but I vehemently disagree about the flashlights. Bad enough they took full maps away from us.
  10. The phone icon needs to show up when you're close the same way the fuse box's does. I've scoured houses and couldn't spot it and one time on Packanack, I fixed the fuse but couldn't find the phone anywhere in the lodge to the point I wondered if it didn't get generated at all. This is seriously frustrating.
  11. Every year, 3 out of 8 counselor deaths are caused by intoxication, inebriation or otherwise dumbassery behind the wheel of a vehicle. A collision with a tree, fence or undead serial killer can be fatal - not just to the driver but to all their passengers. And that pain and loss is felt by the entire community. Listen to this heartbreaking testimonial. We were five feet from the @#$%ing exit and you hit the side?! I bet the only thing you can't hit is the toilet! Jesus Christ! Please do your part to help reduce this immense tragedy. If you feel even a little bit inebriated, intoxicated...or are otherwise passed by Jason on the SATs...don't try to drive. Give a fellow counselor the keys. And have a safe camping experience.
  12. I like that, but it has to be in the theme of the game or the devs won't go for it. Like the chat won't appear to others unless they're close or you have a walkie talkie.
  13. Felix Farside Has the Battery. Felix Farside Has The Gasoline. Felix Farside Has the Keys. Notifications that could be added to the same part of the screen that shows people disconnecting in the middle of a match. Also, return the text chat when you die so you can talk to other dead/escaped players. People without mics are going to happen. Best to make sure it doesn't impact the counselors too much.
  14. Yeah. I remember Sierra games. They were simultaneously the most engaging puzzles games out there and frustrating as hell. Rub berries on self - no. Dammit. Rub berries on character - no. Dammit. Rub berries on vest - no. Dammit. RUB BERRIES ON SHIRT - no. DAMMIT!!!
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