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  1. Yes, but that just shows you've backed the game, not that you've contacted them.
  2. Link doesn't lead to anything but an empty imgur profile my man. You have to directly link to the image you're trying to show us/him.
  3. I've successfully gotten about 5 perks so far, but now whenever I try to roll for a new one the game gets stuck. Instead of giving me a new perk, it instead tells me "An error has occurred during your purchase." Then the 'rolling' music keeps playing despite me being given no perk and I'm unable to even try to roll for a new one, since clicking on the roll button does nothing. If I try to go back to the main menu the game gets stuck (not frozen, but all menu prompts disappear and I can only look at the counselor I had selected) and I am forced to crash out via task manager. Small update: Restarted game twice, rolling works again. Noticeably, the first time I restarted and it didn't work, it had unequipped all my previously selected perks. The second time I restarted, all my usual perks were equipped as normal.
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