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  1. Vanessa and Chad are a problem cause of their speed. Stamina for me is not the issue. Its how easy it is for them to distance themselves from Jason and dodge attacks. Oh and luck is annoying due to how long they can hold their weapons and beat up Jason. not to mention Sucker Punch is just.... ugh. Thick Skin, Medic, Sucker Punch. The unholy trinity.
  2. Shift Grabs dont work in chases against good counselors, esp not with the current grabbing mechanic that you have now. It barely worked before hand against good Vanessas and Chads. The new grab and the bug with the block really has jason atm, at his weakest he's ever been. But from what I hear, the devs are looking into the grab so more than likely it will be buffed as its current status is a joke. Now, from a ambush stalk shift, it's the best way to get a counselor, but thats alot of time you are spending to do that. You have to wait for all four of y our things to be ready, stalk it then morph out of sight, sense and hope it picks up the counselor. Then Shift. Of course, this doesn't always work as when I play Vanessa or Chad... actually anyone that isn't stealthy, im always running from cabin to cabin and I dont go in a straight line, which is why I dont die very often to the shifts. I die cause im a suicidal maaniac who loves to play 'Everybodies kung fu fighting' while 1 v 1ing jason. but thats not the point. Jasons current status is very weak and honestly, they should change how Thick Skin + Medic work cause in combination, you wont ever die to a slashing or knife throwing jason unless you make a screw up. Mmmm I love playing Chad with that combo. I say that Thick Skin should not apply itself to slashes, but knives and traps only, so that slashing is more effective against such things.
  3. I actually just raged out of a game as Jason. Played with the pickaxe, which was my first mistake. Start fighting t hese two chads, who were grouped up and never left each others side. When they did, they abused the fact that any sort of dodging negates the grab. You can't aim it on those fast characters cause its too tiny. then they always have sucker punch and whatever else so im always sitting there stunned. And of course slashing is a joke when the counselors can swing faster than Jason and they are able to do a 180 hit while I barely can hit a 90. Of course they were trolling but it really shows just how weak Jason feels right now. Sucker Punch + Thick Skin + Medic. You cant do anything about this. ?
  4. Anyone have the link to where they are going to be looking at the grab?
  5. This does not always work, esp against the faster characters. Got right behind Tommy and performed the shift grab, only for Tommy to run out of the range in time.
  6. The Grab just needs a wider cone so you can properly shift grab. Now you even miss straight on cause if you get right behind them, the faster characters get out of range before the grab hits, and coming from the side is LOL.
  7. uh so I look at the steam page and typed in pickaxe kills... its out for 3 bucks????
  8. Actually just got a comment about being mad for not having Uber jason. hahah. So someone on the forums here likes to troll youtube too
  9. I take screen shots everytime of the menu and the profile in question as well as provide them with the links so they know its not edited in any way. Im going to just shadowplay now and send video evidence so they can immediatly do something.
  10. Lol this might have happened to me. Did you check the bathroom between the two cabinets? Counselors can squeeze in there and be invisible from the door.
  11. Im going hours without playing Jason myself. So it seems to be working for me... which I dont like
  12. I do not like the grab. The range doesn't feel that much more significant, the width is so tiny that shift grabbing against any Counselor that is actually dodging is almost impossible. Coming out of a shift and stalk, where they have no idea, yea its ok, but you cant rearlly do anything against Vanessas and chads. Body blocking is gone now from my experience. Overall, Jasons kill potiential feels really week but the patch actually buffed his defense((no more free hits through the door))
  13. Im having issues finding games at 10 a.m on PC.] I think I might just be in the salt mines... though im not sure why. When am I able to leave when dead? After the cutscene of when it says "You are dead?" Like, what part of when im dead? When im able to look at other people? Also, how does one leave the salt mines? Is it by playing or is just time? Can I get off for a few hours and leave it or do I need to play?
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