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  1. Say what you will about the NES game..... But at least it worked.
  2. Wow,I didn't even know this was a thing. Not being able to party up for a game with such a low player count that requires actual parties to avoid toxic players... It's like they want it to die or something...
  3. That line is still so unintentionally hilarious and clueless. Definitely something to include on the "Friday The 13th The Game Goes To Hell" timeline.
  4. I stopped myself (since Wes confirmed content was dead) from posting an "I TOLD YA SO!" thread that named everyone who ever got into an argument with me,licked boots,defended both companies blindly,or labeled me "toxic" for calling this shit out from the beginning..
  5. The lawsuit didn't help,but this is what truly doomed the game from launch.
  6. I don't think they are really in a position to be outright banning players at this point.
  7. Uber this,Uber that... Here I am sitting here waiting forever for that Retro Jason do-over..
  8. I wish I knew how to unlock/hack him and I also wish that maybe they wouldn't patch the ability to do so,out of the game. I guess all that is missing is his music. Which I guess won't be on the official soundtrack release....
  9. Don't forget how they vanish from the forums when the shit hits the fan,stay completely silent,and then get praised for transparency when they finally do show up.
  10. Yeah he's really trying to let everyone still hoping for the best down gently.
  11. Ahhhh it's 9.99 on sale right now on steam,take the plunge and stash it away if you are PC.
  12. I'm hoping that's the best thing to come out of all of this. Better,more experienced developers who can take this concept and really do it justice.
  13. @wes The narrative before was "different teams can work on different elements of the game." Soooooooooooo.... Why not keep the employees who are trying to fix the game around,and just let the content people at Illfonic work on other projects. If the lawsuit gets resolved this year,they can then come back to the Jason X content.
  14. This is why I can't see dedicated servers for consoles ever happening.
  15. After a year of fuck ups,disappointments,delays,and outright lies,why does ANYONE think they can fix their game? The engine "upgrade" was the final fuck up. The game was broken at launch and it's been an uphill climb ever since. If they didn't have to spend so much time fixing their mistakes,we would have gotten all the content that was promised and the lawsuit wouldn't matter.
  16. Meh. This game was dying before the lawsuit plunged a dagger into it's heart and sent it to hell. So I kinda accepted that the end was near,even before the big engine update crashed and burned spectacularly. Each update breaks more stuff without fixing all the old bugs. We've been fooled more than once,so shame on us. I don't understand how the Jason X content couldn't be finished if the lawsuit were to wrap up by the end of summer,but that's your story and you're sticking to it,I suppose. I know everyone says they are passionate about the game,but I'm willing to bet the offices of Gun and Illfonic had some sighs of relief when the lawsuit killed the game.
  17. I wonder how long it will take to release the update that will fix the next update that gets released.....
  18. There are some clueless fucking people left on this forum... Bless them. I voted no.
  19. ❤️ ya @bewareofbears. At the time,you were the only one around here who proved that I wasn't going crazy. Keep lurking and stick to the "shadows."
  20. lol next week's Thursday announcement might be the closing of the forums...
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