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  1. The only people happy about this are the monkeys that never learned you can block the second the weapon hits the doorframe to block all hits and waste their dura
  2. Bumping with an example of a swing that is a single tap of c stance movement out of range https://imgur.com/a/UHHaT (yes it missed the tree) His range combined with the fact that every swing is punished with a counter hit is a big contributor to why he is bullied often as he lacks the essential tools to fight back, his would be group tool is completely broken and I feel it needs to be brought to attention
  3. ? A single weapon type will prevail above all the jason type wont change it, even with running you still stop dead in your tracks to swing so all that extra speed is lost, then the pole texture will go through the counsellor miss and get stuck in the air. Machete and shears are best mechanically by far, they have the 1 handed combat hitboxes that didn't have its range fucked up and not bothered to fix like spears and two handers plus they have the 1 handed fast door hitting animations, not that that matters since c stancing is superior as it lets you block door hits but regardless its still a plus even if it isn't used To suggest someone would voluntarily use a spear because they thought it to be mechanically superior is mind boggling
  4. People that lock those doors should be ran over
  5. Agree 100% alder, some kind of perk upgrading whether cp or challenge based gives us a goal no matter how long it would take, you can go "once i reach here I have the perk I want" rather than endlessly rolling with no end in sight
  6. Believe me if I test it and notice that someone doesn't know how to counter hit they are getting limped, but the fact that is has a hard counter just means it isn't something you should rely on heavily as it will be even more damaging if a group knows how to beat it if its your go to. The majority of the combat counsellor base is guilty of turn and burning which has the hard counter of twirling/blocking, if the jason doesn't do either you still rip him with it the whole match absolutely.
  7. I told you man everyone has medic and 2 sprays, it's also gonna take alot of hits to limp someone who's blocking you, is it 6 for a non wep strength? and like I said I wouldn't be running up and purposefully taking hits for me to block like that usually as I was teaching the guy how it worked That old 2 handed swing range is beautiful, don't remind me of the good days of non thumbtack axes it's too sad to think about
  8. Because if a counsellor either blocks or is hit by the slash they get a free return hit on you before you can react, this has been shown many times and explained many times
  9. You gonna throw accusations like that around without the stones to back it up, point out when I exploited go on
  10. Well that stun lets us all smack you when you get up effectively ending the life of your mask right there, then those meaningless stuns protect us and give us stamina on the way to shack unless we get a game like that one were teaming happens and tommy suicides to prevent kill, then those meaningless stuns protect us and give us stamina on the way to cops. Because of course while we are fighting others repair, wasn't that what all the repairers say when you follow them and ruin their stealth? "you distract while I repair" yet here we are getting put down for it? I guess vanessa is supposed to sprint for a while and then die as a distraction and buggzy and adam are supposed to pull of stuff like those fights, I wonder if we were playing as them would anyone bat an eye? It also doesn't limp as I block it to half damage and have two sprays from medic, as do all the others, again like I said I walked up and offered that hit for free to teach him so it wont happen too often
  11. Pappus wasn't even playing man, it was me so don't disregard the video just because the person ferrying it gets your panties in a bunch. He also had no success in slashing as the only time I got close and let him slash me was when I wanted to teach him that I got a free stun after every hit he lands, something it doesn't look like you know.
  12. What I said back then isn't true 100%, I thought block used to drop for a split second after every hit letting mobs get hits through, turns out it doesnt seem to and you can literally hold m2 to not get stunned and break their weapons, the point of the 3 second immunity still stands for sure that is true
  13. I counted the frames on - shift and found the period of movement to be 4 seconds
  14. Yes I mean't the infinite stam is the only exploit he uses though I worded it with glitch, I was trying to express how little he 'cheats' compared to what people in here say he does, many think he flips on 10 cheats every game and goes wild speedhacking around though that is not the case, the point I was trying to make is that the matches would be exactly the same except he has to jog everywhere instead of sprint rather than not being able to fight and getting pre shifted like people say. Car surfing is a glitch he showed off I will give you that, I forgot about that one. However it's a rather harmless one that he even illustrates how to counter as jason Not showing the real dangerous ones off seems to allude to at least some care about the state of the game, he's just one of those people that places the blame of exploits on the devs heads not the users, while it may not be a noble position he does express that he wants stuff fixed alot which I can't fault him for. But I can't convince anyone that he isn't evil and actually wants to see everything fixed and the game succeed, even though it is true. All I can give you is that he's most likely quitting f13 due to all the glitches and moving onto darwin project but most of you on here will claim its because he wants to find another game to destroy and cheat on because he's bored of cheating here or something similarly preposterous.
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