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  1. This game is amazing as it is at the moment. I really am enjoying this game so much, but I have a few suggestions on what maps, escapes and items that could be a idea for future content on this game. So for starters, I think you guys should add the maps; Manhattan, The boat map from Pt 8, Jarvis house from Part 4 and the spaceship map from Part X and it would be cool to see some other ones too :). As for the Items, I think you guys should add a stun gun, a 'new shotgun' which has 2 bullets, But it's in a rare spot located on the maps. Now for the new perks that you should add, You should add a perk that gives us a chance of starting with a pocket knife, firecracker or a map. A perk that gives us a higher stun time on jason WITH THE GUN. Also I don't really like the Perk system at the moment, It was better on the BETA where we actually bought the ones we likes instead of randomising one. You should still have the random ones as well as 'BUYING from PERK shop'. And obviously I want more counselours and Jasons . But all these stuff I have mentioned. I would really love to see as future content.
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