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  1. He is. That info was further down in his notes description. Thank you for pointing that out. I've made the necessary correction.
  2. I'll try to be descriptive about the book as I can. The book itself measures 6 1/4 inches by 7 1/4 inches and has 156 pages. The book is completely black, with "The Art of Friday the 13th The Game" on the front and Jason's hockey mask (intact save for the notch in the upper left) on the back. The book is broken down into chapters: Foreword - an introduction to the art book. Key Art - Photos and images that show how different pieces of art (box cover, Part VI graveyard scene, head crush kill, sleeping bag kill, Savini Jason skin) were developed Jason - images of each Jason (including Savini's version), with mask and without, with notes on how each individual Jason was developed and refined through feedback. Counselors - Concept art and final renderings of counselors, with descriptions of each. Mention is made of Adam. Buggzy, Eric, and Kenny, who backed the game through Kickstarter's "create a counselor" level. Also included are photos on development of Tommy Jarvis, and characters added through updates (Fox, Mitch, Shelly and Victoria). There's a section of the counselors in their swimsuits and Halloween costumes, with notes throughout. Special attention is given to Tiffany's butt as an example as to the level of detail given to the game and no, I am not kidding. Locations - Concept art of game locations (Higgins Haven Interior - Living Area, Higgins Haven Barn Exterior, Pakanack Lodge Porch, Packanack Interior Living Room, Morovian Cemetery, Camp Crystal Lake sign (from part 1), Crystal Lake, Pinehurst (Exterior, Main House Exterior, Barn) Jarvis House Exteriors (2 of them), and Hall of Jason from the Virtual Cabin. Single Player - Single Player Challenges Concept Art, as well as art for Virtual Cabin 2.0 Marketing - Graphics of the steelbook and Revision 2 variant cases, and VHS case mockups that were not used. Art Book Credits Art Book Backers List Hope this helps! Don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions
  3. The books and soundtracks haven't been shipped yet. In the meantime, I picked up the original film soundtrack on CD through Amazon. Great stuff!
  4. I am looking forward to the offline bots for the simple reason that I'm bad when it comes to multiplayer. I mean really, really, really bad. (Did I mention I was bad?) That being said, the bots are going to be a helpful way for players like me to get acquainted with the mechanics and strategies of the game at my own pace. That way when I finally jump into multiplayer I'll be able to contribute more towards the match as opposed to being "the player who doesn't know what he's doing and therefore is the first to die."
  5. My avatar is the logo from the Royal Shakespeare Company's ill-fated attempt in 1988 to turn Stephen King's classic horror novel "Carrie" into a stage musical. After a two-week engagement in England and a chaotic two-week preview period in New York, "Carrie The Musical" officially opened on Broadway at the Virginia Theatre on May 8, 1988 to horrendous reviews...and closed four days later after 16 previews and five performances, losing its entire investment of $8 million. Now considered a cult musical, "Carrie" was reworked and played a limited Off-Broadway run in 2012. Below is the showcard for the New York production. The role of Carrie's religious fanatic mother Margaret White was played in England by Barbara Cook, who passed away earlier this month. For the New York production, Margaret was played by Betty Buckley, who played the role of gym teacher "Miss Collins" in the 1976 film version of "Carrie."
  6. If this game is going to add any dance emotes, Violet's dance from "Friday the 13th, Part V - A New Beginning" is a definite must: Bonus points if the song -- "His Eyes" by Pseudo Echo -- is included.
  7. Actually, Kevin Bacon sported Speedos in the original Friday the 13th so it would definitely fit into the F13 canon.
  8. For Kickstarter, check what level you backed the game; not all levels qualified for the Jason Savini skin. Those who backed the game through Backerkit and wanted the skin paid extra for it.
  9. No worries. I'm just mystified you would take it upon yourself to scuttle someone else's game because it doesn't fit into the way you think it should be played. There's a saying: "If it's stupid but it works then it's not stupid."
  10. You'd sabotage another player's game because you'd rather not be bored? Good to know.
  11. How about the 8-bit Nintendo Friday the 13th game?
  12. LOL - now I want to see a match where all the counselors hide.
  13. Good afternoon all. To me, every match is a learning experience and an opportunity to try different counselor strategies since I'm new to the game (and am terrible at it, I can honestly say). In previous matches I've attempted to survive but usually die in horrible ways. In a recent quick-play match I wanted to see what would happen if I hid for the entire round. There were a few close calls but I survived. However, I could tell a couple of the players (especially the one who played Jason) were not happy I did this. I can understand why they felt this way so my apologies if what I did was considered trolling. That was not my intent. That being said, it does bring up an interesting point so I'd like to hear from other players --both new and experienced -- if you consider hiding for the entire round an acceptable strategy or if you consider it unsportsmanlike. Many thanks for your feedback!
  14. (post deleted due to info already mentioned)
  15. There's a setting that may up your chances of being Jason. If you haven't done so, once at the main screen go to Main Menu --> Customize --> Spawn Preference. You can click Jason, Counselor or None. Hope this helps and good luck!
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