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  1. Spreading some Christmas spirit Voorhees style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z4NCJu3tsY
  2. This part always makes me smirk because in a real criminal investigation where multiple horrific murders just took place everyone there isn't just going to simultaneously pack up and leave at the same time lol.
  3. Happy Friday the 13th!!
  4. Halloween 2 messed me up as a kid. I've always been a big Godzilla fan and that particular day I saw a commercial for a Godzilla movie coming on at like 2-3 in the morning. Of course I knew my parents weren't going to let me watch it so I snuck out in the living room and flipped through channel after channel trying to find this damn movie (this was when there were no remote controls, just a big grey box with a knob lol). I couldn't find Godzilla but ended up on the opening of Halloween 2 which had me hooked from the start. I couldn't turn away from it. So I sat there in the dark like an idiot being scared to death.At the end of the movie I was so paralyzed with fear that I couldn't even walk back down the dark hallway to my room. I was scared Michael Myers was going to come out of the dark and grab me. I ended up falling asleep on the living room floor. And to pour salt in the wound not long after I got mono and had to spend over a week in the hospital. So every night I was scared out of my mind in that place. It was dark and quiet and every little sound passing my door made me cringe. It took all I had to even get up and go to the bathroom at night. Usually I held it until morning. Now I love H2 and it's in my bluray rotation every Halloween. And since we're in the Christmas season another movie that messed me up as kid was A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. Some of the images in that movie absolutely terrified me but now I love that film and watch it every Christmas.
  5. FreakyFrank is correct that Jason does yell in pain when he gets hit in the head with the machete. It's tough to hear over Trish's screaming but it's there. And I don't think Jason is undead as he still clearly shows that he doesn't want to experience pain. When Trish is wielding the machete he's straight up trying to dodge it and tentatively picking his spot to attack so he doesn't get hit. If Jason was undead he wouldn't give a damn about getting hit lol.
  6. Yeah, I have the Crystal Lake Memories documentary and they said the first guy who played Jason was over weight and didn't look right so they probably did add the utility belt to try to hide it. He was eventually replaced with CJ Graham who did a great job. I think CJ set up some of Kane Hodder's characteristics with the quick head/body turns and all that.
  7. I agree they butchered Jason's character in FvJ. As a Godzilla fan I recognized that they kind of ripped off the King Kong vs. Godzilla story and made the characters very similar.... Godzilla/Freddy = villain Jason/Kong = "good" guys Kong = on an island not doing anything until he's disturbed. Jason = resting/dead at Crystal Lake until he's disturbed. Freddy = evil bastard who wants nothing more than to kill and cause destruction Godzilla = wants nothing more than to cause destruction 1st battle between superpowers... Godzilla kicks Kong's ass and fries him with radioactive breath (characters in movie sympathize with Kong) Freddy kicks Jason's ass and turns him into a little kid and psychologically tortures him (characters in movie sympathize with Jason) Characters in both movies figure out..."hey, let's get these two monsters together and maybe the lesser of the two evils (Jason/Kong) will kill the more evil monster (Freddy/Godzilla). Characters drug and transport Jason/Kong to get rid of more evil nemesis (Freddy/Godzilla) 2nd battle between superpowers... Characters cheer/help the good guys (Jason, Kong) and dispatch of more evil monster. Jason "the good guy" comes out the water as the victor and he's back home on Crystal Lake. Kong "the good guy" comes out the water as the victor and he's heading back home to his island. And the last similarity. Kong did as much damage as Godzilla but he was still the good guy in the movie similar to the way Jason killed people just like Freddy but he was still the good guy when it was all said and done. There were too many similarities in both movies to ignore.
  8. I think the first one is very good and I'm one of those people that think Wrong Turn 4 is a lot of fun. Love the ending as well lol. The rest of them I don't care for.
  9. I actually took one of her lines when talking to my dog. When it's feeding time and he gets over-excited I call him a big dildo and tell him to eat his f**king slop lol. Since I've recently became a father and my son mimics everything I say now I've had to watch my mouth.
  10. I've always held onto hope that they would give Tom McLoughlin a shot to direct another Friday the 13th if he was up for it. If Part 6's Jason had Part 7's look it would have been the perfect Friday film to me.
  11. My first Friday the 13th was Part 3 but not officially. I say that because when we used to go to the drive-in they would have other movies playing on nearby screens. My parents took me to the drive-in at the same time the Friday the 13th movies were playing and I would end up watching those movies rather than paying attention to the movie we came to watch lol. I saw Part 4 the same way. Of course I had no sound but those movies were simple enough where you didn't need audio to know what was going on. Part 6 was my first "official" big screen viewing and it was probably the best crowd I ever saw a movie with. My favorite rebellious aunt (RIP) knew I wanted to see Part 6 really bad and snuck me out to see it.
  12. I can watch Part 5 as a comedy. Joey, Vic, the greasers, Ethel and Junior, Psycho Tommy, Reggie and his older brother (can't remember his name) are all over the top and funny in various ways. Definitely more entertaining than the kills. I think Ethel and Junior make me laugh the most. Her line delivery kills me. I like to see people having fun with their roles. Junior: "Say it like you mean it Ma!!" Ethel: (turns around with that disgusted look) "Would you shut - the - f**k - up?"
  13. I still remember my brother and I being so hyped going into the theater to see JGTH and when we exited the theater we were both wearing disappointed expressions of WTF. I was really excited about the movie because it really did look different from the usual. The trailer had this high production value sheen to it with supernatural elements and Jason looked great...one of my favorite looks of him combining Fridays of the past (over-sized bulbous head of part 2 and 4 and ripped up mask of Part 7). After Paramount gave us the terrible Jason Takes Manhattan and New Line took over I thought the quality of the series could only get better. I couldn't be more wrong lol. I really liked the first 10 minutes with the classic score and going back to Crystal Lake and once Jason is blown to bits it all took a nosedive. I hated the story. The body-hopping seemed like a bad ripoff of The Hidden which is one of my favorite sci-fi "B" films of all-time. Like I said, I loved Jason's look in the film and seeing him for only a fraction of the movie was one of the dumbest ideas anyone had ever had. Even when he's "reborn" there was no saving this film as I had just watched a coroner, a pot-bellied cop and a news reporter do all the killing. Loved the random shaving scene too. Riveting stuff. And Jason was so out of character in the last 5 minutes it was ridiculous. He doesn't toy with his victim, toss him to the ground, or throw him around on jungle gyms. It just felt out of place to me. I also didn't find anyone likable in this movie. Every single character annoyed the shit out of me, especially the main characters. After the first 10 minutes of the film Crystal Lake is faceless. May as well just be another town. I could go on forever about this movie and also write a novel on Part 8 lol. I've always wanted to meet Adam Marcus to ask him what the hell he was thinking.
  14. That game was a nightmare to play lol. This is still one of my all-time favorite video game reviews...
  15. This is what she's reading right before she dies. I'm also a big Godzilla fan so it's one thing I've always noticed in the movie lol.
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