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  1. I think a revolver, shotgun or hunting rifle would be the only guns that fit the scenario. I would like any of those 3 guns to be in the game. The 1st Friday the 13th confirms there are indeed hunting rifles on camp grounds. Alice from the 1st movie runs into a big shed near the archery range I think and it is full of locked cabinets that contain rifles. She finds a rifle and then tries to find ammo for it but fails before Pamela finds her and she is forced to run away. So yeah simple non automatic guns would be perfect as long as ammo is super scarce.
  2. You mean until Fall ends? Winter officially starts on December 21st ^^
  3. I was kind of surprised when I saw that they were disabled on the website but thats actually a good thing! If the pre orders are disabled it means we are seriously VERY close to the beta! I can't wait to play with all of you! :3
  4. Can someone answer what the clothes in the pack will be? Because I want to support the devs but I don't want to spend money on clothes I wont like.
  5. Welcome! You got here at the perfect time the beta is just around the corner. Were pretty sure its hitting this month but don't quote me on that! XD
  6. I laughed at this comment for much longer then I should have! XD That was brilliant to imagine!
  7. Actually that is a very good question. I know we the players know what is going on and will immediately run to do our objectives. But how do the counselors know about the danger/Jason? To use Dead by Daylight as a example in that game we are already kidnapped by the killer so we know about the danger and immediately try to escape. Maybe a body has already been discovered prior to the match or someone screaming help me super loudly over the camp PA system all over the camp as Jason kills them on speaker.
  8. Thats awesome to know! Especially the two second question it just adds depth and detail to the game that shows the developers care~
  9. Was just curious if being around others will reduce the fear of that counselor? Also will certain counselors reduce fear better then others? Also on that topic what are other ways that fear can be decreased? We talk a lot about how the counselors get scared but not how to calm them back down (Except for being around light).
  10. Im not really saying I disagree but I do have one concern. You call the Cops a early escape option but arent they really a late game last resort? Since games have a time limit of about 20 minutes roughly (assumed). It takes a few minutes to find the phone, a few minutes to fix it then 10 minutes for the cops to show up then a minute or two to get to them. Just seems like there wont be much time left once you do it.
  11. I think at the very least that would be a good thing to add once AI are in the game to prevent Jason campers once the cops are the only escape option left.
  12. Isnt there some kind of middle ground idea when it comes to time limits? What if theres just like 2 server lobby options? Like players can join the 20 minute time limit games or 30+ minute games etc.? Also once the game is fully released will we have the option to play "Private Matches" that allow us to get rid of time limits but allow us to play with players online as well and not just our friends? Because some people will want custom games but won't have enough people for a full match unless they can have anyone join it. All you would have to do is turn off online ranking or leveling up for this option.
  13. Oh yeah we know he can't kill the police. What im talking about is how the police will just "wait" at the cop car for someone to show up currently. It doesn't feel realistic but I also understand if he patrols for counselors he should be killable. So my solution was have one cop that stays at the car and waits (He cant be killed) and he comes with 1-2 other officers who do go out and look but they CAN be killed. That might not be a bad way to do it either.
  14. Haha that would be cute but would shut down non mic players. But yeah I would like to know how the police system currently is at the moment if anyone knows?
  15. That would be nice! If you don't mind do you have a link to where you heard that from?
  16. Hey there guys and devs! So I wanted to discuss and get you're guys opinions on how the "Calling the Police" system should be handled in the game. So far everything revealed about the system seems to reveal that once the 10 minute timer is up the police just show up somewhere and wait. The devs have made so much attention to detail and realism so far and that makes me wonder... Is there any way to spice up the Police system? Regardless of what you tell the police on the phone I don't imagine they would just wait at their car and hope someone walks up to them to be saved. It seems like it would be more natural if they at least patrolled the area a bit or tried to find someone for a short amount of time. But I thought about how the police can't be killed like the devs said and I completely understand that and agree its a good way to make sure that escape route can't be blocked. But what if more then one police officer showed up and one stays at the car and cant be killed/attacked by Jason like the original design. However what if the extra cops that came can walk around the camp looking for the counselors and could shoot/stun Jason to give the counselors time to escape. These extra officers however could be killed by Jason and maybe the survivors can take the revolvers from the bodies? Im no poet when it comes to explaining these ideas but I hope you guys like it and please leave you're thoughts! ^^
  17. I think thats a pretty nice balance actually! Like Arrogant man said "Fantastic idea all around" maybe the devs will agree as well!
  18. I love this idea to stop loopers as well but I do have one question. Is this just going to cause Jason players to run around the map smashing every single window they find regardless of if they are chasing someone?
  19. Pretty much what the title says I was wondering if there is any word on when the beta will be available? It would be nice just to know the month at least since Fall can kind of stretch all the way to December ^^; I know you guys like to keep things kind of vague but if you do happen to know at this point I would love to hear about it! This game has me so hyped and I am looking forward to supporting this amazing project devs! =3
  20. That is the most amazing idea I have heard on this forum PLEASE PLEASE devs read this and add this to the game.
  21. I think being able to play as all the same "Class" of counselor is fine but it must be done right. Different outfits doesn't really matter if all of you have the same face. If people pick multiple copies of the same counselor there should be some different look options for each one to some extent. Like for instance if everyone picked "Jock" one of them might be a white blonde jock another is one with shaggy brown hair while another is a black jock, asian jock etc. Hope that made sense but thats how I would like to see it anyway.
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