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  1. I prefer controller but only if they fixed the push to talk button. In the beta the controller screen said it had a push to talk button on it so controller users could talk without having to use the keyboard. It did not work however so if you were a controller user you had to use one hand to hit the push to talk key which was very awkward.
  2. If the servers go down the game just gets turned to peer to peer servers. Not that big of a deal at all actually.
  3. They do listen to us and have done great at almost every turn. Im sure in time they will add different outfits it just won't be at launch. I wanted the outfits too but I have faith in these guys because they have given us enough reasons to have faith in them y'know? :3
  4. That actually makes me just a tad upset because I panicked and bought it on the last day thinking it was gonna be some big looking difference from the other counselors regular outfits since it was a pre order only. Its not a big deal but still a little eh.
  5. Oh thank goodness! Finally we can figure out if its just gonna be color pallets swaps or actually something unique! :3 Because I would feel a little upset if it was just color swaps for $9.
  6. I would really love to see the Lazarus being a map somehow! >w<
  7. I only just heard about this from Laphins newest video and I had to take a double take. I havent seen a thread or topic or discussion anywhere about this. Can someone link the source because I am only just hearing about this and never heard a thing from the devs. I think I like the idea though and im willing to see where it takes us!
  8. Will the two seater car still be in the game?
  9. I know this is close to off topic but I don't feel this was off topic enough to be moved there. But uhh what happened to the forum? Its completely changed and doesn't have the friday the 13th vibe at all anymore. Is this a glitch or is everyone else seeing a huge blue and white background too?
  10. They are so amazing and kind to us consumers! >w< This right here is why I trust this company
  11. Most high school football stars kept high GPA's because the teachers passed them just so they could win football games. Or because they had other people do their homework for them it was a pretty common thing so it might make sense that he doesn't have a high intelligence.
  12. The alarm clock was in the beta it made you regenerate stamina faster. Or it made your stamina bar go down slower it was one of those two.
  13. Im glad im not the only one who was thinking that. He looks like a butch girl to me XD
  14. I know its probably to late for this idea but it would be interesting if instead of just general intelligence there was a category for each repairable thing. Like Deborah was better at fixing the phone and radio and Adam is better for cars and someone else is good with boats y'know stuff like that.
  15. Completely agree I would love if we could enter lobbies with longer match timers sometimes I feel like it is a bit to short at times.
  16. So during the beta I survived a few times from the match timer and the game automatically ending. But I always felt like this lacked...substance? I think it would a really cool idea if during the last few minutes of the game the sun began to come up and how you survive the match by the timer is surviving until dawn basically. So instead of just boom the match being over the sun would slowly come up and just as it starts to the match ends. What are your guys thoughts on this?
  17. If I saw Jason with a weedwhacker and that buzzing sound it made as he got closer and closer to me I would be HORRIFIED! I would love for it to appear in the game at some point in the future haha
  18. I still have faith were gonna get it this month. The staff themselves even said they consider "Early 2017" to end at the end of April. So far they have kept all their promises so ill keep my fingers crossed~ :3
  19. Wes you are amazing for this thank you for these personal topics you write to us! This sounds like an amazing idea I cant see any flaws with this one and I really agree that the LUCK stat should be a factor with your knife breaking it gives the LUCK stat more of a purpose. Also I love the humor you have in your post thanks again for this update!
  20. That is my only concern with traps as well... I kinda like the idea of not being able to disarm them but that scenario would probably happen day 1 of release and get abused. So maybe being able to disarm them would be best but to balance it out Jason gets the alert for you disarming it as well so hes still gonna chase you afterwards.
  21. Exactly! Im totally fine with him having multiple ones and the counselors having tons of inventory space is a good example. I mean sure the game has a ton of realism but we have to remember in the end it is a video game.
  22. I'm kinda sad to hear this... I think we could have used it because we need a bit more then just the stat points to differentiate the counselors. Because some of the counselors points are so close theirs hardly a difference. Maybe we will see them down the line according to his post though. If they are taking away abilities I have a suggestion what if the counselors had their own separate skill trees then? Or at the very least each counselor had a unique one or two things that another ones tree didnt have.
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