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  1. I'll be joining you. The game's okay, but the state it's in, and much of the community have caused me to lose all taste for it.
  2. "forced to watch my teammate die when I feel I should be able to do something" That... that's the point...
  3. I'm not a fan of the tapes myself, but simply being a child of rape does not a Freddy Krueger ripoff make.
  4. Congratulations. She's not Pamela anymore. You've turned her into some weird magic witch lady. What's the point of having her if she'll be NOTHING like her movie counterpart? Now you're just getting silly. Yes, if they change everything about the game, it could wor... wait, NO! You could not ever have any kind of team effort directed against a middle aged woman. She would stand no chance. The only way to make it work would be to give her supernatural powers, which as I've already mentioned, completely destroys her as a character. People don't want Pamela because she'd be fun to play, they want her for it's own sake. She's awesome. I agree. But she's out of place in this game. She's already well represented in the game as is.
  5. Good news if you ask me. Unless someone can actually make a reasonable suggestion as to how Pamela would in any way be fun to play, or play against.
  6. Part II Jason is definitely the odd one out in not only appearance, but feats and personality as well. He almost seems timid at times.
  7. His deformity increased the size of his skull. Not it's thickness
  8. To add to your point, the amount of time Jason was hanging there meant he should of been drowning in his own blood. A man that large hanging that long would burst every blood vessel in his neck. It's possible for his neck to have not broken, but decidedly impossible to survive. Let alone with seemingly NO noticeable effects.
  9. Hit? Yes. Run over? No. Taking an axe to the skull is far more deadly than taking the front of a tractor to the chest. And let's not forget that Part IV got up later that night no worse for ware, while Roy was left exhausted and wounded. Jason Part III had also taken a machete to the shoulder that looked like it went all the way down to his fucking lung. Again, got up a few minutes later, changed his clothes, and was good to rock and roll. Again, Roy had impressive determination and endurance, but his feats are not up to snuff past II. Also this. That shit's unbelievable.
  10. He had above average strength, and grim determination. He's certainly stronger than Sackhead Jason, but Part III and beyond are all WAY more deadly and durable. After Part II, Jason is straight up a freak of nature who takes and dishes out far more than any normal human. That's why we players can suspend our disbelief when we see Parts II and III Jason survive getting run over and shot. They might not have been able to survive that in the movies, but the game world operates on the idea that Jason has always been an inhuman monster. Roy on the other hand? Well he's certainly strong, but that's it. He's a strong guy. A gun would put his ass down. A group of Bugsys with bats would put his ass down. A car would put his ass down. And what if they decided to just make him like Jason? Well like with Pamela, what would the purpose be at that point? Roy's only liked because what he managed to accomplish despite being merely human. Giving him Jason's feats would take away from both him and Jason. People want Roy because they want Roy. Not because it would make the game any better. Same with Pamela.
  11. I don't want Pamela or Roy. I could tolerate Roy, but I'll pitch a fit if they add Pamela. There's NO way to add her, and make her in any way interesting without completely changing her character. And then what's the point.
  12. Ah yes. Because if you don't like someone, it obviously means they play a game you don't like. That's totally not the single most childish thing I've ever heard. What's next? Gonna talk about all the griefers being DbD players?
  13. So many good ones. I'm a bit disappointed "Love is a Lie" and "I'm no Animal" aren't getting more love, but I have to go with "His Eyes."
  14. Halloween II. Haven't seen III, and IV was painfully mediocre. Every single other entry in the franchise was garbage. Including H2O.
  15. They didn't. Jason drowned on his own. The only movie that even addressed the idea of kids drowning Jason was FvJ, and even then it was only in a nightmare.
  16. The Xenomorph would eat Jason (excluding Uber Jason of course) alive. If you count Terminator I as a horror movie, the Terminator could defeat even Undead Jason pretty easily. pretty much any Kaiju would just step on him. The Thing would wake out Living Jason with no issues. Hannibal Lecter would be the equivalent of a super Final Girl. Cenobites of course. Pumpkinhead most likely. Lucifer from Prince of Darkness would have a solid chance against him. Nix from Lord of Illusions could handle Jason pretty easily. Excluding the laundry list of spiritual threats seen in horror movies, those are all the characters that come to mind.
  17. Considering groups of councilors can practically kick Jason's ass in a fight, I really don't see how an old woman would stand a chance.
  18. Thank you, and maybe fix the grammar when you do? Sometimes I swear, no matter how many times I look it over, I still miss the obvious mistakes.
  19. @bewareofbears You seem to have forgotten the golden rule. "All criticism should be constructive." And by "constructive" I mean every post should be prefaces with an at least two paragraph preamble which must include 1A: A clear statement that "Friday The 13th: The Game" is of the highest quality 1B: Exaltation for the existence of "Friday The 13th: The Game" 1C: A statement of gratitude towards Gun Media for being "awesome" (any similar variation of this word is allowed so long as the sentiment is clear) and the creation "Friday The 13th: The Game" 1D: A statement clarifying that the criticism to be provided is 100% constructive 1E: A clear statement that Gun Media are not required to take said criticism under advisement. 2: If a criticism in any way involves the state of the online "Friday The 13th: The Game" community, one most a make a clear statement denoting "Dead By Daylight" as the source of all negative elements in the online "Friday The 13th: The Game" community Failure to uphold any of these conditions will result in immediate calls to "be grateful they mad such an amazing game" and "LOL entitled millennial! Stop complaining."
  20. With genuine respect, I disagree Kodiak. Maybe he's a bit too vulgar, but sometimes I think negativity is a good way to force the issue. A lot of people try to be nice about their criticisms, but then the issue comes off as unimportant.
  21. This post is a mind boggling work of sycophancy. But I shall bite. If Gun hadn't made this game, I probably wouldn't care. Cuz you know, no game. Come on dude. This is the most blatant "YOU SHOULDN'T CRITICIZE THINGS I LIKE THREAD" I think I've seen. Honestly, I'm starting to think the "positivity" on this forum is just as toxic as the "hate." I think you meant *sane
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