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  1. Havent played in a couple months. Just curious if they finally got the foundation right and added keybinding like every other game since about 1998. Not firing it up to find out then be disappointed. If not have they even said they still plan to implement it? I wont play with default keys anymore. Too frustrating. Shame....this game is fun.
  2. I suck with a controller. But I also suck at WASD. Sure wish we could get keymapping with one of our giant 3 gig update patches.
  3. Wow. Just wow. I wasnt sure how I felt about Roy being added but wow. I love playing him. Hes just brutal. Feels faster than the other runners to me. Love his kills. Love his stalk. Love the idea that hes got reduced grip strength in keeping with the idea he is human. He just feels so much fun to play. And Pinehurst is incredible. Somehow it feels more like I am actually IN part 5 than even Packanack feels like 2 or Higgins Haven feels like 3 and I was blown away by those 2. I dont know why.... but its all coherent. Maybe because i can better visualize the whole house from the movie and and I feel like the layout was more clear in 5. I dont know. Something about it just nails the location even more than the rest of the maps which are already fantastic. The Jarvis house was my favorite. But Pinehurst just blew it away. Walking up to Violets room....then to Tommys ... walking into the office....seeing the table where they ate ...
  4. There is no question Jason is completely underpowered. Counselors were meant to die. You were lucky to survive. Fighting Jason per the devs was NOT advised. It was supposed to be a last ditch effort to escape. Just like it is in the movies. Getting beat on and stunlocked and skated ...cmon. And not being able to stop the car going backward?? No. This is why I like singleplayer for now. Its not as much fun as the beta was but its less annoying than online play.
  5. First off... I havent played for months. The update brought me back. Devs ... absolutely stunning job on Fox and Mitch. They look fantastic. And the offline bots are PERFECT. They let us feel powerful and have a blast hunting down invading teenagers disrespecting our home. Absolutely LOVE everything that has been added. But where the heck are our keybindings??? Cmon guys. Im an oooooold school PC player and I like my arrow keys. It cant be that hard and you told us almost a year ago youd be adding them. Guys......please???
  6. Best thing to happen to this game. Jason feels OP again. They need to hurry up and fix Tommy opening and closing drawers over and over. But in my first 2 rounds with bots Ive been smacked with a bat by Chad, shot by Fox and Deborah, and been stunned by firecrackers. So the AI does fight back. I disagree with the people saying its no fun. They fight enough to be amusing....not enough to be annoying. Quite simply I feel like JASON in a Friday the 13th movie and its a blast.
  7. So, devs, what happened to "Jason is SUPPOSED to be OP?" He was already getting bullied by counselors. Now he cant fight his way out of a paper bag. If it continues like this we will need a new Jason. Drowning child Jason. That way all the counselors can taunt him while he sinks into the lake.
  8. Its not the lighting. The mouth looks waaaaaay off. Like not even from the same person off. The cheek is waaaaaay off. The whole vibe is way off. The entire shape of the head is different. Its not just color. Im not trying to bash the devs. Theyve done a great job overall. But this one just doesnt look as good as the others.
  9. Says more than any text post can. Thanks. Hes lost all scariness he had from the movie. The music is awesome though!!!!
  10. I also think the mouth being open in game throws it a lot. His lips were a lot more closed in the movie....only held open and apart seemingly by his deformity. I think overall the face is toosquat and round....out of proportion....off color and missing wrinkles that added a ton to the creepiness and evil feel of Part IV. EDIT: The bust also looks way off from the movie to me. Maybe its just impossible to really recreate part IV. It was one of those moments from my childhood that really made me uncomfortable andade F13 the best horror franchise in my mind.
  11. Yeah I expanded the pics. Ill agree that perhaps the lighting in the film added some of the skin tone that I think of....but the face is still way off to me. THIS is what I think of for part 4.
  12. I feel like the face is waaaay to fat. And the wrinkles on the more upper portion of his cheek arent there. And i agree with the above post that the color is way off. Part IVs face was always the scariest to me and has always been my favorite. Its iconic Jason to me. And the game model i feel just realllly lacks that same feel.
  13. Lemmee say Im spoiled by all the rest of the Jason models. So our expectations are super high. And now that I am so spoiled by how awesome the rest look....I have to say that Part IV is off. The mask doesnt look right and the face reaaallllly doesnt look nearly as accurate as the rest. I think the unmasked face bothers me more than anything. The teeth and jaw are off and its missing the wrinkles on the one side of his face seem to be not nearly as pronounced as in the film. It just overall looks way off. Love the way he is implemented and the music is amazing. But the model is just off.... ....or is it just me?
  14. As a steam player.....nice to see Xbox get something early. Enjoy guys :-)
  15. Im on steam. Same username. I dont play much anymore but with J4 coming and having a good group to play with Im sure I will be playing more. Thanks guys.
  16. Actually the 2nd house IS on the same lake as Packanack
  17. Apparently the massacre hasnt lowered property values!!!! I just always thought itd be cool and creepy to live around the lake from Part 2 which is truly iconic for me so I sometimes check out what's available. Unfortunately none of these are on NORTH spectacle lake which is of course where Packanack was but theyre on South which is close. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/33-Ore-Hill-Rd_South-Kent_CT_06785_M31198-78885#photo3 https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/59-Kenico-Rd_South-Kent_CT_06785_M41525-10267 https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/32-Spectacle-Ridge-Rd_South-Kent_CT_06785_M32540-13872?ex=CT601800621
  18. Ill also add that to me it seems their preferred strategy for getting around this is to nerf Jason enough so that he isnt as desireable to play.
  19. Read this post I started last October. This is going to sound like an "I told you so". And I guess it kind of is.....most of what I predicted happened just as I thought it would.
  20. Ive been arguing for this for about a year now. Devs wont hear of it. Wasting time asking for it.
  21. Sorry guys but the game right now is balanced. It was never meant to be balanced according to the devs. Jason isnt OP. Hes weak. It should be rare escaping from him. I want to be afraid of him when he shows up....not waiting to run up to him smack him and juke him. Then he gets stunlocked and beat down by groups which is....Im sorry ... lame. Yeah....Jason needs buffed. Big time.
  22. I havent played since before TKing was taken out. It was a thing before that. Its just unrealistic to me and not at all faithful to the movies and totally breaks immersion for me....not to mention simply isnt any fun. I dont think Jason should be invincible but nobody is even afraid of him anymore. You basically have to stamd amd take it till the weapons break and they've used all the firecrackers. Its annoying.
  23. That was frustrating too.....but I meant more at objective battles. It got to the point where pretty much every match as Jason I knew I was going to have to face 5 counselors taking whacks at me and chain stunning me with firecrackers and flareguns. Stopped being fun to play Jason.
  24. Havent played in over a month mostly due to non bindable keys. But last I played the game was mostly everyone ganging up on Jason amd stun locking him. Is this still the case?
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