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  1. soooooo i guess they just wanted us to find these new images ourselves lol, i wonder if there are any more pictures they've put out and we just havent found them yet?
  2. i could see a outfit for Tiffany being a pastel yellow tube top with a highwaisted denim skirt, and a pair of wedges, now that would be A LOOK
  3. Has the mix n match thing been confirmed for sure??
  4. i LOVE these up close shots!!! I have a few questions after observing everything. two things i noticed that might just be me imagining things but, did Tiffany's lips get fuller? i remember these close ups from before the beta and she just looks different from those(in a better way lol). The other thing is, have Kennys eyes always been blue? probably, but i dont remember noticing that haha. the last (and most important imo) when it comes to these recolors of clothing will we be able to mix and match them? Like for example, will the striped shirt and zig zag shorts for Tif come together as one option or can you mix the striped shirt with her vanilla shorts ect ect?? If so that would be the holy grail of recolors because you could endlessly match different pieces of clothing for a fresh look every match! :lol:
  5. its not that hard to pay attention to detail when this forum literally says "Friday the 13th: the game" and there's also no need to be a smart ass in the first place ;-)
  6. but this is a f13 game forum?
  7. guys wearing crop tops and even short shorts were a popular trend in the 80s
  8. why must you complain so much, literally every post i see from you in any thread you are talking down on the game, i know it;s your "input" but you say the same thing about it in all of these threads and it gets annoying dude
  9. They said That the DLC Clothing pack will have actual different clothes not just retextures
  10. i asked the devs in a live stream a while back about a blonde and they said something along the lines of, "more counselors are yet too be revealed!".
  11. i could see one of the kills being Jason throwing you overboard
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