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  1. People are already fucking about with Victor Miller's wikipedia page. Don't think this guy will be making any appearances at conventions anytime soon...unless he's in a set of stocks for people to throw shit at.
  2. I think this is now the most imperative thing derived from this unfortunate news. That players can access all of their content in single player game modes and that their progression is saved locally. It would be the final kick in the teeth and the final nail in the longevity coffin if players were only able to play single player game modes as one Jason etc, when the servers are turned off. The game needs to be made viable for life post-servers.
  3. Sad to hear this. I was looking forward to the Jason X map, more challenges and had always hoped for a Lazarus map. It's a real shame for the community and for everyone at Gun and Illfonic as well. What a c*** Victor Miller is.
  4. Nah Your username is quite possibly the best name for french fries I've ever heard. Simple but yet effective. "Waiter, I would like an ice bucket of your most expensive champagne, we will have the lobster, caviar and may I have some french fried potatoes with that dish please Sir".
  5. What about the game breaking "bug" from October when the survival horror genre players started to leave for good because of emotes? Dancing emotes in a Resident Evil 8 multiplayer game would be the iceberg to the ship for that huge title. I think you completely underestimated (and still do) how people enjoyed the survival horror immersion on release and how gradually dissecting the "horror" from a "horror game", has done serious damage to the game and it's player base. It's a kid's game now. "Squeak" central.
  6. Harsh. They haven't started the initiative a year in. They've tried and things haven't worked out as such...but it's not like they only just started being proactive now. You can critique their methods and results, but they've been proactive since launch. I think a floating thread will be the best option...people don't check the pinned posts that often...many are locked posts and people always skip them...something "dynamic" or "hot" will serve the community and Gun/Ill better.
  7. I'm a bit late to the party, but @wes I appreciate you taking the time to address game issues with forum members. Thanks.
  8. I'm enjoying it. They already have my money for further challenges DLC. I hope we see challenges from other destinations from the films... Lazarus, Voorhees House etc I really think the AI and consequently the experience would benefit from there being differing levels of counselor alertness. Much like the metal gear solid or hitman games. I.e. Counselors come to investigate a noise rather than just flee straight away. It becomes a bit predictable shifting/morphing to the exit all the time. This would also allow us to "toy" with the counselors in a well known slasher movie trope "What was that noise? I better go and investigate." I'm now currently away from my PS4 for a couple of weeks. I was wondering what happens if you just stand there watching them? Does their behaviour just loop?
  9. What happened to the single challenge bots being alarmed by hearing a noise, possibly going to investigate etc that Wes talked about? From what I've played so far it just seems to be a predictable AI pathway of "run to the camp exit" as soon as there is any kind of detection? It then becomes a predictable game of "shift as fast as you can". It's ok. At the moment I'm just wishing the AI was more unpredictable.
  10. "Spoiler alert" by posting the spoiler about the weapon and what challenge it's used in, in the thread title. ? Ffs. ?
  11. How about maybe scrolling past posts and opinion that gets you all flustered and excited? ? Welcome to a discussion forum, where people discuss things.
  12. Yep, this mode should've allowed for special weapons like the weed whacker to be used in single mode etc and a weapon select screen for each time a player starts a mission. They must surely be aware that there's a 50‰ split across the player base when it comes to emotes... So giving the player 100% emotes as rewards was always going to create this kind of disappointment. It's not rocket science.
  13. You would think it would be obvious wouldn't you? ? I think it all boils down to it being very cheap and easy to hire a dancer to goof around in mo-cap gear rather than add new Kane kills to unlock, new weapons etc.
  14. It wasn't stupid, it was fucking ridiculous. ? ? ?
  15. It's a paradox. ? "Let's get players back who have grown tired of emote trolling with single player!" "But what should we reward our single player fan component with?" "I know! More useless emotes so they can unlock these emotes that they hate and that they'll never use." ??
  16. How the fuck does this shit that mustve been play-tested find its way into a release, and not get detected? ? Are Gun Media and Illfonic staff members on a constant diet of LSD and magic mushrooms when they rubber stamp these releases? ?
  17. It's a great guitar riff. Always liked it. Disappointed "Darkest Side of the Night" has never got any love from the developers. Would be far more ambient to the setting than some of the other songs they've put in the game.
  18. People have already paid for the single player challenges and bots when the price was hiked by $10.
  19. I think dance emotes suck the atmosphere out of a survival horror game that was initially always built on atmosphere. I do not think for one second that Gun had any expectation that it would end up being used as a troll device. This game is their "baby". I'm under no illusions that they want it to be the best it can be. I totally understand that. It has hurt the game though. It would've brought in short term money - but in the long run it's turned off serious gamers who would've happily bought new kills, weapons etc for the next 5 years. Dance party players won't be around forever.
  20. I'd never "hate" anyone for liking emotes. Life's too short for that nonsense. If you and others enjoy them, fairplay to you and those people. I just personally think they're a millions miles away from F13 and a million miles away from Gun's original vision of the game. It's common logical sense to think you should be unlocking kills, weapons etc in a slasher movie game not funky dance moves. It's evidently a lot cheaper to hire a dancer for the motion capture than it is Kane Hodder. Haha.
  21. "Unlock new kills"..."unlock new weapons"..."unlock a higher density of blood and gore" - no, "unlock new dance moves". This is "Friday the 13th", not "Just Dance". You must cringe having to post this stuff sometimes. Hat's off for doing a good job though. The posts are always good, and even when it's something that doesn't particularly interest me - it's always well written and ends up being an interesting read.
  22. Think that's the reason most people have stopped playing the game. They'll never listen or learn though. Still dishing out the Troll bait as "prizes". lol
  23. Quick play has already become a troll dance orgy shit-fest. I think most people will be avoiding "Troll Play" for good once these challenges drop.
  24. I think single player challenges will be the best part of the game. I'm hoping they drop more challenges as DLC. I'll throw my money at that.
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