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  1. This just seems to have added to the confusion. If hypothetically the lawsuit is settled in September...then why can't new content be added to the game from that point on? I appreciate new content can't be developed up until that point...but after that point? When dedicated servers would have surely gone live?
  2. I agree we must all look forward to the future of this game, as we must look forward to our own futures. Kindest Regards, Anne Frank, Berlin 1945
  3. Slash N Cast are cunts and deserve payback for their genesis of creating a witch-hunt against Victor Miller. Personally, I'd like to see them do prison time for inciting hate against an old man.
  4. It has been addressed and it needs to be addressed further if Gun want to leave any kind of legacy for the game. Otherwise, in ten years time... the game will end up a turd that didn't flush.
  5. That's the kind of cunts that they are. Better watch myself saying that...will probably get banned from the forums. They're close to Gun.
  6. Trouble is, there is nothing but a bad result. Slash 'N' Cast - have made sure of that.
  7. Though I don't agree with you always. I think you articulate your point of view very well. People like yourself make this community.
  8. I think what is most imperative is that the legacy of the game will be strong when they do depart. Local saving is crucial for that to happen when the servers finally close down. If they leave the game with a couple of Jason's etc etc It will go down in history as a "botch it and leg it" job, a "let's get the fuck out of here" job. The NES game is still played today. This is the kind of game that will still be played and talked about in 30 years time. Much will depend on whether they want to sign off on a high note and leave the game as something that can be enjoyed by old and new fans in 10/20/30/40 (etc) years time from the single player perspective when servers are long gone. I think they will. @wes is proud of this game and rightly so he should be. I think he'll enjoy receiving emails when he's 90 years old about how cool his game is from a fully functional single player perspective. He "get's it" and I have no doubt he will view the games longevity and legacy as incredibly important.
  9. Sad to see you go - but it very much feels like the Titanic around here these days anyways. We've had some good laughs over the years and generally always agreed on everything. ? I'll drop you a line on your YouTube page in the not too distant future. Cheers buddy.
  10. Can you not get prosecuted and convicted for threats to kill in the USA? I know you guys love your freedom of speech over there - but if you threaten to kill someone online over here and they choose to involve the police, you're likely doing prison time.
  11. Yep. I mean social media has always been the bowels of the internet where people can say what they want without consequence - but this has really opened up my eyes. Most of these keyboard warrior muppets wouldn't say anything to someone's face - but only do behind the safety of a Twitter handle. It's beyond moronic. Bloody Disgusting should have posted a public correction of their original article, stating that it was not Miller's lawsuit. The original article was one-sided shit derived from the email they received from Gun Media who have obviously only had contact with Horror Inc.
  12. @Smitty_Voorhees sells a song and its rights in 2018 for 100,000. It's been covered and is world famous in 2053 when the copyright laws change he can actually earn a reasonable settlement from that world famous song. The record company sues him for trying to do that. What a wanker...how dare he try to claim future percentages from the song he wrote 35 years ago. He better not try to...they made a game about the song. FFS. When you take your "Friday the 13th: The Game" glasses off, how blind are you?
  13. http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3504232/part-iii-star-larry-zerner-now-lawyer-clearly-explains-messy-friday-13th-lawsuit/ Larry Zerner says it better than I can... Miller doesn't want the franchise?! Do your research?! The blame inside the law falls on Cunningham... not Miller???
  14. You can't blame Gun/Illfonic. They were shackled by Cunningham. Miller was an older writer wanting to reach a settlement two years ago....Cunningham launched the lawsuit against him, that had a detrimental effect on the game. It's very simple, join the dots shit. The information is out there. Gun won't comment on it because they are tied to Cunningham Palace through business and law. I totally get that. If he had reached a genuine lawful settlement with Miller none of this shit would've happened. It's Cuntingham's fault. No one elses. Root and branch, the buck stops with his Cunningham's greed.
  15. Been here for three years (2015) this September/October. Patience running thin with the social media community now though. Constant abuse to Victor Miller. Most of the shithead trolls you've met in online games over the last year are the same trolling, cockwomble cunt idiots that are now trolling Victor Miller's Twitter and email accounts. Starting to feel ashamed to be a part of this community. The original "Bloody Disgusting" article states that the lawsuit was Millers....that's when the snowball turned into the avalanche. It's shite.
  16. This is definitely needed if they want the legacy of this game to be one that people play offline for years to come. It needs to be extensive and feature everything unlocked by the player.
  17. A kind old man as well. The guy will read peoples screenplays emailed to him for free and will offer notes and advice on how to improve scenes/story etc on them. I've never heard of that in the movie-making business before. If he got paid £9200 for a movie he wrote (characters, summer camp setting confirmed) and feels he wasn't properly reimbursed for his contribution by law, good on him for attempting to rectify that when he was legally allowed to 35 years later. It's Cunningham that seems to be the one who is being unreasonable. It's his lawsuit that has caused this to happen. Miller didn't envisage pissing off and intend to upset hundreds of thousands of people who play a Friday the 13th game, when he terminated transfer of copyrights from 35 years ago.
  18. Yeah he can't do anything about it. It's Cunningham's lawsuit against Miller. Cunningham is the guy who can offer a settlement instead of suing.
  19. An interesting and informative (and not too long) article about the lawsuit. I hadn't realised Victor Miller was himself the defendant - and that it was actually Horror Inc. Who were suing him. https://1428elm.com/2018/06/12/friday-13th-vs-victor-miller/ I have to be honest some of the vitriol being spouted at 78 year old Miller is quite sickening. Calling for his death, threatening him with death, threatening to assault him, threatening his family members etc. If this was my 78 year old Father or Grandfather being subjected to this kind of manic abuse relentlessly through his email and Twitter channels - I'd be extremely upset and angry. I'm frustrated and extremely disappointed about what has happened in regards to the game - but it's got completely out of hand, and people need to wind their necks in. This is the kind of abuse and fury normally reserved for a pedophile or rapist. He's an elderly film and television writer involved in a lawsuit of which he is the defendant. As if hurling frenzied abuse is going to change anything or have any positive/desirable outcome.
  20. Yeah, there must be some kind of thought process that there is a case. It just seems soooooo odd and strange there seems to be so many thousands of instances of a writer creating a movie and characters and then studios/producers going on to use those related properties. I mean we've seen "Based on characters by...." on movies and TV shows all our lives. If what has happened is the case, and Miller wins - surely there must be a boatload of writers out there over the last sixty years who will also have a case? I guess my indifference to the case is that I have never heard of anything like this in my life!
  21. John Carpenter should sue for the rights to all the Halloween movies, Michael Myers and Laurie Strode characters. James Cameron for the rights to all the Terminator films and characters. Same goes for any writer. ? Miller got paid to write a script for a movie. The movie got made. He doesn't own the rights to the movie and characters. The End. ?
  22. Been here since the forums inception... Will be here until the end. Been away from my PS4 in the last few months but am looking forward to sinking some hours into the game very soon.
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