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  1. Savini Jason was a backer only exclusive when the game was seeking crowdfunding from Kickstarter and Backer-Kit. Sorry, but it won't be made available again buddy.
  2. Isn't it a marginally better system anyway? Not sure on that though.
  3. I used to main Part 8, but I'm so sick of seeing him myself as a counselor that I now main Savini Jason. 9 times out of ten Part VIII seems to be the teamster's Jason of choice as well. No longer a fan. Savini Jason gets a great reception from the new players as well. So it's a cool experience for them. Until they all get wiped out that is.
  4. Seen more purple Jason than I've ever seen this evening. I haven't been using my headset and was listening to a conversation in a pre-match lobby which I found hilarious. "How do I pick the 'Barry' character?" "You can't, you can only be Barry if you're the 2nd to die" ? ?? So many people are enjoying themselves and I've seen ZERO bugs. It's such a shame they can't release new content to all these new players...they'd be laughing all the way to the bank.
  5. Thanks for the response. Gun can only say what they can say in what I imagine is a spider web of legalities at the moment. I'm no lawyer but I imagine Gun, Horror Inc, and Victor are unsure of the legalities and consequences of this at the moment. This is purely my own speculation and thoughts on this: Considering it's not a flat "NO CONTENT, EVER". I'm guessing these guys are exploring possibilities to be able to work on and release new content. So it's more positive than it was 24 hours ago. Be patient guys. It may not happen, it's out of their hands... but from what I can fathom...they are trying legally and logistically.
  6. This is what we've heard from the F13 game support twitter account so far: We've determined that stability problems are related to an AWS issue causing degraded server performance. We are working with our Amazon partners to address the issue. Thank you for your patience.
  7. Hi and welcome. This is what the F13 game support twitter account posted in relation to the error. They're working on it - but doesnt seem to be fixed yet. We've determined that stability problems are related to an AWS issue causing degraded server performance. We are working with our Amazon partners to address the issue. Thank you for your patience.
  8. From the F13 Twitter account: We've determined that stability problems are related to an AWS issue causing degraded server performance. We are working with our Amazon partners to address the issue. Thank you for your patience.
  9. Ahhh right. I was sure I read that it was free for only October. I do realise it normally means that it is free to download for a month and then keep and play whilst you are a subscriber - but I thought this was a one month deal...so people who wanted to continue playing would buy after October? What's the point in making the game free forever? I guess to try and rinse out DLC sales from as many players as possible before they shut the servers. Sales must've really dipped.
  10. Couldn't agree more. All it's done is cause confusion across all social media platforms. It was a highly ambiguous statement. How difficult is it just to clear up a few frequently asked questions on the matter? People would just appreciate some transparency and honesty. Yes, we heard no new content in May - but not all the playerbase are copyright lawyers or directly involved in the case...so this ruling seems to have made new content for things not pertaining to Victor Miller's ownership possible... i.e. the use of "certain content" in the statement. Even Horror Inc said they will be moving forward aggressively with new projects that don't pertain to elements from the original screenplay themselves. All it's done is muddy the waters. No one's expecting @wes or @ShiftySamurai to give us an indepth case study of the legalities of the case, just some more clarification from their side of things in relation to recent events i.e. why a clothing pack or kill pack can no longer be released? Even DLC counselors? All of this comes from a genuine place of passion for the game - from everybody. It's not a Gun Media witchhunt. People just want to hear from the developers they've become familiar with over the last three years.
  11. I'm not really buying that it's alive and well unfortunately. Feels more like an adrenaline shot to the arm to a terminally ill patient. I can't fathom how this game will last when the spike of PS Plus player who decide to buy the game and slasher edition buyers wears off. It would if they continued to sell clothing packs, kills etc etc but it doesn't seem like that will be happening regardless of the other days verdict.
  12. What makes you think quite a while? I'm more inclined to believe they're going to pull the plug as soon as sales from this PS Plus month and the slasher edition have spiked? I've asked about offline saving for unlocked content for months now and haven't ever received a response. So I'm sure they'll crap on us with that one. People won't forget. Got to agree that the tone changed drastically after the games release (and success) and then again this May, when no new DLC was announced. The backers always seemed like an afterthought after May 2017. This game would've been barebones without the millions of dollars generated from Kickstarter and Backer-kit.
  13. No not at all mate. Sorry if it came across like that
  14. I was just pointing out Illfonic don't have anything to do with the game anymore. No need to get your knickers in a twist about it.
  15. Illfonic no longer have anything to do with this game. It's now Black Tower from Japan doing programming duties.
  16. I'm being realistic... because of the logistics of the uncertain nature of the court case.
  17. Wes also stated that the only reason he knew about this court case development was because he read the "BloodyDisgusting" link. I'm no where near ready to "throw them over a bridge" or "chuck in the towel" yet. It's very clear to anyone with assimilation skills that someone who is granted a license for free can't just just speak what they want to speak. It makes the waters even murkier when there's a huge battle for rights ownership going on externally to them - when they're trying to create/maintain a game. If there is a "greenlight" for them to make new content again legally - the only reason I can fathom why that wouldn't be possible - is that they've been fucked around by this lawsuit/rights battle. They've had to make executive decisions for the future and longevity of their company. They've probably had to plough other resources into future game development because games take years to make and there is/was no guarantee when this lawsuit would be settled, in that they would have the legality to proceed with new content. Could've been a year away, could've been 5 years away - could've been a few days ago. It's impossible to run a business like it. It's just not possible. Wes can't run his business within a five year projection under a cloud of complete uncertainty. It's impossible. There isn't a business in the world who would do that. From a games company to a street vendor, to a multi conglomerate like Comcast. Absolutely no one does business like it...and I think it's important we remember although we love the lore, the movies and the game - these guys have to make the right decisions for their own company, their livelihoods. It's selfish of us to expect anything more when a shitload of legal obstacles have been thrown in their way. They're as much the victims are as anyone who loves the game is, more so. I genuinely hope the new logistics mean new content is possible, but if the logistics don't work out. I'll get that's because of more intricate details than we don't know of. That we have no right to know of, because that's business and their hands are tied in ways. Love this game. Support them.
  18. I don't think they've been deceptive. I think it's been incredibly tough for them to be in a web of rights issues - there is only so much they can say. I believe Wes said the other day that their press releases have to be approved by the rights holder. This is not easy for them. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't release new content if it were possible. It's guaranteed to make money - especially with the PS Plus month and test screens of the new Halloween sequel getting glowing reviews which will spike interest in anything "slasher" and increase sales.
  19. Wasn't there a time before DLC was a thing when multiplayer games would go on for years through sales? Though I appreciate the games industry road map, costs and industry has changed. I'm sure I used to play Unreal Tournament and Alien Vs Predator 2 on-line for years before the age of DLC? I appreciate no new DLC does put a ceiling on profits somewhat - but with this license surely it will generally have profitable sales for a couple of years yet? I can't believe this lawsuit can drag on for any longer than two years.
  20. I think it's a great idea. It's an addictive game and I think many will want to keep playing when the month is up i.e. buy the game. I wish them well. @ShiftySamurai Do players get access to the single player components as well? Or just multiplayer?
  21. Victor Miller is the good guy, Cunningham is the guy who stopped the game. I might get banned (again) for saying it but Cunningham has created this problem himself. Followed, respected and critiqued Wes, Ben, Ronny, Randy and Daniel over the last years. Respect them all though, from the first day of the kickstarter 2015 campaign. Cunningham can kiss my British butt though. No respect left for him.
  22. I think it's telling that @wes no longer posts about recent events in the "About Forum". My PS4 subscription ran out last week - but when I detect a change of tact since May. I'm not gonna subscribe for a PS4 plus year when it's the only game I play online. If Wes can't be assed to announce it on the forums anymore, it makes me feel that the servers will be closed as soon as sales figures start to dip. Not gonna buy monthly PS4 subscriptions under an umbrella of uncertainty. A good forum post rather than a Twitter comment would give me more faith in the longevity of my purchase.
  23. As an original backer, I feel strongly that "he" should be included. It will sell more copies and give the game more longevity. As an original backer, I'd wanna support them. What do other backers think?
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