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  1. So im one of those people that dont really know about pre-ordering just yet, since i still got some questions that i feel havent got answered. So heres the questions. 1. On the Steam page it says ''Cross-platform'' will this mean i can buy it on PC and my friends on PS4 will be able to play with me? (If that is the case, halleluja.) 2. What will the recommended PC specs for the game most likely be? 3. Do Jason's kills become unlocked as you progress in the game? and are there anything the counselors can unlock?
  2. Greetings from a die-hard Friday the 13'th Franchise fan. Gods knows how many times i've seen all the movies. I think this game could develop an amazing community, and im excited to see what it has to offer. Can't wait murder/get brutally murdered with you guys! What else is there...well, good luck with getting in the beta whenever that is. I hope everybody get's a chance to play their most anticipated game of the year. Peace.
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