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  1. Just a few opinions from my time in the game. It may sound like a Jason love fest, but some of these address counselors able to fearlessly walk around Jason. - Have counselors perform a simple action correctly for a pocket knife to work. Insta activation seems a bit odd - Have a Jason counter to firecrackers and/or have it effect counselors as well - Throwing knives to the legs instantly wound/slow - Improve lock-on. It's difficult when there are multiple people in the same area - Remove counselor lock-on to other counselors - Add vote kick - Ability to break in-game props, such as tables
  2. Elstongunn1 Add Cyper00 and MBchrono
  3. I don't think there is any confusion. There is no release day. It's "Fall 2016". The only place I've seen October as a release date is on the Kickstarter page. From what I understand, that was a requirement from Kickstarter to enter an actual month.
  4. You definitely have your priorities set correctly. I admire you.
  5. It was very enjoyable. I keep saying it, but seeing the passion these developers have is fantastic. I have no doubts that this game will be a success.
  6. That is great news. The game looks great in the UE4 engine. They are doing such a good job. Getting it to run a bit better would be the icing on the cake!
  7. After playing with it even more, and using a combination of changing resolution to 4K and deleting that folder, I got it working. Jason looks pretty nice in 4K! Thanks again for everyone's help! 4K Jason
  8. Excellent suggestion! That seems to have cleared up some of the issues. Framerate is at least playable with Rift connected. It's at 50 FPS. Lower than it should be, but good enough for now. Wish I could get it running in 4K, but at this point I am splitting hairs. Thanks for everyone's help!
  9. Appreciate the suggestion, but no go. Textures aren't even loading in now. Very strange. Reinstalled game, updated drivers, rebooted PC. Loaded up other UE4 games and they seemed to be fine. Best solution might be to just take the Framerate hit and plug my Rift back in. Perhaps a developer will see and take note. Thanks for your help! *Edit* It's definitely tied to the Rift. Plugged it back in and it's crystal clear, with bad framerate.
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/id/mbchrono
  11. Hi, I disconnected the headset. Framerate is far more solid at 60 and feels normal now. However everything is extremely blurry. I am running at 2560x1440@ Ultra settings. Most things are simply unreadable for some reason. I've taken a screenshot. http://www.mattandshelby.com/MBchrono/blurry.png Thanks!
  12. Hi! Thought I would post and see if anybody else has experienced performance issues with the Virtual Cabin? I am running a Intel i7 6700k overclocked. GTX1080. 32GB of high performance RAM. I get 30FPS in the Jason room. My computer was built for Virtual Reality. Which brings me to another point. SteamVR insists on launching with the game. Even with SteamVR uninstalled, Oculus Home still launches when this game does. Has anybody experienced issues with framerate, even at low settings? Question goes doubly for people with VR headsets. Thanks!
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